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Found 80 results

  1. Hi, I really want to study Law in university so here's my choices for subjects next year (I'm in pre-Ib) HL English HL History HL Psychology/Business and Management SL Math SL Biology SL Spanish As you can see I haven't decided whether I want to study Psychology or Business and Management, what do you guys think would be best? Which of these subjects is the hardest? And does my subject choices look good for applying for Law at universities in the UK. Please help me out, thanks. Nimra Iqbal.
  2. So I'm writing a Mini EE for Inquiry Skills, and I was wondering if one of these two questions was good? How have laws regarding homosexuals changed over time around the world? OR How does religion affect homosexual persecution around the world?
  3. Greetings all, I plan to be doing Law in the UK after my IBs. I have been in discussions with alumni and educators and they have varying opinions on my science subject. As of right now I am doing Maths AA, Art and Sports Science for my Standard Levels. Should I consider switching my Sports Science for a more 'accepted' and 'popular' science such as biology or chemistry, or shall I continue to study Sports science, which I believe I will achieve a higher IB score in? TL;DR: Should I (read: Do Unis) prioritise Subject Choices or IB Score?
  4. Hi, I am about to start writing my personal statement. However, I'm not sure how to start and what to include in my personal statement. I want to study law, and from what I heard, my PS should be focused on why I want to study law. For those of you who have been through this experience, can you please provide me with information regarding my PS? Thanks
  5. What's the difference between the Normal Force and Newton's Third Law of Motion? Because they sound pretty similar.
  6. Hello! I start grade 11 this fall, and i wish to study International Law in university. What subjects should I take? Thanks in advance!
  7. I need some urgent guidance regarding my IB subject choices for next year!!! This is what I've entered; English Lit A HL Economics HL History HL Maths SL Environmental systems and societies SL Mandarin ab initio SL However, I still have the opportunity to make changes so I thought I'd ask for some thoughts on them before I finalise. First of all - do they seem optimal for law at Russel Group/Ivy Leauge unis? English Lit, Economics, Maths and Mandarin are more or less definite so I am left with two concerns; I am considering swapping out History HL to Global Politics HL. Mainly because Global Politics appeared very interesting but also as I reckon History will be much harder to get a good score in. I came to UK boarding school this year which is year 11/5th form so I am doing an accelerated GCSE course - meaning my subject choices for GCSE were limited and I couldn't do the full GCSE for History (I have history lessons for experience but am not sitting exams). On the other hand, though, I know History is well respected by unis and sure would benefit me if I'll study law. Help!!! History HL or Global Politics HL? Second concern - At first I didn't doubt choosing ESS for a second because I just wanted to get rid of the sciences but I have heard a lot recently, even from the teacher of ESS, that it is a soft subject. I got A*s in all my triple science mocks and am predicted A*s as well - so it is not that I would struggle with for example Biology; I just chose ESS purely because I don't find bio/chem/physics interesting. Is it really such a "soft subject" and does it even matter if I want to do law/international relations etc. at uni? if so should I consider biology instead?
  8. Hello again, I have already created a post about my subject choices to study law about a week ago, however I was wondering whether these following subject choices would also be alright. HL: English A Language and Literature, German A Language and Literature, History SL: Spanish B, Biology, Maths SL OR: HL: English A Language and Literature, History, Biology SL: Spanish B, Maths SL, German A Language and Literature This second option would only be for the unlikely event, in which I would want to study in Germany, so I really prefer the first option and it would be great if you could give some feedback on this FIRST option I have 3 languages in these choices because languages are one of my main strengths and also our school seems to get consistently good scores in Spanish B (in 7 years nobody got less than a 6 ). I am probably looking into studying International Law or Commercial Law. Thanks in Advance
  9. Hey there, I am in the middle of 10th grade now and we have to hand in our IB Subject Choices in a few weeks. Until now, I have gotten a few ideas on what to pick for the IB, however I am not sure if this is ideal for law, or if it's maybe a bit too difficult... What I have come up with was: HL: English Language & Literature, History, Economics SL: Biology, German A Language & Literature, Maths SL Would be great if any of you could comment on improvements or changes I could make for my choices. Also adding a reason would be great. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone I just started my first year of IB (woohoo) and my subjects are English HL, History HL, Biology HL, French B SL, Math SL, Art SL. I want to study Law and I was wondering if the UK universities had any specific requirements for the law course? I read that generally uk university care more about your final score than the actual subjects that you take (or atleast for law). My dilemma is Math SL, I really want to drop to Math Studies to be able to maximize my IB score and because Math SL is going to be too challenging for me. So will having math studies affect my college application in any way? Thank you!!
