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Found 4 results

  1. NicoHatt

    Economics Extended Essay

    Hi everyone! I am currently writing an Econ Extended Essay aiming to determine the market structure of the coffee shop industry in my local area. Now, I have gathered lots of pricing data and I found out that all firms charge pretty similar prices, however one firm is charging a significantly lower price than all other firms. How could I explain these findings using economic theory? Best, Nico
  2. Daksh

    Eco HL or Psych HL?

    Hey guys So Im in IB Yr 1 and we finished micro. We had a test on theory of firms (P1 and P3 format) and in that a got a 3. So my teacher said took a retest today, and that went bad too. I dont have the results yet but dont expect more than a 4. So what should I do? Should I take Math HL (My teacher says I'm capable, but then it'll be a lot of catching up) and Eco SL or Psych HL and drop eco entirely? (again a lot of catching up) But I feel more inclined towards Psych Pls give inputs thanks I hate IB
  3. ritaalmeida

    Economics EE help! Airlines?

    I need help!! I'm doing my Extended Essay in Economics and I chose to do it on the airline industry. I wanted to do it about price discrimination and how a specific airline uses it (How does TAP use (third degree) price discrimination in order to increase revenue?) I talked about when you book you're flights and such but my teacher said I wouldn't find enough info on it.. Also, I am now realising how hard it actually to research on this because all of the information I can find is too broad and general to all airlines. She told me I should do it on market structures, something along the lines of "To what extent is the market for Lisbon to London flights an oligopoly?" Does anyone know how I can find information on this kind of thing?? How can I research stuff on market power and such= I have a draft due in a week and I'm starting to panic. Thanks guys
  4. Anyone has study guides for economics, Ive done all of microeconomics! ANYTHING helps. Thank You

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