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Found 38 results

  1. Niji

    Math IA

    I really really hate math. I am terrible at it, but I just had to take math at school. Therefore, I have to do IA. What is the easy topic for IA in math? I want a good grade in it. The full score is 20, right? Please help. Any ideas?
  2. Dsa18947

    Im horrified, please help!

    Hello everyone! Right now I feel that I reached my lowest point in my life. I am failing IB, and generaly feel so depressed. In our school we have marking 3 periods and end of year examps which count like a 4th marking period. Im finnishing IBDP yerar 1 and my grades wouldnt be worse: marking period 1= 24 points, marking period 2= 27 points and marking period 3= from my aproximate calculations i figured I wouldnt recieve more than 22-23! The subjects that i take are: Biology HL, English HL, Psychology HL, Chemistry HL, Math sl, French sl. I struggle mostly with math and CHEMISTRY (I HAVE A HORRIBLE TEACHER WHO DOSNT EVEN TEACH). I dont know what to do... I WORK REALLY HARD, tutors and past papers but nothing seems to work for me, idk. Please suggest something to me, a technique or options for universities that I have a chance in.. Also what is the outcome of these grades? How are predicted and real ib grades calculated?
  3. I am in semester 2, year 1 of IB, what is a good daily study plan for someone aiming to get a 45/a good IB grade? Is it okay to focus on one subject per day or to divide them within each day? Can I know anyone's IB schedule?
  4. Joisshi

    Math IA Help!

    Hello! I want to make an IA on the carbon dioxide emission in my and one neighbor country. I will make the best corresponding functions for them and then I will connect my results with the population in those states. So I will find the correlation between emission and number of people, conclude and predict the future outcome. Is this ok? Could you suggest something?
  5. Hello i've decided to do my math ia on finding the length of a curved road These are the steps i need to follow to find the length of the road : Find the road on google maps Find a curve that fits the road but i don't know ho to fit the curve into the road by polynomial regression and matrices next i need to find the arc length through calculus does anyone knows or ever did a math ia on the topic pls reply im in dire need of help idk what to do here's a link to a file explaining the steps to find polynomial regression : http://web.iitd.ac.in/~pmvs/courses/mel705/curvefitting.pdf i dont understand the part where the person mentioned about least squares approach regarding polynomial functions and how she derived the formula
  6. Sky99

    MATH SL IA HELP!!!!!!

    I'm doing correlation on the average hours spent in a week watching anime and the performance in English subject but I can't find any other extra mathematical matters to explore. All I have is only the correlation kind of formulas which is not enough for a math exploration. I'm desperately in need of ideas .Help!
  7. GermanIBGuy

    Math IA Survey - I need your HELP!

    I need some more responses for my Math IA, so I would really appreciate if you would quickly fill out my survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe7IuEph8ScgYcmxBfkcb0tid41fV1i1mycGQ-WJdw5q2s2Zw/viewform?usp=sf_link Thank you for your time!
  8. Thibault

    Math Studies IA Survey

    Hello! I am a French student doing the IB and I am doing a survey to complete my math studies IA. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer my survey. https://goo.gl/forms/KIMSFSzwaWuudcPz2 Thank you, Thibault
  9. asophie


    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KKZMguXKnIiGoeYc5XJfzZ9285sJzC5HoG6NWV9ocyI/edit HI everyone! I'm currently working on my math studies IA and I would really appreciate it if you guys could answer a couple of questions for the data collection! Thank you!!! (it's in both english and french)
  10. Hello all, I am currently in my second year of IB and take Math SL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL. Due to a change in my major of interest I would like to take engineering in the UK but can't satisfy the Math requirement, would I be able to take a foundation year in the UK with these subjects and take my preferred engineering course upon completion? Also, should I retake the IELTS as I haven't done the UKVI IELTS but got an 8.5 on the academic one. Thanks!
  11. blairwaldorf

    Math HL after SL

    Hi! Having completed Math SL and scored a 7 on the exams, would math HL be an okay transition in terms of difficulty/understanding concepts?
  12. blairwaldorf