  11. I just finished IB1 with quite solid grades, and the October predicts will be relatively high (41 with the 3 points added), but I feel that I have not done enough of the 'extracurricular activities' to actually amaze those guys at the oxford admission office. I am planning to study law and have not done any mooting/debates, I will however be in the ICJ at the September MUN. I have done some translations of articles for a thinktank's website, have conducted an interview with a philosopher of law, and have done some serious readings, but is it enough to impress them? Can I do something over summer to actually improve my personal statement? Btw., everyone in my family are lawyers, so I guess i feel the spirit of the metier, have understanding of legal issues and so on. Edit: I was thinking of doing a coursera ( /www.coursera.org) course related to law, but I don't know if it is worth it. Any opinions?
  12. I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  13. Hello all, I'm in the process of selecting my IB courses for the next 2 years. I'll be completing the full IB at an established IB school so I have quite a few options. I'm interested in studying law or a social science at a UK university such as Oxford, or King's College. I think I have narrowed down my IB choices to the following: English A Literature HL History HL Economics/Business Management HL ESS SL (I know this is a 'soft' subject but I'm not a great science student!) Math SL Spanish A Literature/French A Lang&Lit SL What do you think about this subject combo? Do you think it's too hard, too easy? Also, do you think it's good for UK entrance and for the courses I'm interested in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  14. Hi everyone I'm hoping to get into law in competitive universities such as oxbridge. I know English and history hl help most, but what about the last hl spot? What subject will give me an advantage in entering law and studying it afterwards? And does what I choose matter that much? If I don't get into law, I'd go for something like studying history or becoming a speech therapist if that helps. Thanks.
  15. Hello to all future Law students, I've been on the forum for a while and I've seen that there are quite a few of you who plan on studying/want to study Law at University. I'm currently a second-year Law student at LSE in the UK and I like to think I have a pretty good idea of what studying Law is about at University and a career beyond. I figured I'd start a thread where all of us can come together and talk about Law, what it actually means to study it, what it's about, what you can expect beyond a vague idea of it being challenging, and such. I'm not saying that I will have all the answers, but I will endeavour to answer as many questions as I can. I'm sure there must be other Law students on the forum or University students who have friends in Law. As future Law students, in a year or two, you guys will have a lot of information and experiences to contribute as well. So yeah, any and all questions/concerns about studying Law or working towards making a career as a Solicitor/Barrister/Arbitrator/Advocate/etc. are welcome. Cheers, Arrowhead.
  16. What is a better subject to choose for the Extended Essay if I thinking of applying to law? Unfortunately, I don't have History HL. Economics HL English B HL Geography HL Russian A
  17. Hey guys, I am thinking about writing my Extended essay in English literature ( i am in HL) I thought about talking about " how to kill a mockingbird ", any suggestions of what my title could be?
  18. Hi, I am a current D1 student, and it is the middle of the year. I have defiantly decided to do law in the future. Do you think I should switch from Geography HL to History HL or it is too late? My subjects now are Geography HL Economics HL English B HL ESS SL (maybe i need to switch to Biology SL?) Maths SL
  19. Do you think that I can get to Law with these subjects? I don't have History HL, it sucks. I won't change Geo to History because it is too late, but do you think I need to change ESS to Biology SL? Geography HL Economics HL English B HL ESS SL Maths SL Russian A SL
  20. Guys, I am in a hurry. I was doing my application for IE University in Segovia to take a dual bachelor of Law and Business Administration, when I "stumbled" in the admission tests. They require either the IE Admission test or other as SAT, LNAT, CAS or ACT. The Cambridge Assessment Test (CAS) includes those Language tests like the First (FCE), the Advanced and the Proficiency, right? Because I have done my First (FCE) Exam and if it does count, then I must use it as I haven't done any of these. Could anyone who knows or has been confronted with these admission tests explain help me? If I am not able to upload my FCE result, then can you explain to me how can I do one of the other exams and am I still on time? Really I need fast answers! Thanks in advance, Richard
  21. Hey guys, I was hoping to pursue a career as a writer. I have written a few sketches myself and even at school, I mean everyone points out that I should write a few stuff, eventually, even if not as a "real" career. So, I was hoping to take a Law degree. I would like to live in the US, though I would like to start off at the UK, for example, take a degree and thus, if possible, go to the US to make a living. The problem is if I take Law in London, lets say, I won't be able to practice law in the US, right? Or can I take a post graduation in american law? Also, do you think that in the middle of the degree I can do an erasmus or something to the US? Or be a writer in the US? Do writers in the US get well paid? What about lawyers? Can you please help me out in this dilemma? Cheers, Richard
  22. Hi, everyone! I am interested in studying law in the future, however, I do not know if it is better to study Law as an undergraduate program, which is possible in the UK, or to choose some other course (I want to study in Canada then) and after it, study law. What should I do? And what should I study before the law? Thank you so much for your answers!
