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Found 54 results

  1. Is Business management fun? In my school everyone is complaining that its not fun. Also is Business and Econ a good combo?
  2. Hi, I am currently in MYP5, going into DP1 soon. I am wondering if the Economics IB course is required to be taken if I wish to study Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, etc. in Universities in Canada/America. I am currently studying in Sweden. I am also taking Math Studies.
  3. Hi, I'm writing my IA for Business & Management SL (yeah, I know - late) My topic is about relocation of airline headquarters. I've done SWOT analysis and I'm not sure what to do next, in order to analyze it, especially in terms of calculations. What would you recommend? Will current ratios be good? What's more? Help, I'm really desperate and I don't have much time
  4. Heyy I'm a BM HL student and currently got assigned to do a concept essay on Amazon's culture. However, my teacher would not give us good exemplars to know how the essay is supposed to be written out... So is it possible if any of you are willing to show or found an example that can benefit future BM essay? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello everyone, I have this biased business and management teacher that only gives good marks to internals whose owners are her favorite (her favorites are the students that don't take private lessons). This is quite problematic because its easy to figure out the ones that do take private lessons than the ones who don't. So problem is my internal is with her and I'm pretty sure it won't get the mark it deserves (Ex. this one kid once got a 3 from her, but chosen as a sample so got raised to a 7). She always tries to justify herself by saying she's the "ol' mean examiner" that is only "harsh to make students work on themselves more", which is why she got out of trouble w/the school, so telling anyone responsible isn't gonna help. I heard once that in a similar situation, one can send an email to the ib explaining briefly what's going on. That if the IB got an email, they'd request ALL of her internals, not just a couple of samples. Last year they took all of her internals, so question is does sending an email work? and if it does work how do i send one? (Address, what do I include, etc..) Thank you in advance !!
  6. I am a Pre-DipCan, and I plan to take English HL, Psych Hl, and History HL, along with Mathematics SL, Anthropology SL, and Environmental Systems and Societies. I have one spot open for senior year, and I am not sure if I should take Business Management or French??? Also I don't know whether to take ESS or Anthro, Junior year? Any help would be great!
  7. i am interested in the Bussines and Management course in the UK I am currently doing my IB DP course and i look at some requirements. But i have some questions which someone can help me I am currently taking HL Bussines and management HL Economics HL Computer Science SL French SL English SL Math And my question is I’m doing SL math right now but i was considering Maths studies. And if i do math studies can i still apply UK universities because im feeling SL math is hard and i think if i do studies i will easily get a 6 or 7 making my IB points go higher and also i can focus on my HL subjects and get them at a higher level at around 6-7 What do you guys recommend Thanks A lot,
  8. Hey guys, I am doing my extended essay on the acquisition of TNT by FedEx, I have done the research and wrote 4000 words, but my supervisor told me that it is not enough and basically the only feedback she gave me was to do more analysis. But I do not know what kinds of analysis to do for acquisitions. My research question is " To what extend is the acquisition of TNT going to help FedEx financially? " Could someone help me with that and also could you please tell me how to structure my EE? Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to look out for when taking a test? I heard the words in the in the question themselves are very important. Also does anyone have any sites for practice tests?
  10. Hi, So i'm thinking of doing an EE on this supermarket called 'Villa' in Bangkok. I want to do something relating to the large expat/foreign population. I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER VILLA IS MAINLY AIMED AT THAIS OR FOREIGNERS Things I could consider would be: - Location (Most Villas seem to be along the skytrain) -Location (Land prices around the markets) - Maybe the combination of this and the bts makes land expensive -Increase in foreign population proportion (how more Villas were made to accommodate this) - Range of products (international) - Things that attract customers - service/proximity/etc. - Compare with another supermarket (Tesco? It's international but Villa isn't - yet mainly Thais shop there) Anything else? Please help me with forming a question and other things I could look at!!!
  11. Hey guys, I am going to be brief. I am a little bit lost with my 2nd commentary. It seems easy as it is a very straight-forward work and doesn't require much research. The thing is I guess I haven't actually grasped the essence of writing an Economic commentary. Is it supposed to just explore and explain the discussion in the article, illustrating it with economic theory and diagrams? Or should I produce a discussion myself, with arguments in favor and against, even if they are not mentioned in the article? For example, I am doing on tariffs on China. And as you know there are several arguments against and in favor as to protectionist policies. One that occurs to me is the fact it gives government revenue. But on the article it does not mention it at all. But lets imagine I am actually fond of this argument and could explain it and analyse it neatly. Could I develop and illustrate it on my commentary? Or should I just stick to what the article says and just assess it eventually on the conclusion? Please, I really needed some advice or some general tips on what really consists an Economics IA. Thanks in advance, you can PM if you want.
  12. Can anyone PLEASE give me some good tips for how to study(revise) Business and management? I really regret that I chose to do B&M but semester 1 has already passed and there's no way I can change my subject at this stage. So I know that though B&M is not my type, I really have to get into it and try really hard to get at least 5 or 6 at the end (To raise my overall grade as high as I can). The problem is that the textbook is so huge and I have no idea where to start and how I should revise since I couldn't actually concentrate during class time. Whenever I open the book trying to revise, my brain just goes totally blank by the amount of text and facts laid in front of me. B&M is so much stress for me right now. My overall grade for semester 1 has gone so much down because of this subject. Also I have spent almost entire 3 weeks holiday with this B&M textbook trying to catch up, but now I feel like I haven't gained anything like I still have the same knowledge as I did before the holidays started (I have only 4 days left till school now). This is REALLY driving me crazy. I really need to get back on track before it gets too late. I'm really desperate. I really long for some good tips and advice. I'm also thinking of buying revision book so please recommend me some good revision books. It would be great to find out some useful websites to revise as well. So please feel free to give me some tips such as how you guys revised B&M or how you guys received good results for B&M. Just ANYTHING useful about B&M would be appreciated. Will be waiting for some good answers!! THANK YOU!! (I take SL) -I found out that B&M revision notes uploaded by other users, are only open to VIP members of this website , which I think is very unfair since I thought this 'IB SURVIVAL' website was for all the students who need help with their study regardless of how much they have been using this website.
  13. I am starting IB really soon, and I have applied for these subjects, although im second guessing myself in most of them and want to change Current Subjects Chem HL Bio HL Business & Management HL Chineses B HL Eng lang & lit SL Math SL I chose 4 highers because im good at chinese, so Chinese B HL can't really be counted as an HL Right now I'm really stressing out and worried wether or not should I switch from Business HL to Econ HL, I have like 50% chance that I will take business/econ related majors in uni, but I heard from some people that business tends to be a soft subject and uni like econ more. Although I enjoy studying business at gcse, I dont mind switching to econ, i'm just worried that I might struggle in it since I took business for igcse, not econ. Also should I switch chem to sl, do you think 4 hl's is too much for me?
  14. Hi everyone, I am currently doing the IBDP program. I will be writing my exams in May 2016. I was looking at the requirements for Management Engineering at University of Waterloo and other Canadian universities and had a question. My subjects are :Geography (HL)Maths (HL)Physics (HL)Business and Management (HL)English (SL)French ab initio (SL) One of the requirements for Management Engineering is Chemistry, but I have not taken chemistry (as my school doesn't provide it). Does that mean that I’m not applicable for this program? Thanks to anyone who replies!
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering how much work I should have been done with by now considering my exams are in 9 months? My subjects are: Economics HL Business Management HL Lang B HL Math SL English Language & Literature SL Biology SL In terms of IAs, I haven't really done any, except the first 2 of my Economics commentaries, and haven't started my EE either. Do I have enough time? What's a realistic deadline to be done with everything internal? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey guys, I heard that Oxford doesn't accept people who have ITGS, Business&Management, Design Technology, Theatre, Visual Arts, etc. because they are way too easy and even if you got 45/45 points and 777 at HL you won't be accepted. Is that true?
  17. Anyone have notes on Human Resources Management ??
  18. 23 downloads

