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Found 11 results

  1. So I am trying to get my math IA done this summer but am having a hard time choosing a topic that I like. I am really interested in film and cinematography and would like to incorporate it in my math IA but have found nothing on math ia topics that involved film from past math IA topics. I decided that I would come up with my own math IA exploration that has not been done before. My topic/question is "Does movies/films that use the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio make high profits compared to movies that don't?" Is this a good idea for a math IA topic? Could I make it better? Are there any other math IA topics that involve film or cinematography? Is there other ways I can involve film and cinematography in my IA like through geometry, conditional probability, etc.? What general topics make for a high marked IA? What makes for a good IA? Also these are my other topics for a math IA if film doesn't work out are: Modelling Infectious Diseases Medical Data Mining Finger Ratio Predicts Maths Ability? Modelling a Nuclear War Are these good topics that could get a high mark? Between 18/20 to 20/20? I am also interested in a topic in healthcare/medicine. Any topic ideas for that? All replies are appreciated, Thanks.
  2. My class (SL) hasn't (and will not) cover Fourier Series/Transform, so I am learning this all on my own. Based on my studies, I have quite a good understanding of Fourier Series and Transform. I just have no clue what to do with it in my Math IA. I have seen examples of IA's where they prove the theory, but I want to go beyond that. Maybe even delve into its application in CT scans. (I didn't go into the musical applications as I am utterly confused with anything related to music). However, as I delved deeper between Fourier application in CT scans, Fourier Transform is just the overlapping theory of it. I am at wits end as to where my IA should go. Any thoughts on how I should progress with Fourier Transform? (I don't care if it's cliche topic; I found it intriguing and spent most of my time in math class delving further into the topic at the expense of my teacher's wits.) I also have already seen another user's question about Fourier Transform.
  3. Hi everyone, it's my first post here, so hello! I know there's probably a million posts about this, but I wanted some feedback regarding some ideas I had for my math IA. I was thinking of doing something like medical tests and probability, and then looking at Bayes' theorem, but I'm concerned that maybe this topic has been done before and I'd have trouble making it 'my own', or maybe the maths wasn't challenging enough for SL maths? My backup idea is probably doing something related to secret santa and investigating how to ensure anonymity and no one gets their own name, so looking at permutations and probability or something like that, though this idea isn't really fleshed out yet. Please let me know your thoughts, I'd be really grateful!
  4. 100kr

    Math IA Survey

    Hello! I am conducting a survey to collect data for my Math SL IA, and I would like it if you took some time to take it! The link is below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddox1gjDoGIE46DPZxVI4tHEf4DXgER2gz66roHHVtW_cDBA/viewform Thank you!
  5. Hello there, I'm a student in SL Math, and I'm having difficulty coming up with a topic for my IA. I was thinking along the lines of medicine and diseases. If you could offer me any sound ideas, you'd be a hero. Thank you, Lee
  6. Would a statistical study on the 2016 presidential race be a somewhat decent math sl ia? I would analyze the correlation between the number of times a candidate has visited a state and the number of votes/precincts they got. I would also correlate the proximity of the state a candidate governs or represents to their success in other states. Needless to say, i would have a number of scatterplots and would perform a linear regression on my data to seek a line of best fit. Would this be a successful IA, or should it be more complex? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for improvement, or even criticisms. Thanks!
  7. I need help. My IA is about demographic in a certain country's crime rate and analysis of what factor which likely cause the change of the crime rate. I need help on the mathematic application on this one. The only thing that I could think of is regression line and find the most similar trends out of the factors. But isn't too easy for a Math SL IA? Anybody can help me any other mathematical application which I could use? Thanks!
  8. 41 downloads

    An official guide from the IBO dissecting each criterion and additional guidance for the Math SL IA, marked 2014 onwards.
  9. someone please suggest me with Math IA topics (SL)
  10. km42

    MATH SL IA help

    I'm doing my math IA on comparing growth of other animals compared to humans because humans reach maturity a lot later than other animals, so I thought it would be interesting. Unfortunately, I really don't know where to go from there, and my rough draft is due Tuesday. I figured I could do exponential curves and compare them, but that's definitely not enough math. Or maybe I could find a logarithmic function from them? But I don't know how I could compare them. Another thing is my other animal is a golden retrievers because I thought it would be easy to find data, but all I found was this http://www.goldenretrieverclubofsandiegocounty.org/Slow_Grow.php I am confused and freaking out. I just need a mathematical way to compare their growth.
  11. Hi! I am having the biggest trouble with this Internal Assessment, simply because I am not creative at all. I have been thinking about topics for the past 3 weeks now, literally spending an hour every day researching topics and I CANT FIND ANYTHING. I desperately need help, my teacher says that he is not allowed to help us with the topic.....I simply do not know what to do anymore. I was thinking about doing it on war an math, regarding projectile motion, but this is apparently too much physics. I can't find anything, please please oh please help me out with this thing because it is driving me crazy. Thanks, hope you can help me on the right track with this. I am just not creative and I hate how this is standing in the way of me getting anywhere in this project. I wish I was in the one year earlier system, where we didn't have to choose our own topic. Please help!
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