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Found 37 results

  1. Hey all, I'm in my junior year right now of Mandarin AB Initio and I was just wondering how difficult the IB exam is to get a 2 or higher. I'm sort of stressing myself out like a year before the IB exams because I'm having a really hard time with all of the characters and grammatical structures, and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do well in the future. Thanks for the replies though.
  2. keeley45733

    Is it always this bad?

    SOoooo I being open here is the IB always this hard. I'm a year 1 and I'm 2 months into school. So far I am doing terrible in all of my classes except Mandarin SL. Can anyone else relate to the first few months being rough annnnnnndddd how do I get out of this bad grade slump because I've NEVER gotten the kind of grades I'm getting right now, like ever, in my life. It gets better right? Because if yes, how did ya'll do it??
  3. So my current IB schedule looks like the following for next year. Psychology SL Mandarin SL (Ab initio) History HL Biology HL English HL *I've already taken the Math SL my junior year. The issue here is that after taking 1 year of Mandarin online (Pamoja) I realized that I don't want to do this route. Would it be possible for me to take Spanish Ab initio next year and take the test for it rather than taking the Mandarin test? Thanks! -Paul
  4. Hey guys im currently in my first year of dp1, which is ending this month... So basically we are having our practice exams. My subjects are Econs hl business hl english hl math sl mandarin ab initio Bio sl i am doing well in all of my subjects scoring at least a 5 or above in all of them, but the issue is with my mandarin. Basically I came into mandarin ab initio with the thought that it is for people who have no previous knowledge or experience with the language. However, my whole class comprises of people who are either Chinese themselves or have studied mandarin in myp or previously whereas I did not. The teacher goes super fast and I can't keep up with it. I tried to change myself from mandarin to Spanish but all my teachers refused and said it would be better for me to stay in mandarin as I will improve as time goes by. I am the only one who is struggling in my class and I have even been taking tuition for mandarin but it's to no avail, and it is pulling my grades down by 7 points given that I can only score 2s or 3s.Now I want to speak to my coordinator to change my language to Spanish but I am going to IB2 in the matter of two to three months. I think I would do better in Spanish as I have a past experience of French in myp where I had taken French at an advanced level and I am aware that Spanish and French have similar rules too. What do I do??? PLEASE HELP
  5. Hi guys, These are some very useful tools for learning a language. They provide you with all sorts of help related to translation (obv ) proof reading, grammar, examples, and usages. - www.Wordreference.com as many of you may know is a dictionary for many languages and often gives you a few example sentences and basic facts (masc. feminine, noun, etc.) - www.linguee.com is a great website if you come across a word and want to find other forms it's used in. It basically finds real-life websites/articles/etc. that use a word in 2 languages (e.g. English and French) It also has a basic dictionary and works in many languages. - www.Bonpatron.com is great for proof-reading your work, it checks your grammar, articles at the beginning of a noun, etc. However, it's only limited to French. - www.conjugation-fr.com is great for conjugating a verb in French. It provides dozens of various tenses (some of which are literary-level). It's an all tenses in 1 place. Hope it helps
  6. Im a ib year 11 student and have already did ib for 5 weeks. The subjects im doing now are English Hl, Mathmatics, Biology HL, Busniess HL, Japanese and History. During the five weeks i found that history was too hard for me, i chose it because my mom told me but i personally have no interest on it and was really bad at it since i was in grade6. I was thinking about change history to another subject, however if i change it now I'll have to catch up what they've learnt during the five weeks. I think the best choice is to change history to chinese because my mum is chinese and i can speak and write a little of it. However the school do not offer chinese so i'll have to learn it by myself. Is it a bad choice to do three languages? I mean will the university think doing another group 2 or 3 subject is better than the third language? And if i take chinese, which level should i take? By the way im planning to study busnies in the university. Thanks everyone!
  7. A friend of mine is going into DP next year. Her first language is mandarin but she had been in Canada for five years, and she is going to take English Lang Lit A. She is planning to take mandarin for her second language but our IB coordinator said she cannot because that is her first language. Does is matter what your first language is when choosing a course? And I had also heard some of the students from China is taking mandarin as their second language in other IB schools. Is it possible for my friend to take mandarin as her second language?
  8. I'm in Year 11 MYP right now and we have to make our subject selections for DP very soon. In order to get into the degree I want to do I'll need at least a 43/45, which I know is crazy hgih - but hey you gotta have dreams. I need advice on what subjects are the easiest to score 7s in, because I could swap around some stuff with sciences and humanities. See the list below: HL - Language A: Eng lang lit, Economics, Geography SL - Maths, Mandarin Ab initio, Biology ? I'm a diligent student, so would work hard, but I also want to have a life :')
  9. Hello, as of right now I am taking Mandarin B SL in the IB diploma and I am in my first year of IB. I have taken Mandarin in international schools for about 5 years passing with mostly As. As I started my first year of IB and in my first few classes, I felt extremely out of place as many students were extremely capable in the language and throughout most of the text that we studied I literally knew nothing. I did not understand most of the questions and/or full texts, even though I haven't taken a test yet, I feel like I might be extremely horrible in the subject. On the other hand there is Spanish AB initio, which I have no prior knowledge in and am just thinking about it, in case learning Chinese becomes too hard. I am looking for top colleges and I am wondering if colleges would look down upon taking Mandarin for such a long amount of time and then dropping it. Or does it matter? Languages are not going to play a role in my college as I want to study sciences. I would like to know if I should persevere in the subject although I may not get a good grade or take Spanish AB which probably would be easier but I am not quite sure.
  10. oppasManura

