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Found 29 results

  1. Hello guys, as a topic in Math IA, I chose to explore mathematics behind voting systems. According to my research from various papers, its closely related to probability/statistics, but nothing else. If I won't have Calculus and stuff like logarithm in my IA, does it mean it is a weak IA? If anyone has Math sources on voting, please help me out. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi all, I made a google classroom that is categorized into 6 modules for covering some interesting questions in IB HL. what I'm trying to do is to give you guys questions for each topic, hopefully every day. And I will always attach video solutions for them. Here is the code for you to join: 5btf45 Here is some nice question you can attempt on trigonometry: Question: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DpdllFl3wkIDNwVDaUSQokN_FC0pUh5t Solution: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13b3TVJYID4KsdUvJRQRNL6KUOoyNiYNS Hopefully you will get some help by the classroom. Any comment/advice will be much appreciated. Thank you! P.s. please make sure you join with your private gmail account. School domain address won’t let you join. p.p.s. you can share the code with your friends too
  3. Hello! I am a French student doing the IB and I am doing a survey to complete my math studies IA. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer my survey. https://goo.gl/forms/KIMSFSzwaWuudcPz2 Thank you, Thibault
  4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KKZMguXKnIiGoeYc5XJfzZ9285sJzC5HoG6NWV9ocyI/edit HI everyone! I'm currently working on my math studies IA and I would really appreciate it if you guys could answer a couple of questions for the data collection! Thank you!!! (it's in both english and french)
  5. At the end of this year our teacher introduced IA to us and we had to start exploring the topics that we are interested in. As I am planning on pursuing biomedical engineering, I wanted to apply math into our body. Therefore, I liked the idea of math in biorhythms. The plan is I will convert the sine curves of the biorhythms for 3 strands (intellectual, emotional and physical) into co secant curve and then apply integral calculus to find the area under the graphs. But then I dont know if thats enough for HL Math IA requirements. I WOULD BE VERY THNAKFUL IF YOU GUYS COULD HELP ME OUT WITH THIS. Plus does anyone know how to create a biorhythm by hand??
  6. Hi! So I'm doing my internal assessment of finding an optimal route through some points of hte city using the Chinese Postman Theorem. My math teacher says its okay, in fact, he suggested the idea of doing this IA. But I have half of my work now and I think that the math that involves are very easy, so I'm scared that I don't get a good mark because of that. I'm doing the option of calculus, and this is part of the discrete mathemtics, so it's part of the HL syllabus, but do you have any suggestion of how can I do my IA a bit harder? Or do you think it will be enough? Thank you!
  7. Hey! Could somebody tell me how to do the d) part in this question? Why is it LCM 2, 3, 5? How did they get 2, 3 and 5? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone, I am planning to do my math IA on predictive modelling. I will look at the date from the 100m race in the Olympics from 1896-2004. I will use the logistics curve to determine a function to establish predictive modelling for the Olympics Men's 100m race. I will use my findings to predict the results of 2008, 2012 and 2016, as well as speculating on the 2020 results. Please do suggest any changes I can make or if this topic isn't good enough. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone. Currently I'm trying to think of a topic and a research question for the extended essay. Among the 6 subject groups, only math(and maybe physics) is of interest to me, but right now I'm not sure if my topic would work well for me so I would like to ask you guys to pitch in your thoughts or suggestions on it. My idea is trying to derive a formula for any conic section that is in an angle using analytical geometry and loci, and maybe compare it with other methods like matrices or rotation functions. I don't have a lot of idea on matrices though I also want to try to use the applications of calculus, but i dont know where to start thanks for the help
  10. Hi I am taking physics and chem HL but I didn't take maths HL, but I was thinking of applying to uk unis for something with physics/meteorology/engineering Are there any unis that do not require math HL for these sort of physics related subjects? Or could a 780 in SAT II math 2 cover up for math HL?
  11. Hi! Having completed Math SL and scored a 7 on the exams, would math HL be an okay transition in terms of difficulty/understanding concepts?
  12. Hi guys, As I want to study economics at a selective university (in U.S) in the future, and I cannot stand taking Math HL at the moment, would it be sufficient to take Math SL combined with AP BC calc? I find Math SL very easy and score 6's/7's frequently (this is since I am repeating one year of the IB), so how hard would it be to shift focus during IB (repeated) year 1 and really study BC calc for almost a semester to take BC exams in spring? In this way I can compete with stronger applicants without having to struggle through the other than calc material in HL Math? Thnx
  13. I just need suggestion if Gabriel's Horn is a good Math HL IA exploration. Please i need Feedbacks
  15. I am going to study AI in the university. I wonder which option will be more suitable for me? Tbh, calculus is relatively easier to me but my teacher told me that statistic is more useful for AI. I could not decide it!! PLS HELPPPPPP
  16. I need to collect data for my math HL IA. I set up survey to collect data on how much time it took you to find a topic for your IA. The survey will take you a maximum of 2 minutes to fill in and your answers will be completely anonymous. If anyone that is interested and takes either Math, Physics, Biology or Chemistry your help would be greatly appreciated. if you take all four subjects fill in the boxes for four subjects, if you take three of the four subjects fill in three boxes and so on. SURVEY LINK --- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T5MQNR8 Thanks again for your help
  17. Hye guys since It has been 24 hours already. How was maths paper 3 for you guys ? Which option did you choose, I took sets and relation and it was pretty good
  18. Hello everyone! I am having problems with choosing the topic for my Math HL exploration. I am interested in architecture. And was thinking about: 1. multidisciplinary design optimization 2. geometry in architecture and building 3. harmonious spatial forms 4. secular aesthetics or any other theme in that area. Could you give me an advise on that matter?
  19. HI GUYS! This is kind of urgent so I would really appreciate some feedback. The epsilon-delta definition of limits has now been scratched from the syllabus right? I'm talking about the Calculus option - Math HL. Sitting my paper in 3 weeks. Thanks a lot.
  20. Hii guys, So I'm just about to exceed the 12 page mark for my Math IA and I still have some more things that I would like to add. I was just wondering, is it possible for us to go above the 12 page mark without being penalized? I didn't see any restriction with the page numbers but they suggested 6-12 pages, so please let me know.
  21. How was Paper 2 guys! My paper two was so so so much better than Paper 1 but Paper 2 boundaries are way higher than Paper 1 so idkk
  22. Hi! I'm having trouble with an integration problem. 2π × integral between 0 and 6 of (0.02x^3-0.39x^2+1.77x+0.18) × (sqrt(0.0036x^4-0.0936x^3+0.8208x^2-2.7612x+4.1329)) dx Does anyone know how to solve it or have any suggestions? Thanks heaps!
  23. Hey guysss! Okay, here's the deal: I began the IB course taking 4 HL subjects at the beginning of this year with the intention of eventually dropping one at the end of the year.. but the teachers are asking me to make a decision now for some reason. So, I'm facing a real dilemma of whether to drop English A HL or Math HL. Can you guys please tell me which would be wiser to drop? I've come to realize that the difference between HL math and SL math is quite significant, for example, if I was a student who'd score a 5 in HL Math, I could potentially score a 7 in SL Math with a little extra effort. Now, I was just wondering.. what exactly is the difference between SL and HL English? Thanks, your feedback is much appreciated.
  24. Hello everybody, I am not happy with my results in few classes and I want to retake them in November. Does anybody know an IB school in Germany, Switzerland or Austria that offers retakes in November?

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