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Found 37 results

  1. I have been using equations: dS/dt (rate of change in susceptible people dR/dt (rate of change of recovery people) dI/dt (rate of change of infected people) After calculations are made, I get the following values: dS/dt = -937 dR/dt = 6491 dI/dt = -5540 The samples with SIR model that I've seen before all have a positive dI/dt value, I wanted to ask if the value for this can be negative?
  2. I was wondering if my Maths IA topic is too hard. I want to do it on "How accurate is the Monte Carlo Method in predicting Schrodinger's Equation?" I asked my teacher if it was a good topic, and he said it's up to me, but I really don't want to get halfway through it and realise that it's beyond me. I also do Physics HL and I did Maths HL for half a year until I had to move to Maths SL because I didn't have enough time.
  3. Hi! So, I have been thinking of possible Maths IA topics for quite a while and have just decided to do it on Vectors (because I'm relatively better at it?). I have heard that quite a few game developers utilise vectors during the game development process, and so it would be in my greatest interest to base my IA on vectors in video games. However, I'm not quite sure on how to go about writing this. I have a basic outline of the structure of my IA (start with 2D then advance to 3D), but I'm starting to worry that it may not be as good as a topic as I hoped it would be. Could someone tell me if this is a feasible topic? What should I do to maybe add more depth to this investigation? Thank you!
  4. I am in need of changing my maths IA idea as it was too simple. What would be something that I could do for my IA with football (soccer)? I am more than capable of getting my own data by playing, and I should be ok with any areas of maths. Thanks!
  5. So i'm thinking about doing my Maths IA on how the wingspan of a paper plane affects its flight. I would be measuring it by constructing an experiment with paper planes with a small, medium and large wingspan as well as having planes made of pieces of paper with different densities and would then throw them all consistently with possibly the use of a contraption that I would have to make so that it is a fair test. Although I'm not sure if there would be enough maths for me to get a good grade. If you have any advice, it would be appreciated
  6. Hi, I'm just looking for a topic for my exploration and would like to do something to do with Eulers identity but I'm not quite sure what, maybe some applications , but I dont want to make it just look like a textbook explanation of it. It has to be suitable for the HL curriculum, does anyone have any ideas? Is investigating Eulers identity even a suitable topic?
  7. There is a section of the maths IA where you have to specify and use a "maths method/process" to delve into and further progress your research and analysis. I was never very good at maths, let alone debunking raw maths data, so I'm really worried that I might butcher my final score! My maths IA is about how different genres of video-games can affect test scores, from a sample of students who play video-games in their free time. I was hoping to get some help/examples regarding which maths methods to use for analysing statistical data. At this rate, any help is seriously appreciated! (Before anyone wonders why I don't ask my teacher, it's because she isn't a native English speaker. On some occasions, although very rarely, she won't understand what I am struggling with. Sadly, this is one of those occasions. She is however a very kind and caring person.)
  8. Hey there, does anyone know the work count/page limit for the Maths Studies IA this year? I've been reading up about it and it keeps changing every year so now I'm super confused. My teacher told me it was 12 pages, but teachers from the other sets have said that there is no limit... can anyone help with this??? please
  9. Hi! My Maths SL IA is statistics/correlation based, where I see if theres a correlation between age and rankings given to the top 10 photos of a photography competition. I was thinking of excluding scattergraphs from my IA because constructing 1 graph each for my ten pics take up a lot of space. Plotting 2 pics on 1 graph is really messy too. 8/10 pics have no correlation, so including their scattergraphs seem kinda pointless. However, having a visual representation of my data will be nice, especially since I can do my line of best fit for the 2/10 that has correlations. i have chi square, pearsons and spearmans so far. Would excluding scattergraphs be detrimental to my ia? Thanks so much!!
  10. Hi! The Maths teachers in our school said for SL IA's, we could base our IA's on statistics and use formulas like Pearson's and Spearman's and Chi-squared (not in the SL curriculum but is in Maths Studies). However, they said we have to explain the steps of each equation, as in like why do you need to multiply d^2 by 6 in Spearman's rank. Is this really necessary for a 7? If so, how would you get sources like this that explain how equations are derived? Thank you!
  11. Guyss, end of September I have to submit my draft for my Maths IA. I have already decided to do an investigation on Monty Hall Problem but have not come up with a specific research question on the topic yet. As I have not done the chapter of Statistics and Probability, all I could do is to search online ways to approach this topic. Many mentioned about Conditional Probability and Bayes so I nearly have the gist of what to do. Can someone help me with the specific research question and suggest me the outline of what I could do in my IA?? Thanks alottt
  12. adrii_