    Starting IB next year!

    Hi! I am starting IB next year!!! My sister did it before, and so I am a little prepared, but I have some questions! Classes: Mandarin ab initio Math Studies sl English Hl Anthropology hl Film hl Environmental S&S sl Can anyone tell me anything about these classes? Which one is the hardest? And I will have to take Chinese online, is that gonna be difficult? My goal is to go to South Korea for college, and so I tried to pick subjects that specifically learned about different cultures and the world. Thanks!
  11. Hello just wondering if anyone knows if there is an ib textbook for mandarin b sl that uses traditional characters not simplified if there is one and you know where to find one, could u please tell me? btw i live in australia thank you!!
  12. Hello! I got accepted (today) into IB diploma! I have been learning Korean since I was 10, but IB Korean isn't offered. I know that Chinese and Korean have similarities, and so I chose Mandarin AB Initio as my language. My question is, will my knowledge of Korean help me in this class? And if not, how hard is it? I will have to take it online, will that make it more difficult or more convenient? Thank you!
  13. If anyone's taking Chinese Mandarin SL/HL, how are you guys preparing for the exam? :3 :3 I'm trying to read as many Mandarin texts I can find, but I feel like that won't be enough. How are you guys preparing for Papers 1 and 2? (Other Language B subject students are welcome to help me out haha )
  14. Hi, so I'm currently a 10th grader who studies in International School Manila and I'm planning to take IB next year. I've already made my choices for most of the IB groups however I'm having trouble choosing a subject for group 2. As I am taking A English Lit. SL, I am now trying to choose a course for my 2nd language. Being Filipino, I am fluent in the language however I have also been studying Mandarin Chinese for around 8-10 years coming from a Chinese school. Would you think taking Filipino A2 would be more beneficial for me as I would obtain a bilingual diploma or would taking Chinese B be a better choice as I have no problems speaking the language and from what I've seen, more recognized in universities around the world. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, I'm taking Mandarin AB Intio as my foreign language and I have it as an online course. For the first few weeks of the lesson, I thought the class was fine. But few weeks passes and the class begins to become a burden for me and I start neglecting my tasks by that time. I have also received few reminders from my teacher and I can't help but to be lazy and do what I want. I realized that I'm a different person when I'm in all the other classes. I take everything seriously, I do my homework and I love them. Now I'm in my second year of IB and I have few more months before finals. Plus, my mock exam for this subject will be tomorrow. since I can't do anything for tomorrow's mock, is there anything that I can in order to raise up my spirit to study Mandarin or is there any other tips that you guys used to study something that you don't like? Sincerely, An IB student who desperately needs a help.
  16. Short novels for you to consider for the Mandarin B Higher Level written assignment. Hand-picked from huge lists of short novels and well known 20th-century-China authors' novels. Yes I've read them all~ Let me know if you can't find a website to download them for free.
  17. I need your opinion on whether I should learn Mandarin or French. I want to learn Mandarin more than I want to learn French, because it is way more useful, but French is way easier. The problem with Mandarin is the difficulty, especially the letters/script/characters, when I look at Chinese letters it just looks ridiculously hard, memorizing them is basically like looking into the night sky and trying to memorize specific patterns of stars, and freaking hundreds of them!?!?!? So what do you guys think? Take an easier language, and probably get a better grade, but waste two years that I could have spent learning a more useful language? Or take a harder language, probably get a worse grade, but learn something useful? And another question; do any of you have any idea if people who take chinese/japanese/hindi/korean etc. (hard languages, because of the script, among other reasons) will learn less - cover less material - than people who take easier languages? That would make sense right..? Thanks for any amswers
  18. maya.lisbon

    Course selection help!

