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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, So I am currently in a maths SL class and I am not doing that bad, but I am considering dropping to maths studies because of the teacher. She is failing me now (apparently it was a mistake and she's lowering my grade for EXCUSED absences when I was sick, but that mistake should take place since it was written on my report card that im failing), and we have this weird thing now, our class is divided into four groups (every group has a leader) and every lesson we have a test or two, and before that a leader has 5-10mins for explaining a topic. We get grades for that, and my group is getting the lowest scores and those low grades are affecting our predicted grades. Anyways, because of that I have decided to drop to studies but the only thing that is holding me back are universities. But at the same time it is better to be sure that ill pass IB with a good grade from studies than failing SL 😕 Can someone help me with deciding on what should I do please??? 😕
  2. Hey! I have just finished my draft of the Mathematics SL Exploration. I showed it to my teacher and he said that I have to put double space and separate my calculations from the text. I told that if I do that I will exceed 12 pages. Though, he contends that it is okay. Is it really so? In Maths guide there is nothing on double space and all that stuff that we have in EE. Plus it is explicitly written that exploration must fit into the range of 6-12 pages. So I am confused whether I have to do what the guide is saying or what my teacher claims to be true. Help, please!
  3. Hello! I'm an IB student taking the 2016 november session papers, and would like to know if anyone has access to the TZ2 May Math 2016 standard level paper? I would love to get some practice! Thank you
  4. Hi Guys! I'm new and I don't really know how the forums work but I've got an urgent question I need other IB students/teachers to answer... About my subject combination choice. I'll be brief and say that the reason I've reached this point is because of whole load of personal and external things and changes that have happened in my life with my family and outside that has caused me to change my decision and over all goals. I'm 17 so if I mess up at this rate it's going to be a bit bad. I've moved a lot and changed schools so slowly through my child-hood until now I've ended up slipping behind because of all of the different schools starting at different or later times (e.g. that's why I'm 17 starting IByear1 at this age) So I have to want to take Double Sciences. Current subjects chosen and levels: English A Language and Literature - HL Biology - HL Psychology - HL Mathematics - SL Mandarin Ab Initio - SL Visual Arts - SL ----- (bold = can't/won't change these.) If I take a double sciences I get rid of art, which I'm not upset about. However, I have to take Chemistry as it is the only other science offered at my school. I need to do that as HL, and I'm fine with that. However, this means I should drop one of my HL Subjects. I don't see the benefit in 4 HL's, and it's going to be unnecessary stress (I have to do part-time work so less stress the better please! ) please don't get me wrong though, if it's actually a better option to seriously do 4HL's then please tell me why you think so, I want to hear everyone's opinions. Which do you think in your opinion is the least necessary of my earlier choice of subjects? and why? Thank you so much for reading and if you answer, answering! I am aiming for Medical School. I'm not good enough for HL Maths, before you ask. I want to be a Psychiatrist, so Psychology is a little important, but not as important as Biology is. However my teacher's are suggesting I drop Biology down so I get the advantage in Psychology. Your opinion on this also? Thanks again!! Sorry if I've posted wrong, I'm new and in a rush! Please don't flame me ;_;
  5. Hello guys! About Math SL exploration, I am quite interested in researching something that has with BMI to do; how it changes over time.. Yeah, but I don't know where to start! Like, I'm seriously LOST. Am I supposed to perform some kind of investigation by hand? Or what??
  6. Are we allowed the Data booklets for math sl? if not.... when did they stop giving it out... it would've made my life so much easier "
  7. So how was it? I found it to be easier than P1. I blanked out on that Section B question with the triangle intersecting with the circle. I knew how to solve it but kept getting weird angle values. 0_0 So I just at least wrote down the formula for method marks.
  8. Hey, I was wondering, perhaps someone knows from where I could download a mark scheme for my Mathematics SL IA type II task?
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