  23. Hi guys. Just to give you a little bit of info about my background. I would like to study law in prestigious universities in UK. I heard that english literature HL makes me a more competitive applicant if I were to do law. However, my first language is not English and my language proficiency is just above average. So I am afraid that I will not be able to do well in English Lit. My strongest subjects are Physics Chemistry and perhaps economics. What is the best subject combination for me? Thankss
  24. Hey guys, I am on my 2nd year and its about time to send my application to universities with the degree chosen. I am kinda hesitant, because I am facing a conflict of passion vs money. I mean kinda because the options I am considering for "money" I also enjoy them. So within the "passion" group there is studying Literature and Creative Writing. Since I was 14 years old that I like writing poetry, short stories and forth. I can consider myself a creative and eccentric person and I like writing any kind of text whatsoever, it seems that I perceive writing and the importance of grammar and clauses and all of that as art. I know this sounds kinda weird, but I feel like I look at it some other way; everybody has their passion and the thing that interests them the most and it seems we look at it in a more abstract way, or that we grasp it easier. All of my teachers are impelling me to pursue Literature, but there are two factors that are making me "rethink". 1- it does not grant much career options. I mean it is basically writing in freelance, which I would honestly love to, but I guess I have grown and realized I need to have a stable life and we do not live in an oneiric world where artists and mathematicians and philosophers are always happy and if they strive to get projects and jobs their work will be noticed and valued. I have been becoming skeptic about this and I don't want to spend my whole life like my frustrated Literature teacher... (oh and being a teacher for me is not an option, I would hate it). 2- I would be studying into the UK because in my country Literature really means unemployment... but going to the Uk and learning eng lit, which is more less universal and might give me a better chance of getting a future, also implies studying another language and lit which will obviously be harder for me than for other native students. On the other hand, there is the option of Business or Law. UK universities even have ambivalent degrees which include both Business and Law, which would be an explosive mix ahah. I don't really like business and finance stuff, but I like Economics in theory cause its a social science and has very important implications for us. I have Math Studies, thou I informed myself and the UK and a few good univ. in Spain allow for Math Studies, with a min. mark of 6. Law I guess I would also love to take. Before writing, I really wanted to be a lawyer as I have always had the concern that there would be no exogenous factors like lobby, culture, background — interfering in a person from "telling his story". I guess I do have argumentative and research skills, but more than that, my imagination would really help me out. I know this doesn't sound right but arguing is virtually creating scenarios and realities which we are prompt to defend or get arguments in favor. If I want to defend something, I really get a way of proving it and I guess in court those rhetoric techniques would work. So, Law is a mix between passion and money, but my real passion is writing and imagining and not taking a Law degree. I am currently with 33/34 points. Could you give me some advice? I was planning on having decided by this week "more less" at least because we can only apply to 5 univs. in the UK and so if I did know what degree I would like to take I would be applying to more univs of that degree... I am sorry for the extension, but this is very hard to sum up. Thanks, Richard
  25. Hey, I'm considering studying law in UK and doing specialisation in animal law later on. And here comes the question: does it matter if I go to a uni that offers animal law as a module course? I've read somewhere that it might be helpful or sth, but the thing is there are not that many schools, which offer it (John Moores, Kingston, Northumbria, Aberdeen, East Anglia, Leeds, Essex, Lincoln), and the ones that do are not the top ones, and the number of points they require (ranging from 27 to 34) is also quite low. What do you think? Thanks for help in advance1
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