    hi guys, I really need some advice here! I know nothing about the IB diploma except that you need at least 3 HL courses! So far I have put together the following potential schedule: HL economics HL history HL english lit HL Bio SL Mandarin SL Math Are these courses too rigorous to take at the same time? I know some of the ones I'm considering, like IB mandarin, are pretty big jumps from the courses I'm currently taking... But I have no idea what they're like. Help me out, I'm new! Thanks
  19. ndx1661123

    Language Choice

    Right now I am taking English B and Self Taught Chinese. However, it seems like many universities require English A. I was in English SL initially, and my English teacher said I would likely to get a 4 or 5 (I got 86% as converted mark on my fall term report card), but it always takes me triple time working on an essay to get the same mark as my Canadian friends. In English B, my teacher said I would probably get a 7. However, I have just heard about how difficult Self Taught Chinese would be even for me who finished grade 9 in China. What should I do? Stay in English B and count on my Chinese? Or switch back to English SL?
  20. tom.budgie

    Spanish or Mandarin Chinese?

    Hi, I'm in year 11 in the UK and have decided to do IB. I've chosen most of my subjects but I can't decide between Spanish and Chinese. I do both of them at GCSE and am predicted A*'s. Does anyone have any advice for which one I should do?
  21. So, I've been taking Mandarin for two years. Unfortunately due to staffing issues, we didn't have a Chinese teacher. Currently, I only know about half a year's worth of Chinese. Currently I am taking supplementary classes outisde of school to help me learn Chinese. For my IB cohort everyone taking Chinese is going to be placed in Ab initio. My question for anyone that took Mandarin Ab initio is that if you reccomend any form of outside classes to at least help get by in that class? Or would I be fine without it?
  22. In Mandarin B SL, do you have to know fluent Chinese? Does the whole class learn in Chinese, like the teacher teaches in Chinese and everyone talks in Chinese in the class? I'm a bit worried because my speaking skills aren't so great.. Any advice on how the class is? Also, to those taking the same class, how long have you guys been studying Mandarin? Is it hard or easy for you?
  23. RobbieIB

    Course Selection Question!

    Hey guys! I've already selected my courses but I need all your thoughts and opinions. English Language & Literature HL Psychology HL Economics HL Mandarin ab initio SL (Although I might be transferring to Mandarin B SL) Math SL Environmental Systems & Societies SL Oh and I'm also taking Choir as an elective for days that I don't have TOK classes I'm not taking Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I actually wanted to take Biology since I'm good at memorizing facts but I don't think I'll be a doctor or anything like that in the future. I'm actually okay with Chemistry and Physics but then again, I'm not interested in studying or majoring in any of the courses in the future so I didn't see the point. I just feel weird that I'll graduate high school with little knowledge of those courses. I love History as well, I wanted to take it as well but many people discouraged me to take it as it would add more workload since it has a lot of writing like English Lang&Lit. However, I might be interested in becoming a lawyer one day and many people say History is better than Psychology. Again, it'll feel weird graduating and not learning History. I'm kind of nervous taking English Language & Lit. I just hope I'll be able to keep up. One last thing, what if you don't really have prior knowledge in Psychology or Economics? Sorry for the hundreds of questions, I'm really nervous about IB as you can see. I'm transferring to a new school and I just hope I'll be able to balance being the new kid, studying hard, staying social and managing my time properly.
  24. Hey guys! I'm struggling in picking my group 2 language choice. I'm vacillating between Chinese B SL, Chinese ab initio or French ab initio. I've been learning Chinese for almost 3 years however, my studies were kind of limited as I had a horrible teacher in my previous classes. She didn't even speak English! Anyway, some people say that Chinese ab initio is too easy, it's like simple things like "Ni Hao" and really basic Chinese. I know basic Chinese and I can usually understand what people are saying, it's just the responding back part that I need to work on. I was thinking of going to Chinese B SL but I'm not sure if I'll keep up, maybe it'll be too hard for me? I'm more worried about the oral tests. I'm currently studying Chinese Made Easy Textbooks 2-4. I'll be learning my chinese all summer and I might get a home tutor. If there's anyone who's taking Chinese B SL, what are you guys learning? What textbooks do you use? Is it difficult? I'm also deciding if I should just take French ab initio. I was thinking since I might get a home tutor, I can study my Chinese at home instead and just study French at school. Many people say that French is very challenging though, even at ab initio. Anyway, I'm not sure if I made any sense, but I'd really appreciate any advice on what to do.
  25. For my mocks, all I ever really did to study for paper 1 was play videogames and eat cheetos. I'm predicted a 4 despite only understanding close to 5% of the vocab words (and by vocab I mean complicated words LOL) in every paper 1 I take, mostly because my paper 2 keeps pulling my grades up, but honestly I don't want to leave that up to chance if I can afford not to. Would any of you fellas know how to study for it? Or would any of you happen to have a list of the most used vocab words in paper 1 or something to that effect to help me and others study for it?

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