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Found 52 results

  1. Please answer my survey!! It takes like a minute and a half and I need the data :< https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScmTfr5eVf7jaI39WL5zOXZfFReC3iMlsJom1ln3xHPRKRq9Q/viewform?usp=sf_link
  2. Hey guys, So I am currently in a maths SL class and I am not doing that bad, but I am considering dropping to maths studies because of the teacher. She is failing me now (apparently it was a mistake and she's lowering my grade for EXCUSED absences when I was sick, but that mistake should take place since it was written on my report card that im failing), and we have this weird thing now, our class is divided into four groups (every group has a leader) and every lesson we have a test or two, and before that a leader has 5-10mins for explaining a topic. We get grades for that, and my group is getting the lowest scores and those low grades are affecting our predicted grades. Anyways, because of that I have decided to drop to studies but the only thing that is holding me back are universities. But at the same time it is better to be sure that ill pass IB with a good grade from studies than failing SL 😕 Can someone help me with deciding on what should I do please??? 😕
  3. Hiya For those of you who are struggling to think of a maths IA topic, here are a few examples: (all content taken from Ibmathsresources.com - even more ideas and info re the exploration on there.....) Example Maths Studies IA Investigations: Correlations: 1) Is there a correlation between hours of sleep and exam grades? Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep raises academic attainment. 2) Is there a correlation between height and weight? The NHS use a chart to decide what someone should weigh depending on their height. Does this mean that height is a good indicator of weight? 3) Is there a correlation between arm span and foot height? This is also a potential opportunity to discuss the Golden Ratio in nature. 4) Is there a correlation between the digit ratio and maths ability? Studies show there is a correlation between digit ratio and everything from academic ability, aggression and even sexuality. 5) Is there a correlation between smoking and lung capacity? 6) Is there a correlation between GDP and life expectancy? Run the Gapminder graph to show the changing relationship between GDP and life expectancy over the past few decades. 7) Is there a correlation between numbers of yellow cards a game and league position? Use the Guardian Stats data to find out if teams which commit the most fouls also do the best in the league. 8) Is there a correlation between Olympic 100m sprint times and Olympic 15000m times? Use the Olympic database to find out if the 1500m times have go faster in the same way the 100m times have got quicker over the past few decades. 9) Is there a correlation between sacking a football manager and improved results? A recent study suggests that sacking a manager has no benefit and the perceived improvement in results is just regression to the mean. 10) Is there a correlation between time taken getting to school and the distance a student lives from school? Normal distributions: 1) Are a sample of student heights normally distributed? We know that adult population heights are normally distributed – what about student heights? 2) Are a sample of flower heights normally distributed? 3) Are a sample of student weights normally distributed? 4) Are a sample of student reaction times normally distributed? Conduct this BBC reaction time test to find out. 5) Are a sample of student digit ratios normally distributed? Other statistical investigations 1) Does gender affect hours playing sport? A UK study showed that primary school girls play much less sport than boys. 2) Investigation into the distribution of word lengths in different languages. The English language has an average word length of 5.1 words. How does that compare with other languages? 3) Do bilingual students have a greater memory recall than non-bilingual students? Studies have shown that bilingual students have better “working memory” – does this include memory recall? 4) Investigation about the distribution of sweets in packets of Smarties. A chance to buy lots of sweets! Also you could link this with some optimisation investigation. Modelling using calculus 1) How can you optimise the area of a farmer’s field for a given length of fence? A chance to use some real life maths to find out the fence sides that maximise area. 2) Optimisation in product packaging. Product design needs optimisation techniques to find out the best packaging dimensions. In terms of secondary data: Secondary data sources: 1) The Census at School website is a fantastic source of secondary data to use. If you go to the random data generator you can download up to 200 questionnaire results from school children around the world on a number of topics (each year’s questionnaire has up to 20 different questions). Simply fill in your email address and the name of your school and then follow the instructions. 2) If you’re interested in sports statistics then the Olympic Database is a great resource. It contains an enormous amount of data on winning times and distances in all events in all Olympics. Follow links at the top of the page to similar databases on basketball, golf, baseball and American football. 3) If you prefer football, the the Guardian stats centre has information on all European leagues – you can see when a particular team scores most of their goals, how many goals they score a game, how many red cards they average etc. You can also find a lot of football stats on the Who Scored website. This gives you data on things like individual players’ shots per game, pass completion rate etc. 4) The Guardian Datablog has over 800 data files to view or download – everything from the Premier League football accounts of clubs to a list of every Dr Who villain, US gun crime, UK unemployment figures, UK GCSE results by gender, average pocket money and most popular baby names. You will need to sign into Google to download the files. 5) The World Bank has a huge data bank - which you can search by country or by specific topic. You can compare life-expectancy rates, GDP, access to secondary education, spending on military, social inequality, how many cars per 1000 people and much much more. 6) Gapminder is another great resource for comparing development indicators – you can plot 2 variables on a graph (for example urbanisation against unemployment, or murder rates against urbanisation) and then run them over a number of years. You can also download Excel speadsheets of the associated data.
