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Found 87 results

  1. Hi, My EE is in Swedish B and I have my RQ as 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s use 'the sociolect' to clarify messages?'. Is this question appropriate for category 2b?
  2. My Chinese teacher has permitted me to study a year of Chinese over the summer, and this will put me into IB Chinese B SL. The course progression of foreign languages goes like this: freshman year -- Chinese 100, sophomore year -- Chinese 200, junior year -- IB Chinese B SL (300), and senior year -- IB Chinese B SL (400), and then we take the IB Chinese B SL test in our senior year. Since I will be studying over the summer, I will be taking IB Chinese B SL a year earlier and have the chance to study IB Chinese B HL (500) if I find myself truly loving the subject and language. I learn languages fast, but I have never done it in two months before. However, I am not a native speaker of Mandarin, and therefore, I will naturally struggle with studying Chinese. Are there any studying techniques available specifically to retain what I study over the summer?
  3. Hey all, I'm in my junior year right now of Mandarin AB Initio and I was just wondering how difficult the IB exam is to get a 2 or higher. I'm sort of stressing myself out like a year before the IB exams because I'm having a really hard time with all of the characters and grammatical structures, and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do well in the future. Thanks for the replies though.
  4. Hey there, So basically I've done a French B EE and my school wants to conduct the viva voces but they do not know what language I have to conduct my viva voce in as I am the first ever student to do a Language B EE. Would anybody happen to know if I have to do it in French (the language of my EE) or in English (the language my exams will be conducted in)? As you can see, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation and would REALLY appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am a teacher with other 25 years experience; I have created a youtube channel to assist IB Hindi students .. can please have look at my fb page -- IB Hindi HL SL tutorial -- where I would like to share my tips and experience.. I look forward to any comments, queries from students and topics you would like me to discuss so that I can help Please check my youtube channel : https://youtu.be/ddvn3Vp9IkY .. thanks One of my latest videos is https://youtu.be/nNnXZKYVvK0
  6. okay so it's the first year my school is doing IB and they've lied to my class the whole past year about what IB actually is, i really don't know much about it and what i find on internet is kinda confusing. anyways, i chose to do my EE on Language B High Level but it's been more than three months and my teachers are not helping, we don't have any idea of which topic to do so can someone recommed me titles please? i don't want to do literature but the other to options are fine for me.
  7. Hi, I'm currently doing my written task for ab initio Japanese and I am having trouble finding sources. What are some good websites or places where I might be able to find sources? I have found several sources but they are all very kanji heavy, and my teacher says that they're too complicated and you can get marked down for using a source that is too complicated because it won't look like you understand it properly. Thanks :-)
  8. Hello, I am in my second IB year. I am currently taking french b sl, but am really struggling on achieving a good grade. Since my first language is german, I would much rather swap the french b to german b, and thus achieve a better grade. The IB coordinator at my school said that taking a language b as self taught is not an option though. I have been trying to see the official IBO statement of this, but cannot find it anywhere online. In a few different threads, I read that some candidates did take a language b as self-taught, so why is my IB coordinator saying language b cannot be taken as a self-taught language? I'm really confused
  9. Hi, I will be starting IB DP next year and I've been facing some issue with my choices for group 2. My choices were French and Spanish. I've studied French for 3 years, and now I am at phase 2 and still, I get 3s and 4s. But the reason why I get such grades is that I don't care about French and honestly I don't like learning languages. On the other hand, I have Spanish ab initio that I've never learnt in my life. Moreover, I heard that Spanish is one the easiest languages in the world and is quite easy in the IB. Thinking this through, even with myself weak at French I was thinking of choosing French ab initio (additional I was wondering if I can still go for French ab intio , with studying it for 3 years). But if French Ab initio is not possible then I can't go to French B as I am weak at this language. That is when Spanish ab inito is what's going to take the lead. I hope anyone can help me make the decision.
