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Found 154 results

  1. My math IA is due soon and I was going to focus on weight vs. heigh of jump (grande jete) of ballet dancers. iw as going to take my data from famous dancers and analyse the videos in LoggerPro but I realised that I don't know the scale of the video and each dancer is a different distances from the camera. What should I do? Another idea I had was to look at the height vs. flexibility of a dancer and I could collect the data myself by getting dancers I know to do "sit-and-reach" tests. I would then find the minimum, maximum, median, lower and upper quartile, and IQR. Then I would create a scatter plot and a cumulative frequency curve. Is this complex enough for a Math SL Ia? Please help!!!!
  2. Gia

    Math IA

    I have decided to have my Math IA revolve around the probability behind the prisoner's dilemma. I need help deciding on three simple maths and one sophisticated math to explain the game (besides a tree diagram and expected prison sentences). I am afraid that I won't have much numbers/math to work with. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all so I'm really desperate here 😓 I suck at maths and have no idea on how to progress my ia mathwise Basically my question - How can I minimise costs (expenses) in order to achieve a maximum amount of profit? (in a bake sale) I was planning to Find out the total cost of the ingredients ( with reference to the recipe from Joy Food Sunshine) Determine how many we need to break even (Break-Even chart) Based on break-even number how much ingredients do we need and cost Then find the ‘volume’ for the cookie dough and how to optimize the dough use Then Optimisation on profits? But then I was told the maths is too straight forward or easy, I was planning to optimize on the 'material' of the cookie dough, but then I have no idea how to advance forward with that. I was also thinking about scrapping the optimizing the cookie dough thing math formula to model to the costs and revenue before applying calculus but have no idea how?? Any suggestions or advice??? Thank you sosososo much
  4. Hey could y'all please answer these questions? It'll only take a couple of seconds. Thank you Survey Questions: Male or Female? Do you play an instrument? What? Are you a part of an orchestra or a band? If yes, which one?
  5. Hi guys. I'm in my last year of Math IB (SL) and I'm in desperate need of some guidance. I have no idea how to go about doing my IA. I've decided that I want to find the optimal speed at which a vehicle (a tank specifically) should travel to get the best fuel efficiency. Along with this, I might also try and figure out the temperatures at which oil would freeze inside the engine by like graphing/modelling it somehow?????? As you can see, I'm really lost and I don't know how to approach this topic and I don't even know what math I should be using. Any advice on how I should try and pursue this?
  6. Hey, I need help with my Math IA. I am interested in Math and art topic to write about. More into the body proportions and how an artist uses it but I don't know what mathematics is behind it. What mathematics do I use to get a higher score?
  7. Currently, I am doing my SL IA for math this year, but I am having difficulty in collecting data for me to use in the SIR model. My IA is due in two weeks, and I still have not turned in my Data part for the IA, I really need help on finding websites that I could use in inserting the proper data for the model. Could someone please recommend a few websites I could use to find data for the construction of my SIR model? Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone, So I'm currently doing a practice math IA for maths SL and I need help! I chose the topic to do exponential growth and decay and I'm investigating the growth rate of bacteria however, I'm a little stuck. So basically, I've already got the formula for exponential growth of bacteria but that's pretty simple math and idk what else to do like do I just plug in numbers bc that's kinda boring and way too simple. I was thinking about investigating the effect of glucose-salt levels on E. coli bacteria to extend the topic but I don't really know how to do that and all the websites I've found go way too in-depth about the biology and not enough about the math. So please leave any useful websites or other for this kinda topic or any other idea on how I could extend my topic. All help is appreciated !! Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! As a part of my math ia, I am analysing the pharmacokinetic profile of a drug. A part of the pharmacokinetic profile involves finding the area under the curve of the medication's concentration - time graph. I think this area is meant to represent the total exposure of the drug to the paitent's body. This is what it says online as well. In other words, it would be the total amount of drug absorbed by the body. However, I'm not quite sure how this works, as the units used for the y axis (miligrams of the drug in each litre of drug - mg/L) are completely different from the x axis (time in hours or minutes). Multiplying these units would give you (mg*hr)/L. What does this mean?! My question is: what would the area under the curve of a concentration - time graph represent? Please take a look at the picture below if you need a visual. (I found this picture online) Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. I really need some help rn. I'm thinking of doing a math exploration in the topic of Correlation between GDP Per Capita and Gini Coefficient in Countries. Basically, Gini coefficient is a measure of income equality in a country. The higher the coefficient is, the higher the income inequality. However, the mathematics skills & analyses I will use & do will probably only be from the topics of descriptive statistics and linear modelling. And so far, the IA samples I've seen with similar topics in correlation are only from math studies, so I'm getting concerned. is this topic too simple?
  11. Meike

    Math IA Help!

