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Found 24 results

  1. ohkay


    Okay, so for the knowledge question, I had some trouble coming up with a question. At one point, the ToK teacher wanted an update on my presentation and she wasn't satisfied with my knowledge question, so she basically helped me come up with one. After a few days, I realised the KQ that my teacher had given me is from the prescribed title for the ToK Essay of the same year and so I got worried and approached her. When I told her about the issue, she said she'll check and make sure for me. So after another few days, I went up to ask her if it was fine using that question and she said it was. I forgot all about it up until now and I'm so paranoid that I'll lose my diploma because of it. I overthink a lot of scenarios in my head and it's been bugging me a lot recently and it isn't helpful as I'm having my final exams next week. I know that everything I've used from others is cited but I still get scared from plagiarism for some reason (??). Is it likely that the IB will eliminate my diploma because of this? I'm really scared and worried because I'm actually trying really hard with my studying and I don't want it to go down by the drain just like that.
  2. Hello, Right now we are working on creating our final TOK presentations and I am very stuck.. For my last presentation I talked a lot about ethics and how that can effect our judgement, I have done my presentations around ethics and emotion and I feel that I'm pretty strong in that AOK and WOK.. My starter KQ: How can a lack of knowledge justify unethical conduct? What can I fix and why? What kind of RLS can I use for this type of question? Thank you.
  3. I don't really know how to create a good KQ with this information.. Please help me! RLS: "Jilly Juice" - A juice that is created by Jillian Epperly, claims that it can cure "Candida" the "root "of all diseases. It's created with very dangerous amounts of salt and cabbage, and many people believed that it cured them of their disease. Many also claimed that it worsened their condition. According to doctors and health specialists, when consumed everyday, it can kill you; but her followers believe otherwise and continue consuming the juice. source: https://www.newsweek.com/jillian-mai-thi-epperly-claims-cabbage-juice-cures-autism-homosexuality-and-909737 AOK: Natural Science / Religious Knowledge Systems /Ethics starter KQ: To what extent can our emotions affect our perception of knowledge? How can I change this? ^ what can I do to make it better? -People are blinded by their beliefs and chose to believe someone that doesn't have the credentials to prove that it is true -experts can prove that her claims are false -People are looking for a solution to solve their problems, emotion drives them to disregard evidence if you have any more advice or other things to fix please let me know. Thank you! -M
  4. I am going to perform a TOK presentation and decided it would concern the censorship of offensive language or curse words. My focus is going to be on how 'the freedom of art" and the ethical issues, meaning the freedom to express oneself and to protect (ex. underaged people). Meaning it will mainly concern censorship (language) in art. However I am confused as to how to formulate my KQ. Which one of the following knowledge questions should be more appropriate to the TOK Presentation: To what extent is art censorship justified by the government? To what extent should the government censor television? To what extent is censorship in television industry justified? To what extent does censorship of language affect our knowledge? Should offensive language be censored? What is the relationship between language and ethics? To what extent should offensive language be censored? Any better ideas?
  5. I'm doing my TOK presentation on Trump's decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. I have a couple of KQ's but I'm not sure they entirely relate to the RLS, or if they incorporate every aspect I'm going to be talking about. One of them is: In what ways does authoritative decision affect values and beliefs of groups? Would this be fine? Do yu have any other suggestions?
  6. HELP! So im currently trying to formulate my knowledge question for my TOK presentation which I am working on. My real life situation has to do with artificial intelligence and their consciousness in relation to humans. Currently my KQ as it stands is ; To what extent can reason be used as a way for artificial intelligence to exhibit human-like consciousness? My fear is that the question is not relevant as an exploration of knowledge issues in tok. Does anyone have any ideas which could help me out?
  7. This is my first post on this website - I've been relying on your answers for surviving through the year, so maybe if I scream into the yawning you'll answer me back. I've been looking at creating a KQ off of a RLS, and though this is a practice presentation for my TOK course, I was really curious to how a knowledge question could be formed off of this very specific situation. The article link is here: https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-07-24/black-women-picking-up-firearms-for-self-defense It plays a lot into gun control, racism, etc, so I think in the right hands this would be a really interesting topic (this is just my practice, so it's up there if one of you want to check it out). How would you guys formulate a KQ to this? I've got a couple like 'to what extent can the right to protect the self triumph the safety of a general population?', or 'what role does morals play in making exceptions to disadvantaged groups of society to ensure their wellbeing?', but none of them really apply, and to be honest, they make assumptions that aren't what I want to go off of.
  8. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  9. Hello, My class is started to talk about TOK presentations and I have a hard time coming up with a good knowledge question. My focus is on consciousness and ethics. I saw a GREAT tv series, "Westworld" and got an inspiration from it. I was wondering: what makes us humans humans and if AI (artificial intelligence) gain consciousness does that mean that they are human and need to be treated as one (which kind of connects to ethics). Any good knowledge questions for this??
  10. Hi! My class is starting to discuss the TOK presentation and I have to come up with a knowledge question. I want to do something about cults because I recently read a book about Charles Manson and found it very interesting. Any ideas?