  10. Hey everyone!! So I (perhaps stupidly?) am doing a Language B Extended Essay in Japanese. I'm SL and my level isn't amazing but i'm super motivated when it comes to Japanese. My EE is in Category 1 and looks at how Katakana works, and how Japanese people's English Learning is influenced by it. Does anyone have any advice? On how to approach it / structure it? I would really really appreciate any pointers in regards to resources so if anyone has any ideas, hit me up please!! Thanks!!
  11. Hello, I am about to submit my final draft of my French B written assignment. My word count is currently 418 (SL word count is 300-400), which means I am over the word limit by 18 words. I told this to my teacher at school, but she says I shouldn't worry about it. Which is why I was wondering whether going over the word limit by a bit is really okay like my teacher says or will this result in a one/two mark penalty? I have been avoiding the submission process as I am worried (I don't want to lose a mark for something as dumb as this)
  12. Hey there, I've finally decided on doing an Extended Essay in French (Language B) and have set my heart on looking at the following works: - 'L'Etranger' by Albert Camus (book) - 'Lacombe, Lucien' by Louis Malle (film) But I just need a little help in narrowing down my focus and would really appreciate some help from you guys. So far, I've come up with the following: - Comparing the characters of Lucien and Meursault (first I will carry out a character analysis of the 2 characters and then compare these analyses) - Proving that 'Lacombe, Lucien' is an absurdist work (first I will look into the features/characteristics of absurdist works and then find evidence within the film that supports my argument) I'd just like to know your thoughts on the above and whether I can even do the above in my EE! Thank you
  13. Context: I’m writing my EE in Japanese. How much literature do we have to study? Does it have to be a comparison? Has anyone out there done a language b EE and can you talk to me?
  14. Hey there, Let me just cut to the chase - I have my EE proposal due within this week and I have a rough idea of what I want to do However, at the moment, it's a very general idea and therefore it's not very clear/focused so I was hoping I could get some help from you guys! Since I'm doing a Language B EE (in French), I naturally selected a novel to look into which in this case is 'Les Belles Images' by Simone de Beauvoir. Now something my supervisor and I came up with was to compare feminist literature in Europe with feminist literature in Asia, around about the same time (40's to 60's). My question is can I simply compare the 2 novels or would that no longer be a Language B EE? Or should I simply look into an aspect of the French book itself? If you guys have read the book or have any ideas as to what I can do - you don't need to tell me the an idea word for word, but I would just like a direction - I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks again
  15. Hey everyone, So I’m doing Chinese B SL next year and I’ve been studying proper Chinese since year 7 (prep school chinese was a joke). I was talking to a guy doing SL Chinese B this year and he said it’s harder than HL maths and physics. I know this is just one persons opinion but does anyone else find it this challenging? I’m just wondering. I always found Chinese relatively enjoyable and easy, although this year it got a bit boring as all we did was the Chinese made easy textbook every lesson. so yeah, is it that hard? Thankss.
  16. I am doing a language B EE. I know that we can use a movie as "cultural artifact" for category 2(b). However, I am analyzing it from more of a literature point of view. The EE book says: "Category 3: An analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work of literature exclusively written in the target language?" So, Does a movie fit in category 3? Thanks.
  17. I started writing my EE for the French B topic field. It is about French, written in English. Myself, my supervisor and even the IB coordinator do not know if this is acceptable, so a yes or no answer as to whether I can do this or not is appreciated from someone who has done this or knows more about restrictions around second language (language B) Extended Essays, thanks.
  18. Is there anyone doing their Extended Essay on Language B. Im actually doing it on Russian which is my 2nd language. My topic is "What Russian names of geographic places are there in Mongolia?" What do you think about this topic, I will also go deep into history of Russian names in Mongolia, Is it ok?