    Maths SL IA

    I'm starting to write my SL internal assessment but don't know how to structure it or what to base it on, I know I want to write about trigonometry and how it can be related to photography but don't know how to do this...
  13. I think I already am too late to start my Maths IA. But I am still struggling about finding a good topic to write. Do you guys have any good topic ideas? Let me know thanks
  14. Hi all! Over the Easter holidays I'm supposed to be collecting data for my maths IA, but I feel like the idea I have chosen does not involve enough mathematics. What I was thinking of doing was finding the probability of death in different everyday activities and converting that to micromorts (i.e. the one in a million chance of death per activity). But, I am not sure if after collecting this data there will be enough that I will be able to do with it mathematically, or that having probability as an IA topic is a bad idea. Would it be wise to change my topic completely whilst I still have the chance? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. I'm doing my IA on the correlation between MBTI and genetic inheritance, which simply saying about inheriting personality traits, but I'm not sure if it's enough for SL though. My teacher said that if I use sth from math studies IB will like it, cuz it's from different level, so i joined their lessons to learn sth we didn't from statistics, but i've just read somewhere on this forum that correlation is not enough for SL. Is it so? If yes, what could I possibly add or change not to score badly? I've just started my experiment, which you can take part in btw (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5kBERe3yBDE5TUlfjVenmXL3pO_JyQlSJcCLXQZ25HP5-sQ/viewform?c=0&w=1), so i wouldn't like to change my whole topic Do you have any advice?
  16. Emmyta_xo1

    Maths IA SL

    I am in desperate need for a maths IA topic! Literally any ideas would be hugely appreciated, preferably something good on statistics and or probability but everything is an option. thank you all! You're all stars✨
  17. Hey guys, Recently my teacher pretty much told me that the raw data int he appendix of my maths ia is too long (its about 2 and a quarter pages of temperature readings in a chart). How could I either cut this down, or would this be necessary?
  18. Hi there my fellow IB peers. Can u guys or girls help a brother out and take 10 seconds to complete my Maths IA survey. I would appreciate it so much LINK>>>>>>> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WH56B59 Thanks ya'll and have a good day!
  19. Hi guys! My maths IA is going to be based on the gini coeffeicent and measuring the income ineqaulity in Singapore. So i was wondering whether there were any theorems that could help me with my IA? Thanks so much!
  20. Hey, if you could follow the link and do this simple survey for my maths IA that'd be great, thanks. http://goo.gl/forms/ALqJHW9fUo
  21. I have found two topics I think would be interesting to do my Maths SL IA on. 1. The Devil's curve. Is writing an exploration of this curve too difficult at standard level? http://mathworld.wolfram.com/DevilsCurve.html The calculations look complicated at least.. So, what do you think? 2. Lissajous curves. These look cool but perhaps even more complicated than the devil's curve? Would it be suitable to do an IA on these curves? http://mathforum.org/mathimages/index.php/Lissajous_Curve It would be interesting to investigate why they look like they do and how and why they change when the parameters are altered. My current topic is about the Richter scale, and I am kind of lost. I have explained how it is used to find the magnitude of an earthquake and the amount of energy released. But my gut tells me it is not enough maths included. What should I do? Any suggestions for my current IA on Richter scale? What about the two topics I included, should I switch to one of them while I can? Regards, Lynxarin
  22. Hey, the due date for maths IA submission is coming up fast and I'm desperate for data! Please help me!! Please help me by completing the survey ASAP!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aoy1HOvn2RAzFRTvZgC4JjXz96lpA61Wvo5Itoiy63I/viewform Thank you so much!!!!
  23. Hi, I'm doing an IA on blackjack, but I feel like the topic is getting complicated than what I expected to be. Is it alright to change some rules (like only covering the probability of a single hand) or impose a limit (such as the player/dealer can only pick up 5 cards at maximum) when writing an IA?
  24. I am currently doing my maths studies IA and I have written down my hypothesis (I have 5) but I have some questions. How many hypothesis do I need to test? Let me give you an example so maybe someone can help me with that. 1. AGE & MUSIC H0 null hypothesis: The person’s age is independent of their knowledge about music. H1 alternative hypothesis: The person’s age is dependent of their knowledge about music. ^^^ that is my first hypothesis. I have 4 columns of raw data. Age|Gender|Music|Film (Music is out of 10 and film out of 11 - i did a questionnaire and the music and film columns are how many each person had correct). How do I find the average for each hypothesis? I really need help on this. ASAP. I would be very grateful!
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