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Found 14 results

  1. Hey! I am currently working on my SL Biology IA. While analyzing my results, I found two outliers. Now the problem is, the outliers don't greatly impact my result, but they still do affect them. My question is, do I still include these outliers when I am creating my graphs or do I not include them? Thank you
  2. Could someone please tell me whether we are supposed to select the best 6 six labs for the three different criteria or will they be chosen for us by the IBO after submitting the PSOW form? There are six students in the ESS class, out of which one happens to be a certificate student, will all 5 students labs go or will be only a few?
  3. Hey I'm in my first year of HL Chem and I just cant seem to understand uncertainties. Could someone explain them to me please?? Thank you soooooooooo much!
  4. Hey guys, To put it in short, I genuinely suck at labs. I'm not lazy, I generally spend a generous amount of time working on them, however I can even seem to get higher than 50%! I honestly don't know what to do. My teachers refuse to help me saying the most help they can give me according to the IB rules is very generic feedback. My design labs fall flat, and I'm always too frazzled in the lab to collect good data for the Data processing lab. I still get very good marks on my test, and quizzes, so what I would like to know is, it it possible to do well in Bio/Chem with less than stellar labs? Any advice and/or comments would be appreciated
  5. Hello, I have a design lab due very soon on electrode potential. What are the independent variables I can use? Please I need help
  6. I really want to know tips on how to get a 7 in biology. will buying revision guides and reading them over and over again help? will making notes help? will doing all possible past papers help? i still somehow get myself to screw up the MCQs in the exams and i don't know how to get better at them, because i never have a problem with the DRQs or the Essay based questions but MCQs. Help Appreciated.
  7. Does someone know where do i can found a method to measure the rate of photosynthesis?
  8. Please help me I have to submit 2 DCP and 1 Design on 9th Feb and i don't have any topics...I have already submitted 2 DCP, 2 CE and 2 Design but my teacher wants me to give him 3 extra.....
  9. I have submitted all my labs but my teacher wants me to submit 2 DCP and 1 Design lab by 10th of Feb and i don't have any topics. Please help me if you know any good topic for my physics lab.
  10. I know someone else out there has taken ESS lol.. I need help with my lab.. "measuring carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, and temperature in an artificial environment. So we basically created our own mini ecosystem inside a few soda bottles attached together. And the bottom layer contained life (snails), second layer had compost, and the layer above it had soil and growing grass. In each chamber we measured either CO2, dissolved oxygen or the temp. BUT! I don't know what the aim of this whole thing is! I'm thinking that it would be 'to determine how life can be sustained at the changing levels of carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, and temperature... OR ' to determine the effect of carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, and temperature on life' ??? thats all i got, ANy ideas??
  11. Does anyone have a good idea for a Chemistry SL lab? It's topic is bonding. Thanks!!
  12. Okay, so for my Biology HL labs I'm having a bit of trouble. For my experiment, I am testing the effects of temperature on Lipase. To do this I am combining vegetable oil (because of the lipids) and Lipase in a test tube - in a water bath- and using Sudan III as my indicator. The major obstacle I am facing currently is figuring when I put the 3 drops of Sudan III in the test tube after I have allowed 5 mins for the reaction to occur, I mix the indicator in and all that happens is the mixture because a shade darker. Am I not suppose to mix the indicator in? How do I get data from this? Any helps/tips? Thanks!
  13. Okay, so for my Biology HL labs I'm having a bit of trouble. For my experiment, I am testing the effects of temperature on Lipase. To do this I am combining vegetable oil (because of the lipids) and Lipase in a test tube - in a water bath- and using Sudan III as my indicator. The major obstacle I am facing currently is figuring out the proportions of substances. How much vegetable oil to use with how much Lipase? Any helps/tips? Thanks!
  14. Hey! So you all probably know about the requirement for laboratories. We all need to have 40 hours. But does IB check the unassesed labs? I am asking because I had some laboratories which I did but I did not write the lab reports on. I dont remember them at all, so I dont really feel like writing them. Anyone knows if unassesed labs really are necessery? (If you did the lab but not the lab report itself)
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