  4. So I am entering my second year as a DP student which is both exciting and unnerving due to the shear amount of work there is to do. That being said my math teacher over the summer wanted us to finalize our math IA topics. I have narrowed it down to two potential topics which are the geometry of ice hockey or how does listening to music affect ones ability to solve math equations. Thanks so much, Maddy
  5. SO I have been doing maths SL since the beggining of the year (I'm on grade 11/Year 12). I really want to study Design and Product Design in Uni and was wondering if I need SL for Design/Product Design Courses. The reason I want to drop to Maths Studies is for the simple reason that Art, Design Technology, and Maths SL takes most of the time. This decision is stressing me out as I'm scared Unis would reject my request for my maths studies. I don't think I ever got more than a 4 on maths SL. Any suggestions? My subjects are: Visual Arts (HL) Design technology (HL) Business Management (SL) English B (HL) Spanish Literature A (SL) Maths (SL) Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  6. Hey there, does anyone know the work count/page limit for the Maths Studies IA this year? I've been reading up about it and it keeps changing every year so now I'm super confused. My teacher told me it was 12 pages, but teachers from the other sets have said that there is no limit... can anyone help with this??? please
  7. I'm considering taking maths studies next year, because Maths really hurts my brain although I am able to score well, I do not enjoy it one bit. I am not pursuing a degree with anything to do with Mathematics, so I feel like this will be right for me and I will have time to focus on on my other subjects. However, I've heard a lot of negative things about maths studies, people are telling me that although I am pursuing a degree without mathematics, it will hinder my application to universities. How much truth is there in this? My current subject choices are: English A Literature HL Japanese A Literature HL Visual Arts HL Psychology SL Biology SL Maths Studies SL If i would like to enter a top university, preferably an ivy league one or UK's oxbridge, is this okay? Especially since I intend to go into languages or the arts, I've always assumed that they will not regard my mathematics. Top universities are very competitive these days. In a way, will I lose out to other potential candidates with a higher mathematics level than me, pursuing the same non-maths course? Or will they focus more on the overall IB score? I have to submit my choices very soon and any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!
  8. hey, I have been taking maths standard level for the last 6 months and on tests have gotten 4's, 5's and 6's. However on our mock exam I barely achieved a 3. At University I want to study Law, and the only requirement I have seen is HL6 in English and a 4 in a science or maths SL. I fulfill those requirements therefore I was wondering if I should drop to studies? I have emailed he universities I want to attend (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and they said it would not be a problem or affect my admission. (For reference I take SL; Biology, Maths SL, Spanish B and HL; English A Literature, History and Norwegian A Literature)Moreover, I have been doing quite badly in Biology SL and was thinking that if I moved to studies I would have more time for that subject, and neglect it less?My main question is if I should drop and also if I do how certain is it that my grades would improve?Thank you!
  9. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. For the last two years we have not had a good teacher, and unfortunately this may affect my finals because I am behind in some topics. Therefore, I would like to ask if you guys know any study guide that cover the 7 chapters of Maths Studies, or any advice that you can give me to do well in the upcoming exams. I am really worried. Thank you so much, D.