    Hi, so I decided that for my math IA, I wanted to look at the impacts of asteroids hitting the Earth using this website: https://www.purdue.edu/impactearth/ The idea I have is to collect different data like how big the crater size is and how it changes depending on the size or speed of the asteroid and more stuff like that. I then want to make graphs and find trends and see if these factors makes equations and stuff. I was also thinking that I could use the Richter scale to look at the intensities of the earthquakes and maybe show how that works. I don't know if this is very in depth and I know that I should use more math when exploring this but I'm not sure what else to do. I was wondering if anyone had any input? Thank you
  12. Hey guys, basically my math IA first draft is due tomorrow and I don't have a research question yet, my IA topic is on the math of figure skating and I am having trouble finding or creating a research question that shows the correlation between math and figure skating, my topic might have some physics but that's not the point, if anyone can help me find a research question for my topic I would be grateful. Thank you in advance. - Sara.
  13. Hi everyone! This is a survey for my Math Internal Assignment (for the IB diploma). I am analyzing how humans perceive beauty, specifically if people consider a face more attractive if it is closer to the Golden Ratio. It is a quick, anonymous survey which will take only a few minutes and it would be a great help to me! It took me a long time to edit all of these photos so I would be really grateful if you participated in it, thank you! Link: https://www.surveylegend.com/s/122r
  14. Hello everyone, I need Math HL IA ideas, which are not overused! thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I've just begun writing my standard level mathematics internal assessment. My topic is about waves and tides, where what I will be doing is gathering tides data from different locations in Hong Kong and then try to find the best sine/cosine function that will fit this gathered data. With this I will be able to predict tide hours and height but I am not sure this is a good enough topic to pursue in terms of the mathematics, does anyone have any idea how to make this a more difficult IA or add depth to the subject? help would be very much appreciated...
  16. So I am trying to get my math IA done this summer but am having a hard time choosing a topic that I like. I am really interested in film and cinematography and would like to incorporate it in my math IA but have found nothing on math ia topics that involved film from past math IA topics. I decided that I would come up with my own math IA exploration that has not been done before. My topic/question is "Does movies/films that use the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio make high profits compared to movies that don't?" Is this a good idea for a math IA topic? Could I make it better? Are there any other math IA topics that involve film or cinematography? Is there other ways I can involve film and cinematography in my IA like through geometry, conditional probability, etc.? What general topics make for a high marked IA? What makes for a good IA? Also these are my other topics for a math IA if film doesn't work out are: Modelling Infectious Diseases Medical Data Mining Finger Ratio Predicts Maths Ability? Modelling a Nuclear War Are these good topics that could get a high mark? Between 18/20 to 20/20? I am also interested in a topic in healthcare/medicine. Any topic ideas for that? All replies are appreciated, Thanks.
  17. Hi friends, Following up from my previous post, I talked to my math teacher as I found an egg shape building, and what I'm planning to do is model the building by volume revolution from a curve, and then maximise the space inside. However, I don't really see the HL part of this and it seems like something SL could do as well. Any ideas on what kind of math I can include to make it more suited for HL? Thanks for your input!
  18. Hi, I need some help with my IA. I have a database about monthly traffic volume per year. I want to model a function that satisfies with the trend for the last 17 years... I don't know if that is enough for my Math SL course requirements. As well I don't know exactly what to say in the analysis. Thanks. Let me know about any doubts!
  19. So recently I just received feedback from my teacher regarding my firts draft for my Math IA. I got 2/6 for criteria E because apparently my IA didn't commensurate with the level of the syllabus. I found this rather surprising since previous SIR Model Math IA's have score very well in this criteria and in overall. My teacher said I need to demonstrate my level of understanding and knowledge by using differential equations in more depth..which is HL. So who is in the wrong here? My math regarding the model is correct. Will the IB moderate my IA up? And how do I talk about differential equations in more depth? I did some calculations with the equations to get the rate of change of each individual components of the model and graphed them. But that's it. And now my teacher penalized me heavily because I didn't use the right level of math. Please help me!
  20. Hey, so I really need to get started on my mah IA, and I'm really interested in the area of architecture. However, I'm really unsure and have gone to my teacher a few times but i still feel really lost. Basically, I have some unique shaped buildings, my teacher suggests that I try and maximise the space within this particular round building. Does this sound too simple for HL math? Initially, I had a twisted building and I was going to calculate the volume loss, but I have no clue how thats going to work. My teacher had said it would be a good idea but then she asked me to do the other building. Which idea sounds better? This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life
  21. SC2Player

    Sample Math IA

    Sample Math IA View File Sample Math IA. I'll add the moderated mark sometime. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Sample HL Internal Assessments  
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Sample Math IA. I'll add the moderated mark sometime.
  23. I'm trying to come up with topic for my SL Math IA. I am particularly interested in looking into concepts related to the 4th Dimension and non-Euclidian geometry but I'm having trouble coming up with ways to add calculations into my IA. In particular, I wanted to look at the use of non-Euclidian geometry in certain modern art pieces. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!
  24. I'm looking for real data on bacterial growth that I can use to create a model (i.e. population density or population count vs time). Are there any reliable databases, websites, books, or papers where I can find such a set of data? Thanks!
  25. So I am writing my math IA on magic squares and I just got my draft back from my teacher and I'm currently at a level 2 My problem is we have not been given any guidance on writing this exploration and the feedback I was given was vague with little suggestions for improvement. If anyone could give me some pointers on writing an exploration it would be greatly appreciated
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