    A helpful guide for the business and management required internal assessment.
  19. 28 downloads

    How to cope with exam stress, especially now that it's just a few months away.
  20. I have a topic/subject/question ish, but im not sure how to tacle it? Or how to even write the IA? Like how do i use supportive docs and the marketing mix, or the BGC matrix, etc?
  21. So i have been struggling to get a good narrowed topic for my extended essay. I am wanting to do it on Crowd Funding or Job outsourcing. I have come up with a research question. 1. Can companies reduce job outsourcing if technological advance are made. -I have this one and I feel it is a good one but I don't know if I can use it because it is talking about technology. Any help would be very appreciated. And I know i have to narrow it down its only an idea. Heres a reworded version of it just cause. Can developments in technology eliminate the need for companies to outsource overseas. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  22. So, I am planning on applying to Oxford (god forbid I get my hopes up, I'm basically not expecting anything but just gonna give it a shot and see what happens, might as well try and fail than never try at all). Ofcourse I need to achieve all the grades, but for applying it would really help (and ofcourse i'm interested) in reading some books on these 2 topics. Does anyone have any recommendations for economis or management books? I heard freakonomics was supposed to be pretty good.
  23. Hi everyone, Im really struggling on how to cite and reference my work in my Business IA. I got all of my information from my dad who already has all of the SWOT for the possible expansion locations of a few factories. How do I cite this in my IA? IM REALLY STRUGGLING ANY HELP WOULD BE REALLY REALLY APPRECIATED!!! THANKS GUYS
  24. Hi, Is there any particular way to write the "reason for research question" section in the introduction part of the Extended Essay? because i'm having troubles writing it. Thanks.
  25. Hey. I have to write my EE, and am doing economics. Specifically earnings management done by IBM in the last few years because of their promise to deliver a $20 earnings per share in 2015. The problem is that I can't really find scholorly articles on IBM specifically, and I don't know if I am going in the right direction. So far the only research I have done is on typical earnings shenanigans, what is earnings etc. Should I change my topic? I don't know if I am driving myself into a corner. I wouldn't know if IBM is doing some funny business, but I do know they are firing a lot of people to reach their goal of a $20 EPS. Should I stick with earnings manipulation and focus on something else? Any Ideas/suggestions? Thanks
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