  10. Hi there, I am currently working on my Mathematical Studies IA that l have to get done before the school term commences and l am experiencing a lot of difficulty. For my IA, l am looking at the potential correlation between Secondary School Gross Enrollment Ratio (for both male and female) and a country's GDP (Gross Domestic product - basically how much a country earns/how rich they are). I will be doing this for my Pearson's Correlation Coefficient. For my chi squared test of independence, l will be looking at Unemployment Rates and again, GDP. I have gotten my data from the world book (a resource that offers all this statistical data for each country). In total, l have obtained data for 96 countries and l have been told by my teachers that this is enough data. I have formulated my data into a table which l will include in an attachment in this post so if you are able to check it out and let me know whether it all seems ok, that would be great. After collecting all my data, this is about where it stops. From this point onward, l have no clue on what l need to do and l am really stressing out because l need to have it completed asap. Some people were telling me that l need to calculate my chi squared and get the expected frequency table and make sure that all the numbers were above 5. I honestly have no clue what all this means. I would really appreciate it if someone could offer me some help. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps xx Maths Studies Data.docx
  11. Hi guys! Do you think doing maths studies will hurt my chances of getting into top universities, for an art & design degree? And is it better to get a 7 in maths studies or a 5/6 in maths SL? I think id be able to get 5/6 in SL if I work hard, but I'm wondering if I should take studies to be able to focus more on my Art HL... I was in IB MYP extended before, but wasn't one of the strongest ones in my class... subjects: Art HL English HL ITGS HL Physics SL French AB initio Maths SL (thinking about studies) let me know what you think? thanks!
  12. i am interested in the Bussines and Management course in the UK I am currently doing my IB DP course and i look at some requirements. But i have some questions which someone can help me I am currently taking HL Bussines and management HL Economics HL Computer Science SL French SL English SL Math And my question is I’m doing SL math right now but i was considering Maths studies. And if i do math studies can i still apply UK universities because im feeling SL math is hard and i think if i do studies i will easily get a 6 or 7 making my IB points go higher and also i can focus on my HL subjects and get them at a higher level at around 6-7 What do you guys recommend Thanks A lot,
  13. Hey guys, Recently my teacher pretty much told me that the raw data int he appendix of my maths ia is too long (its about 2 and a quarter pages of temperature readings in a chart). How could I either cut this down, or would this be necessary?
  14. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask, so let me know if it isn't! I'm retaking my Maths Studies exams this November as I got a low grade and I really need to aim for a 6 in order to get my foot in the door in terms of applying to a teaching course. I'm rubbish at maths, but it's just something I need to ace to pursue the career I want. I'm currently revising by doing past papers and initially I was using an old grading scale to figure out what I'll get, but of course (as many classmates have told me) the grades you get in the exams really depend on how everyone else scores. So I wanna know how many of you who have taken the exams have managed to score over a 5 in Maths? And did the majority of your grade get high grades, or what was the norm?? In terms of percentages, what is the equivalent to a 6 in Maths Studies? I'd be grateful for any input!
  15. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNP9b0nheTcKm6k-9gsW0vYpRAZekBMeRKKQLN8VAvp19KLA/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link I'll love you forever if you do this survey, need 50 sample size or higher... Appreciate'cha!
  16. Hi guys! I'm doing my Maths Studies IA about the the relationship between time spent on using social media and cognitive skills among teenagers. In order to gather data, I need to carry out an experiment. It is going to look like in the following way: - use Facebook for 5 minutes - then go to http://www.humanbenchmark.com/games, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 10 minutes and again, play these 4 games, save both your score and the percentile from every game - then use Facebook for 15 minutes and do exactly the same. Next day, use Twitter for 5, 10 and 15 minutes. After each period, play 4 games, save your scores and percentiles. Then do exactly the same for Snapchat. You can do everything on the same day, or you can break this experiment into smaller components. Just make a break between using each social media, so that the gathered data will be unreliable. I created a special table, where you can enter your data. I think I need the table completed until Monday afternoon (Central European Time).You can upload the finished table below or send it to me in a private message. I'd be eternally garteful if you could help me with this. Thanks! social_media.docx
  17. Could you help me get data for my internal assessment? Just answer this survey: http://bit.ly/MathsIA thanks
  18. Hey, if you could follow the link and do this simple survey for my maths IA that'd be great, thanks. http://goo.gl/forms/ALqJHW9fUo
  19. Hey, the due date for maths IA submission is coming up fast and I'm desperate for data! Please help me!! Please help me by completing the survey ASAP!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aoy1HOvn2RAzFRTvZgC4JjXz96lpA61Wvo5Itoiy63I/viewform Thank you so much!!!!
