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Found 36 results

  1. I'm trying to write my WIT essay for higher literature, but I'm having trouble. My question is "How is Hanna portrayed as the victim in part three, chapter eight in "The Reader?"" If you have any points on how she's portrayed as a victim that'd be great!!
  2. does anyone know what majors require me to take literature? or what the hell the class is useful for career wise?
  3. lang and lit is pretty much known to be easier than literature, in my school at least. and Literature is just taking up so much of my time, i know its a little late to switch classes but i know i can make it happen. i dont think i even need lit for anything in my future too, so why should i waste so much time on it? Is it worth switching?
  4. My friend and i are doing our IOP and we are finding it hard to make it creative, or how to intrigue the audience we are looking for more unique was rather than jokes, powerpoints/prezis, etc
  5. Hi all, My school just started the EE process a month or so ago, and I'm doing a Lit Category 1 EE. I have done a proposal and finalised a working RQ and text which has been approved by my supervisor, but am slightly at a loss as to how to timeline my EE process so I don't end up doing everything last minute (that's NOT the way to an A lol) For context, my final EE DRAFT (not final EE) submission to my school is roughly in end Jan 2018. After discussions with my supervisor, I have to get a working DETAILED outline out by the end of the June holidays (not a US student so we have a June & Nov/Dec holiday system here), and I'm aiming for a first draft to be finished sometime around mid Aug 2017. I generally consider myself a decently planned/organised student but I'm somewhat at a loss on how to plan this project since it's literally the longest thing I've ever written. So far I only have a mindmap of ideas but it's far from detailed and nowhere close to a conclusively flowing argument I'm also not exactly sure how to go about exhuming the text (Ursula Le Guin's 'The Left Hand of Darkness' - I'm examining gender) during the coming 1-month period. Should I try and formulate 3-5 claims and use that to focus my analysis? Should I do a character-based approach for the two main characters and an additional map for the societies Le Guin presents (which are also a way she explores gender); and use that to formulate claims? How does one even self-analyse an entire book (even if it's a decently short one)? All the book-based literary analysis I've done so far has been guided and I'm honestly not quite sure how to go about this. So my two questions are as follows: (1) How do I go about planning a detailed timeline for this? (2) How can I approach analysis so I can plan my outline? Thank you in advance for any advice + sorry for the long read!
  6. Hi guys, As I'm currently in the process of choosing my IB courses for next year, I was wondering what are the main differences between SL Lit vs SL LangLit in terms of the actual course and assessment? There seems to be a general consensus that a 7 in SL Lit is near impossible and that LangLit is the logical choice. However, I have heard that universities prefer students who have taken SL Lit. Can someone please verify this? For context, I'm a STEM oriented student taking Math, Physics, and Econ at HL and I am not sure whether taking SL Lit would take too much time off these already difficult subjects. Thanks!
  7. So I am a little confused how I demonstrate in my writing how meaning is created. For example, there may be a rapper singing about his identity and uses various techniques. I think I can spot them but how should I write about them? I find it's a very important part because it is judged in many marking criteria from the FOA to the WT to the EE. Help please!
  8. Hey guys, I am on my 2nd year and its about time to send my application to universities with the degree chosen. I am kinda hesitant, because I am facing a conflict of passion vs money. I mean kinda because the options I am considering for "money" I also enjoy them. So within the "passion" group there is studying Literature and Creative Writing. Since I was 14 years old that I like writing poetry, short stories and forth. I can consider myself a creative and eccentric person and I like writing any kind of text whatsoever, it seems that I perceive writing and the importance of grammar and clauses and all of that as art. I know this sounds kinda weird, but I feel like I look at it some other way; everybody has their passion and the thing that interests them the most and it seems we look at it in a more abstract way, or that we grasp it easier. All of my teachers are impelling me to pursue Literature, but there are two factors that are making me "rethink". 1- it does not grant much career options. I mean it is basically writing in freelance, which I would honestly love to, but I guess I have grown and realized I need to have a stable life and we do not live in an oneiric world where artists and mathematicians and philosophers are always happy and if they strive to get projects and jobs their work will be noticed and valued. I have been becoming skeptic about this and I don't want to spend my whole life like my frustrated Literature teacher... (oh and being a teacher for me is not an option, I would hate it). 