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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL (I think I could have done A2 as a second language, however, it is not offered in my school) Maths HL (Inspired by Bertrand Russell on this one) Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (I am pretty much in turmoil) Philosophy SL (If I could take it HL, I would, however, it is not offered in my school and IB Online only has philosophy in SL Physics SL Turkish A1 SL (If I take one of last two in HL, I am going to replace the one I took with either chemistry or economics SL) Now, you may be all over the place as I am. That is why I shall be explaining this peculiar choice. In Turkey, no matter what we do, the national curriculum imposes upon us near-HL-level workload on chemistry, biology and physics. If I take any one of these lessons -except physics HL, which I think can be useful for understanding the philosophy of science and the point to which modern physics has come from a philosophical point of view- it is solely to reduce my workload. I do not think I will even so much as glance towards the national curriculum if our normal exams in school are not in that style -probably they are not, though I have to ask that. If our exams are just on what we learn in the IB, then I will probably choose the following courses: Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL Maths HL Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (Turmoil continues) Philosophy SL Physics SL/Economics SL Turkish A1 SL/Economics SL Let me add that if I take economics, I will be taking it online just like I did philosophy. Now, here are my main questions, but all advice is welcome: 1. Will physics SL or HL help me to achieve my objective (i.e. understanding how Newton invented the concept of mass and from that the philosophical foundation of Newtonian physics in general)? 2. What can be the contribution of economics to my study of philosophy? The only thing that I can think of is that some great philosophers after the 19th century (Karl Marx comes to one's mind but John Stuart Mill counts as well) were economists, and I believe that only a basic comprehension of economic principles can support my learning in university on these topics. 3. Can Maths HL have any contribution? You know, maths being an important source of knowledge from Plato in the antiquity to Spinoza and Descartes and modern attempts to rederive the whole of maths on the basis of logic are pretty strong reasons for me to take maths HL. Plus, I am very good at maths; the natural curriculum sucks and the only thing we do is to memorise long theorems in advanced Euclidean geometry, but even in that I could prove by myself many of the theorems we studied. 4. Can Turkish A1 HL have a contribution? Well, let me be pretty straight-forward in here: New Criticism and close inspection of the text to derive meaning is horrible, and I am certain I am not going to ever read a novel in that way. However, literary criticism seems to have strong ties with philosophy, especially with Derrida and his deconstructionism, and Lacan and his "philosophical psychoanalysis" and I try to create my own independent way of looking at literary texts, one that I feel is more meaningful. In view of all this and also considering that the skills that are necessary for writing a well-structured, coherent essay are crucial in all fields, doubtlessly so in philosophy -unless you are Nietzsche, but I digress- I think that Turkish A1 HL might be a good choice. Thank you all for your response and for sticking with me until the end of this very long post. Bonus question: Do you know a way in which I can take English A2 as a second language? I passed FCE with distinction, which means that my English proficiency level is C1, and I think I can very well go beyond the curriculum of English B. I spent the last year studying English B from the Cambridge textbook and it was like having a leisure ride- I had zero difficulties.
  2. Hi, I'm performing an experiment on the pKin of hibiscus indicators. From what I know, the major anthocyanin in Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is cyanidin-3-sophoroside. I would like to know the major anthocyanin in Hibiscus brackenridgei. In short, what is the major anthocyanin in Hibiscus brackenridgei? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey, I'm a junior who will be taking the exams in May 2017. I am NOT part of the diploma programme because I thought that doing three HL courses and doing TOK/CAS/EE would kill me; I thought that maintaining a good GPA would be more valuable. I'm going to college in Korea, so not taking the diploma isn't an issue. Anyways, I'm taking English A Language and Literature SL, Korean A Language and Literature, Math Studies SL, Biology SL, Psychology SL, and Business&Management SL. In my freshman and sophomore years, I took IGCSE International Maths, IGCSE Coordinated Sciences, IGCSE Geography, 2 years of English (1 Year of IGCSE English First Language and Literature; dropped down in sophomore year), 2 years of Korean, and 1 year of IGCSE Art. I was thinking of doing English, nursing, or education, but would I be able to do any of these three? I know for some sciences, they usually require 2 sciences so I'm pretty much giving up on that since I'm not strong in the sciences. Are there any majors that I might have a chance?
  4. Hello everyone! Being an ex-IB student, I am aware of how grueling the course can be, especially when it gets to that stage of the course when one must decide their university majors, and in essence, their careers. My friend and I found that this decision was a very big step at such an early age, not only due to the course pressures we face but also because of how unfamiliar we are with how the 'real world' functions, alongside fears of choosing a course that turns out unfavorable. For this reason, we came up with the concept of having a website that allows high school students to get in touch with volunteering professionals in their fields of interest, prior to joining university. This allows students to become aware of what their potential job may look like and to make a more informed decision about their degree choices. However, before delivering this idea to the public, we wanted to gauge the students' interest in such a service and hence have come up with a quick survey that will help us do so. The survey link is: http://goo.gl/forms/SupyqdHTRH I would request you spare a few moments of your time to fill up the survey and assist us in our endeavor. If you have any questions, please leave them down below as comments and I will be happy to answer them.
  5. I would really like to study either theatre or film production as an undergrad. I plan to double major in one of these and perhaps some sort of business major. Is anyone here planning to study either of these? What kinds of universities have good programs for theatre or film? Yes, I've been researching on Google and whatnot, but I wanted to know other people's experiences and opinions. Also- is anyone else planning to use their Theatre Independent Project in their portfolio for performing arts schools?
  6. Hello everyone I just started IB, so far it is going pretty well! However I'm a little worried about my subject choices. Right now I'm taking: Maths HL Physics HL Biology HL ITGS HL English Lang&Lit SL Spanish ab initio SL Am I taking the right choices to pursue a double major in computer science and materials science? I'm still not really sure about material science; the alternatives might be molecular biology or biotechnology. Moreover i might decide to minor in international relations (I'm totally insane LOL). Moreover how heavy is my workload going to be? Is it doable? Here my IGCSE grades: A* in Physics A* in ICT A* in French A in Biology (so disappointed... 2% from an A*!) A in Maths (I was not feeling well during this exam... I could have got an A*. Btw I got a 86%) A in Geography A in GP (Global Perspectives) B in English language (so proud about this one, my teacher wanted me to do core instead of extended!) B in English literature Do you think I can do it?
  7. What undergraduate major should I take in order to go to medical school? Should I take a double major? Or should I take a major and a minor? What minor should I take? By the way, I am interested in University of Toronto.
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