  20. Hello, I am currently undergoing the IB Diploma (2nd year) in Bangkok, Thailand. My subjects are: Business and Management (HL) English Language and Literature (HL) Geography (HL) Ab Initio French Biology (SL) Maths Studies From what i have heard and read, to get into a good business school in Canada you need at least SL Math. It is too late for me to switch to SL Math now. My question is; is it still possible to get into a top 10 business school in Canada with Maths Studies? Will they allow me to do a foundation year in which i take the required math courses? Thanks to anyone who takes their time to reply
  21. I am currently doing my maths studies IA and I have written down my hypothesis (I have 5) but I have some questions. How many hypothesis do I need to test? Let me give you an example so maybe someone can help me with that. 1. AGE & MUSIC H0 null hypothesis: The person’s age is independent of their knowledge about music. H1 alternative hypothesis: The person’s age is dependent of their knowledge about music. ^^^ that is my first hypothesis. I have 4 columns of raw data. Age|Gender|Music|Film (Music is out of 10 and film out of 11 - i did a questionnaire and the music and film columns are how many each person had correct). How do I find the average for each hypothesis? I really need help on this. ASAP. I would be very grateful!
  22. Dear all, I am from MARA College Banting, Malaysia. I am currently in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and will be continuing my degree in 2016. I’m interested in reading law (Bachelor of Law, LLB Hons. - UCAS Code: M100) during my degree programme. Below is my subject combination at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). English B (HL) Economics (HL) Business Management (HL) Malay A (SL) Chemistry (SL) Mathematical Studies (SL) Before changing my subject from Maths SL to Maths Studies SL, I've emailed admissions team from various universities in UK, including Oxbridge, and the top universities for law course like LSE, King's College, Warwick and Manchester. They said they are okay with Maths Studies, because I'll be applying for law. (Which I feel, logically, law doesn't need maths) After 6 months I changed my subject, I have recently been told that most universities in the UK including the top universities in the country do not recognize Mathematical Studies (SL) and that they prefer Maths (SL) even when applying for Law. To confirm again with the universities, my teacher told me to email them again about the requirement. So today, I emailed the same universities and up till now, only one replied me (Churchill's Cambridge). Admission team from Churchill's Cambridge told me there isn't any specific subject required to apply for law course, and they don't really bother about SL subjects. Therefore, I assumed that they are okay with Maths Studies SL. So my questions are: 1. Is the email from university admissions team reliable? 2. If any of you had experience with maths studies thingy, do you think maths studies for Bachelor of Law (LLB Hons.) in UK is acceptable? I'm not interested in doing other law (law with business, law with criminology etc.) 3. Is Maths Studies being recognized to enter UK Universities for Social Science courses such as law? The reason I asked the first question is some of my friends questioned it to me so I'm just asking on behalf of them. I personally believe emails from universities admissions team are reliable and can be trusted, since they are the one who will be choosing us to enter their unis. Thank you for your help & opinions!
  23. Please take a moment out of your time to take my math IA survey Diploma Students ONLY All results are anonymous https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13FCN4q_ykq1rNFiYsgxBpQS6lCGbR2vhT4mjHzts8gk/viewform?usp=send_form http://goo.gl/forms/aVGT7ouYpe Thank you so much!! -Simi
  24. Please fill this out really quickly! Much appreciated https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PE8lugDJKVzo2t9-oDBHn2nG8x6QpUXc5yMOjIJ6QD4/viewform
  25. Hi, I am writing to ask if someone could help me with a big doubt I have. I want to do a degree satisfaction statistic study for which I had created a survey. The problem is that I want to know how could I use the questions I added and what I can study from their result, such as the mean, the average, etc. The type of questions I added are the following: 1. The experience in whatever has been rewarding ...? a) Completely rewarding b) Rewarding c) Not rewarding at all d) Completely not rewarding 2. How would you rate your experience in whatever...? From 1-10 a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 ... 3. Did you like the food from whatever..? a) Yes b) No Thank you very much. Kind regards. Btw, I do not have Maths Studies (that's why I'm asking this).
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