2- I would be studying into the UK because in my country Literature really means unemployment... but going to the Uk and learning eng lit, which is more less universal and might give me a better chance of getting a future, also implies studying another language and lit which will obviously be harder for me than for other native students. On the other hand, there is the option of Business or Law. UK universities even have ambivalent degrees which include both Business and Law, which would be an explosive mix ahah. I don't really like business and finance stuff, but I like Economics in theory cause its a social science and has very important implications for us. I have Math Studies, thou I informed myself and the UK and a few good univ. in Spain allow for Math Studies, with a min. mark of 6. Law I guess I would also love to take. Before writing, I really wanted to be a lawyer as I have always had the concern that there would be no exogenous factors like lobby, culture, background — interfering in a person from "telling his story". I guess I do have argumentative and research skills, but more than that, my imagination would really help me out. I know this doesn't sound right but arguing is virtually creating scenarios and realities which we are prompt to defend or get arguments in favor. If I want to defend something, I really get a way of proving it and I guess in court those rhetoric techniques would work. So, Law is a mix between passion and money, but my real passion is writing and imagining and not taking a Law degree. I am currently with 33/34 points. Could you give me some advice? I was planning on having decided by this week "more less" at least because we can only apply to 5 univs. in the UK and so if I did know what degree I would like to take I would be applying to more univs of that degree... I am sorry for the extension, but this is very hard to sum up. Thanks, Richard
  9. Hey! I need some help with my English Lit EE; The thing is, English is my first language, but I'm doing the IB in a Spanish school, so I can only do English as language B, but that's not the actual issue; my supervisor has asked me to change my question several times now, so I'm slightly panicking, my actual question is, "What are the flaws and aspects in John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost that make Satan’s tragical hero character the most humane and relatable character in the work?" Would you guys think that this is a good topic? I know for sure that I want to work around Satan's character in the poem, though I know he's the main character throughout most of it.
  10. goingtoib

    IB subjects

    Hey! I'm might entering the IB curriculum starting this week, so I would appreciate some response regarding my IB subjects; English Lang & Lit HL Economics HL Physics HL Math SL Biology SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL After thorough consideration, I personally figured out that this may be a reasonably challenging combination with a balance of essay writing and problem solving. However, I am concerned about me being prepared for the subjects academically. 1. English is not my first language, however throughout the years I've always attained a good grade in as it's been one of my stronger subjects. Being nearly fluent in writing and oral communication, is it possible to get a good grade in it even though I'm not a native? 2. Is Physics HL mathematically too hard if I take Math SL? From what I understand, physics is more about learning new concepts and applying them to problems using math as "support". Am I wrong/ is it solely based on math at a higher level? 3. Is Bio SL an easy/hard subject? I've decided on Bio SL though elimination of the remaining subjects I don't enjoy. I also believe that it'll maintain the rigour of my combination (as it's respected by colleges), but in a "less challenging" manner. I've also had quite some experience with the subject, hence why I believe parts of it will be more of a repetition. 4. Is it too hard to juggle two language A courses? Swedish is my first language and I've always been pretty good at in school so taking it isn't really a question for me- (But if you guys have had this subject, please share some insight on it's difficulty, content etc). Also, I'm assuming that the two Lang & Lit subjects go in line with each other since they're the same in terms of structure. Won't that make it easier, considering that I can do similar work in both subjects, only in different languages? To sum it up, I would be very thankful if you can answer as many above mentioned questions as possible + give me some general tips and insight on the subjects I'm taking (like how you find the subject etc). Thanks!!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A LONG list of quotes and significant passages about the three main characters in Old Man Goriot: Goriot, Eugene and Vautrin.
  12. Old Man Goriot Character quotes View File A LONG list of quotes and significant passages about the three main characters in Old Man Goriot: Goriot, Eugene and Vautrin. Submitter Ruvi Submitted 08/16/2016 Category Literature  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A LONG list of significant quotes and passages from Old Man Goriot, arranged in categories.
  14. Old Man Goriot Quotes View File A LONG list of significant quotes and passages from Old Man Goriot, arranged in categories. Submitter Ruvi Submitted 08/16/2016 Category Literature  
  15. Hello everyone who is experienced in IB!!!! I need help. I am currently in grade 10 and choosing my IB subjects, I want to take two science higher level courses and was wondering what is another HL course that could probably help me get an IB diploma. I am also not doing as well as I expected in English I currently have a score ranging from B+ to A- , and our English course is mostly based on analysis of poems and short stories. We had two diary entries that I really enjoyed writing and I really want to score high in English and was wondering whether Lang and lit might be easier than lit. I am also really interested in Psychology but most people tell me that if I do psychology instead of business and management HL it might make me struggle because of the amount of work included. Here is the list of my courses, currently: (I really don't want to struggle because I am taking Bio and Chem HL) Biology HL Chemistry HL Bus&Mgt HL Farsi SL English SL Math SL Can someone please help me!! I plan on majoring in biochemistry in the future and I really want to get into a good university like UCLA. I was wondering if the subjects I chose could probably help me land myself there? Please Help me and someone tell me if what I am taking is too rigorous!!