  19. I need help with IB subject selections. I have just finished my second year of Pre-IB, and will be starting my first year of IB in the fall (Grade 11). However, I am worried about my subject selection for a couple of different reasons. HL: Biology, English Language & Literature, History SL: Math, French B, Chemistry Note that my school does not have many options for IB, and I will attach a picture of the courses available at my school. I am studying at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am most concerned about my language B couse and math. Math: I am taking SL, but I am considering taking the Studies course. I received a 70 in Functions 11 this year, which I was very disappointed with. However, I want to study Biology in university, and most universities require Advanced Functions and/or Calculus & Vectors to be considered. My teacher said she could guarantee me a high 6 or low 7 with the studies course, however with SL she could promise maybe a high 4. Should I switch to Studies for the better grade, or stay is SL to keep my options open for Biology programs? Language B: I am taking French, however I am not very good at the subject. I received a high 70 in Grade 10 Pre-IB french, and I struggled at the subject a lot. My grammar is the worst, along with other basic subjects. Would it be wise to switch into Ab Initio Spanish? I also heard I would then have 5 IB exams in May 2019, which isn't something I would look forward to.
  20. I was planning to do my EE in History, but I am REALLY struggling with finding an interesting topic that fits the guidelines so I'm considering switching to French. I am taking French B SL (the only option at my school), but I am fluent in the language because I was in French Immersion until I started IB. I would probably do the literature option and just pick one or two books to analyze/compare, but I don't have any in mind right now. If anyone could suggest some authors or books to look into, that would be appreciated. Does this seem like a good plan, and do language B essays usually do well? Also, I'm not too worried about grammar because of my experience with French, but will examiners focus on the grammar or mostly the topic? If you have any experience with Language B EEs, please help me out
  21. We're handing in our French B SL written assignments soon and I just have a few questions about the guidelines. First of all, I'm wondering about the format for parenthetical citations. My teacher told us to use (Author's last name, "Article title") and I assume he knows what he's talking about, but I just wanted to check because this doesn't follow any of the citation styles. Do we need a bibliography in a specific style at the end? I'm also concerned about one of my sources because I read somewhere that there is a word limit (I think it was 400 words) for the sources, but my teacher never mentioned this. Am I allowed to cite a longer article with headings and only use a specific section that isn't very long? Do you think that the IB actually checks the sources of the written assignments they are sent, and will I be marked down for this? I really want to keep this article because it supports an important part of my argument and it's the only French source I could find with this information.
  22. Hello everyone! My sister is currently doing IB in New Zealand and she's taking French B but she's struggling with it so she thought she could take Arabic B instead (her first language), although her school doesn't offer it. So my questions are: 1) Can she take language B as self-taught? If yes, is there any legal IB document for this? cause I can't find one on the internet 2) Can her school disapprove of this? Or is self-taught system is only based on the student's decision and preference? 3) Is there a guide to the assessments that are done in self taught subjects? Or can she contact someone to guide her and let her know all the assessments and due dates? Thank you so much guys! By the way I did IB too
  23. In the IB guide for language b, it says that the written assignment needs to be handwritten. I saw this after finishing it, and started to worry! my teacher told me that did not count anymore , that it was fine that we wrote in on the computer, and she is going to send it in to the IB very soon so I am a bit worried. so my question is this, does it have to be handwritten?? Another question I have is about the word count. It says in the guide that we need to write a rationale of 150 words. Is this the maximum requirement? Again my teacher said that we could write up to 250 words, which I have done, and that that would be ok. Is this right? Thank you for any help, hope someone has some answers!:D
  24. Hello! I'm wondering how everyone studies for Chinese B SL? I have only learnt Chinese for 3 years, from the start of 2015, and I will do it for IB next year. I have had no past experience with it, and I would really like to know how to study to be able to maximise my marks. I don't really know much about the exams, either so any knowledge about the that would help: I'm aware theres paper 1 and 2, but I'm not sure what's in those. Any tips for doing well in finals would be much appreciated. So anyways, please let me know if you have any tips, tricks or experience!! Thank you very much!
  25. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out on choosing a topic for my English B HL WA. My book is The Great Gatsby and I previously thought about writing a new ending for it, though the teacher argued writing a very idyllic ending in which he would not die and be with daisy would not be attainable (spoiler alert: he died and daisy ran away with Tom). I mean I could do a news report on Gatsby's assassination, but that is too "mainstream" and besides doing something creative, the Written Ass. has to be coherent and make sense: the type of text must allow it to include "connections" with the literary work chosen. I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice out here, Richard
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