  11. Hello, I am strongly considering writing topic 6 for my TOK essay, I have my 1st draft due on 21.11. I liked this topic since the very beginning, although I was very cautios when choosing it. To be honest, I also considered topics 1, 2 and 4. 1 and 2 seem quite easy and I am aware that lots of IB students write them this year. Topic 4 is quite difficult and ambigious, even though my teacher tried to explain it to us, and that I felt it may be quite a good topic to write about, I am still strongly for topic 6. I am planning to choose natural sciences and philosophy as AoKs. It seems like a problem to me, however, to find the KQs. Well I'd find 2 or 3, but I am not sure, how much of KQ should I include, since the topic actually is focused on KQs. Any thoughts? Is anyone of you writing the same topic? Your reflections on it will be highly appreciated, as my TOK teacher was not good and I feel really insecure about the essay and the presentation I'm having in December.
  12. Dear IB Survival, I'd like to do a TOK presentation about the Torture at Abu Ghraib and I'm trying to find an overall knowledge claim to fit with it. I want to focus on who is to blame, where does the responsibility lie when no one said anything? It's based on the bystander effect and the human sciences in general. I have no clue how to structure this as a knowledge claim... please help
  13. hey so im currently freaking out right now, i have no idea whats a good kq and whats not so i made this one up To what extent is it ethical for governments to place restrictions on citizens? my rls is the virginia tech massacre my overall thing is gun control is my kq ok????
  14. Hi! I don't really understand how to formulate a proper knowledge question for my presentation ¿Could someone help please? My real life situation is silent music, particularly "The ballad of Richard Nixon" by John Denver, which is a "song" that is mere silence for ten seconds. The purpose of the song was to establish Denver's opinion towards Richard Nixon: "no comments". Thus, the song is considered art by some. If silence existed before Denver's song, then had we listened to the ballad? What is the difference between the Ballad and Silence? What makes the Ballad be considered as art? I want to analyze the way that forms of knowledge help us to determine the difference between two objects that are essentially the same. Could you help to establish a knowledge question?
  15. Hello IBers, Do you guys think that this is a good TOK presentation?: How does technology affect the way we acquire knowledge? I was thinking about Memory, Emotion for WOK, and mathematics for AOK. I haven't actually thought of any real life situations. But is this a good topic? and is the KI good? Thank You Soo much in advance.
  16. Do you guys think this is a good research question To what extent does the manifestation of consent from all parties partaking in a common activity and the proof of its legality shape our opinion about said activity? In my presentation i want to talk about how do we know if girls (and guys) in pornography are always consenting to perform degrading sexual act and also is this consent enough. Thank you
  17. Hello! We're writing an essay at school (not the TOK Essay, but an assessment) and we need to create a Knowledge Question that links to the prescribed question, Is it really possible to have knowledge of a culture in which we have not been raised? My real life situation is about schools hosting cultural recognition events that embrace their students' cultures, particularly indigenous culture. Is this an appropriate critical question? To what extent do Australian schools impel their students to connect to other cultures? I would really appreciate any help possible, as this is the first time I've been asked to write an essay for TOK, and I have no idea how to go about it! I checked the forum posts on writing the essay, which were very helpful, but I couldn't find much regarding knowledge questions. Thank you for your help!
  18. In four week we have our TOK presentation and my group is struggling with finding a GOOD knowledge question (out teachers haven't been so good at giving examples, how to formulate one etc since they are new for this year). So far, we have a kind of question-isch we are thinking about: How should knowledge about ethics be used to restrict freedom? Is this a good one? Or is it possible to formulate it in any other way?
  19. Hey Guys! I've changed my knowledge question like 3 times already and I think I'm gonna go for this one - "to what extent do ways of knowing alter our beliefs" The real-life situation is cigarettes commercials in the 1950s' that used to deceit people into thinking that smoking is healthy Do you think it's a good question? Thank you!!
  20. Is this a good knowledge issue?: To what extent can fiction have a positive impact on individuals and society?
  21. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could help me think of a more knowledge question-y knowledge question. My current question is "How much should the identity of an artist affect our interpretation of their work?"
  22. Hi I need help with approaching the knowledge question "Does social media strengthen or weaken human relationship?" and how it can be related to the human sciences? Hope you can help!
  23. Currently, I am doing the TOK presentation. I already had the real life situation and now I am trying to develop a good, solid Knowledge Question. The topic that I am interested in is the government censorship. The real situation that I have now is about the censorship of media in China. Here's my question: Should I be specific in my Knowledge Question? For example, "is the government censorship in China justifiable" Or is it too specific? Or else would it be too broad if I don't mention any. Anyone can help? Please, it would mean a lot for me!
  24. Okay so I created my presentation about Music and the real life situation was on a tweet I read that music puts you in a better mood and also on how when I'm down music makes me feel better. I got all the scientific benefits of music, I also mentioned how media uses it against us to manipulate our emotions but still, I do NOT have a knowledge issue. Help?
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