  16. Hi guys I am an 11th grade SL literature student and am very happily getting a 7 so far in lit as I have done well in presentations and notes. The problem though is that now I'm expected to be able to write a level 7 essay and can't get above a 5! AGHH! can anyone help me or give me any tips on how to write level 6-7 literature essays? :3 Thank you!
  17. Hey guys, I have an upcoming english lang and it mock exam and I have not fully read the required novels yet. Do you guys know by any chance any useful methods to score high marks despite not knowing the novels fully. Any help such as how to structure the essays and certain features I have to include in order to score higher marks. Thank youu
  18. Hi, I'm in grade 11 at the moment, and I'm doing english A: Literature SL. I really need help with writing unseen commentaries (Paper1). I've read tonnes of articles on this site and other websites as well, but I'm still confused as to how to proceed with my essay. I really want to know: (1) How much time to devote to each part (like reading,annotating,etc.)? (2) How to write a good introduction and thesis? (3) How long should an essay ideally should be? (4) What do you write in the essay? (I understand that you need to look at how the author has made use of different literary features, but what is the 'SO WHAT?' ?) And what do you do with the themes, characterization, setting,etc? (5) How to answer the guiding questions in my essay? (6) What should be in an effective conclusion? (7) Any good examples to help me through I know its a whole lot of questions, but any insight to these questions would be extremely helpful. I really wanna do good in this subject (this is actually the subject I've worst grades in ) Thank you very much
  19. hey guys for an IOP does anyone have any ideas on how to work with the topic of macbeth and Lady M being complements to each other character wise? (as macbeth becomes more power hungry Lady M becomes more cautious) Also, any ideas how to introduce the IOP? I'm stuck on that
  20. Hello all, We're tasked to do a written task 1 on part two of the course (media and mass communication) and most of my friends has opted to write an article piece about a current issue from a renowned columnist. (Friedman, Nick Cohen, etc) I'm not really keen on doing this and was wondering if I could write a blog piece.. about a new item (iphone 6, or anything electronic) and compare the views of different critics? Any suggestions are welcome Cheers! Sam
  21. Hey! Could anyone please help me with analysing this poem? I'm not confused about the overall message, i just need to go into deep analysis of it which im finding hard to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! The Poem is, The Answer by Bei Dao Debasement is the password of the base,Nobility the epitaph of the noble.See how the gilded sky is coveredWith the drifting twisted shadows of the dead.The Ice Age is over now,Why is there ice everywhere?The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered,Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea?I came into this worldBringing only paper, rope, a shadow,To proclaim before the judgmentThe voice that has been judged:Let me tell you, world,I—do—not—believe!If a thousand challengers lie beneath your feet,Count me as number thousand and one.I don't believe the sky is blue;I don't believe in thunder's echoes;I don't believe that dreams are false;I don't believe that death has no revenge.If the sea is destined to breach the dikesLet all the brackish water pour into my heart;If the land is destined to riseLet humanity choose a peak for existence again.A new conjunction and glimmering starsAdorn the unobstructed sky now;They are the pictographs from five thousand years.They are the watchful eyes of future generations. Thanks!
  22. Hi, Im taking German A Lit self-taught, and was just wondering if there is any difference at ALL from the paper grading, than the ones from class? Like I go to a school where there is a German Lit class, but it didnt fit into my time table, so I had to do it self-taught. Thanks in advance for any help! AND GOOD LUCK '14 CLASS, WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!
  23. Guys, we've got three novels to work on for paper 2; the adventures of huckleberry finn, things fall apart and the the sea of poppies. i really enjoy the first two, but equally dislike the third one (mainly because I haven't read it completely ) anyway, I'm planning on studying only 2 novels in detail. is that a sensible strategy for p2 or not? In past paper questions i have generally seen '...at least two...' what do you guys think?
  24. Hi, I'm going to school in Germany. I've been in various different school systems and am now in 10th grade, starting the IB next year. I want to go into Psychiatry. Right now I'm settled on the following subjects: HL: Math, Chemistry and Psychology SL: Biology, Spanish Now I have to decide which English course I want to take. Lang lit or lit? What is the difference and which course is more challenging/interesting? Thank you for any help/advice!
  25. Hi guys, writing my first written assignment soon, However, first, I have to write a rationale. As this is my first time, I'm freaking out. The topics that are available for me are "What I am" by Eminem, "Ice Ice baby" by Vanilla ice, the telephone conversation by Wole Soyinka, River of blood speech by Enoch Powell. I am leaning towards Eminem's "What I am" but I don't know what I should write about. Having seen examples from the forum, many people have opted to write diaries based on poems or works of literature. However, I don't see an applicable written task that I can write based on this. Please give in any suggestions or comments or just help me to the extent of your abilities. Thanks alot!!
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