    Math for University

    Hi guys, As I want to study economics at a selective university (in U.S) in the future, and I cannot stand taking Math HL at the moment, would it be sufficient to take Math SL combined with AP BC calc? I find Math SL very easy and score 6's/7's frequently (this is since I am repeating one year of the IB), so how hard would it be to shift focus during IB (repeated) year 1 and really study BC calc for almost a semester to take BC exams in spring? In this way I can compete with stronger applicants without having to struggle through the other than calc material in HL Math? Thnx
  13. Hello all, I'm in the process of selecting my IB courses for the next 2 years. I'll be completing the full IB at an established IB school so I have quite a few options. I'm interested in studying law or a social science at a UK university such as Oxford, or King's College. I think I have narrowed down my IB choices to the following: English A Literature HL History HL Economics/Business Management HL ESS SL (I know this is a 'soft' subject but I'm not a great science student!) Math SL Spanish A Literature/French A Lang&Lit SL What do you think about this subject combo? Do you think it's too hard, too easy? Also, do you think it's good for UK entrance and for the courses I'm interested in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  14. asdfghjkl1234567890

    Important question about math IA

    Ok so like if I get a 7 on the SL math exam and i only get a 1 on the exploration/ia, what would my final mark be approximately???
  15. nicol


    Hey guys!!! How did u guys find maths sl paper 1? I found Section A quite easy and when i started Section B i thought the same until i reached to the last question!! It was really tricky!
  16. I've tried the spreadsheet method but the standard deviation doesnt seem to be correct? Or maybe I've done it wrong. Could someone please explain how to get the standard deviation on TI NSPIRE?
  17. Merril889

    Sample Math IA

    Sample Math IA View File My paper was on the coastline paradox using fractal geometry. I mainly used logs and applied some stuff I learned from stats. It was awarded either a 14 or 15/20. I actually requested a remarking by my teacher but she didn't listen and sent it off to IB anyway. She mainly gave me this score because she felt she helped me a ton on mine which she didn't. She threw a book at me and said "read it". Mine is decent, I thought a 16/20 would of been more appropriate for multiple reasons. Submitter Merril889 Submitted 06/25/2016 Category Sample SL Internal Assessments  
  18. Hi, I'm really concerned about not being prepared for the math SL test by May. In my class we are just finishing up topic 3 with vectors, statistics, and calculus left and the teacher has made it clear all of the content won't be covered before the test. I really want/need to pass this SL.
  19. simonco

    Exploration about luminosity.

    Hey guys! I want to do my exploration about astronomy and stars. I thought of finding an unknown star's mass, by calculating it's luminosity and stuff but, I am worried that it might lack in terms of mathematical content. What do you think? Do you think it is suitable? Any suggestions?
  20. Hi guys, so I'm in the middle of a dilemma right now. In university, I plan on going into animation. The problem is, I don't know whether to stay in SL Math or to drop to Math Studies. I don't think I'll need Math SL, but I've heard that universities in Europe tend to not count Studies as a subject.. So should I stay with Math SL or drop to Studies?
  21. Hello IBSurvival forums. I know it's really late to be asking this but is there a list of all the topics that are covered in 2015-2016 WITH examples? I'm missing out on some stuff but I'm not sure exactly what...
  22. abaas.mohamed

    Maths IA exploration

    Hi I needed some help finding an idea for my IA. I wanted to do something about statistics and modelling but I don't really have any definitive ideas right now so some help would be nice.
  23. UnderstandingScience

    Math SL Help

    Thank you
  24. dannym

    Economics with Math Sl, where?

    Hello Dear IBSurvival users I have a question to you considering kind of popular topic - is it possible to study Economics after having taken Math SL? If yes, what universities would you recommend? I am now just starting my IB course and I wonder if switching to HL would be a good idea, however I am not so good at Math, but my teacher told me I could easilly achieve 6 in SL or even struggle to score 7 in the final year of IB with some effort. In case you need my subcjects, for now it looks like this: English HL History HL Geography HL Polish (my national language) SL Math SL (?) Chemistry SL I should also mention that in my school there is no such possibility to take Economics/Buisness or whatsoever... So, will you help me, please?
  25. trinidadg

    Help with math exploration

    Hello! I'm doing my mathematics exploration, and i have to hand in the fisability plan, but i don't know how to state it. I know my question is quite confusing but im completely lost with how to write/structure it. I know what im going to do, its just the formal structure that confuses me. Im doing it on beauty and ratios and to test my hypothesis (if beauty is really in the eye of the observer, of if it is defined in the ratio and angles of the face) thanks!

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