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Found 17 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask, so let me know if it isn't! I'm retaking my Maths Studies exams this November as I got a low grade and I really need to aim for a 6 in order to get my foot in the door in terms of applying to a teaching course. I'm rubbish at maths, but it's just something I need to ace to pursue the career I want. I'm currently revising by doing past papers and initially I was using an old grading scale to figure out what I'll get, but of course (as many classmates have told me) the grades you get in the exams really depend on how everyone else scores. So I wanna know how many of you who have taken the exams have managed to score over a 5 in Maths? And did the majority of your grade get high grades, or what was the norm?? In terms of percentages, what is the equivalent to a 6 in Maths Studies? I'd be grateful for any input!
  2. I was wondering when will May 2016 candidates get complete reports for each of their subjects they've taken in their session. For example, when will the IB release the number of points a candidate scored on each test in a subject (P1 & P2)?
  3. Hi everyone! my brother is 3 marks away from a 6 in SL economics, and 9 from a 4. He thought he did really well, so he's considering requesting a remark. We got the mark breakdown: paper 1: 33 (scaled=26.4) which is a 6 paper 2: 18 (scaled=18) which is a 4 and his lowest internal assessment: 34 (scaled=15.1) which is a 6 do you think we should remark? Is there a real risk that his mark could go down to a 4? Thank you so much!!
  4. Im really wondering if that's possible because I did really well on my french IB HL Internal assesments + the writing tasks but when it came to paper 1 and paper 2 it was kind of effy. Also, same thing with MATH SL
  5. Well now that its past 24 hours since math HL paper 2, we can finally discuss it! How was the paper? Did you find the last question in section B difficult?
  6. hey, anyone who was unhappy with the may 2016 SL Physics paper 1 and 2, or found that the examination was unfair in content and level of difficulty, please take a moment to sign this petition:) (let's be honest, that was brutal guys.......) https://www.change.org/p/ib-physics-examination-may-2016/sponsors/new EDIT: also, pls share the link with our fellow IBs
  7. Now It's time when Econ paper one can be discussed! How did you guys do? My whole school found it very complicated, so we are hoping for low grade boundaries LOL
  8. Hey guys! Pretty sure that by now we can discuss things related to the economics exam. So for Paper 1 I did questions one and three; I actually messed up the diagram for subsidies in question one, for both part a and b. I am pretty confident about my answers for the macroeconomics question, but I guess I needed more time for a more refined answer. What do you guys think? Was it hard or pretty straightforward overall? P.S. I kinda forgot my time zone. So perhaps you guys in different times zones might have different sets of questions!
  9. I'm taking the IB Biology SL exam next month and want to hear from others who have already taken it or are planning to. I'm not really sure how many days in advance I should be studying or from where... My school has a really low average for Biology tests, a 4.3, and I got a 19/24 score on my IA. I really want to get a 6 or so, so I know I have a lot of work to do on my own. Any tips?
  10. Hey there, Economics IB Exam for May 2016 is in 2 days, how exciting! (Not being ironic here). I am wondering if anyone have any spectacular tips in writing conclusions especially for Paper 1 part b questions which tends to ask you to evaluate. Since evaluate is a term that requires candidate to analyse two sided, like advantages and disadvantages or comparison of two different models, how can I form an effective conclusion? Should I take on a stance? Or should I say "to an extent _____ is effective because in the SR _________, LR ________" ? Please help a worried student. Thank you for your time.
  11. Hey All! I just wanted to check, if a question asks us to integrate a function using integration by parts, do I strictly need to follow the formula booklet's formula for integration by parts, or may I use (the significantly faster) tabular integration by parts method? Also, does anyone have any specific tips on deciding whether to integrate a function by parts or use u-substitution? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone! If you do art and your exams are in May 2016 or later, you're probably aware of the new Comparative Study. Basically, our art teacher didn't tell us much (I don't think he knows a lot about it himself) and I was just wondering how other people around the world are getting on with it (I personally haven't even started mine and the first draft is due on the 1st of September, so I am starting to get a little freaked out)
  13. I am doing prescribed title number 1, and I was told that it was not necessary to include knowledge questions as it stated in the subject report that knowledge questions often distract candidates in answering the prescribed title. So, my question is are candidates obliged to make knowledge questions that are related to the title? Or could the title be directly addressed without raising any knowledge questions without being punished? I am aware that the criteria says "a sustained focus on knowledge questions connected to the prescribed title and are well chosen for the Excellent band, however, would candidates be punished without asking any questions? Thanks.
  14. Hi people! I'm currently setting up my Bio SL IA, I wanted to work with red wiggler worms and see how food affects the population growth. I had already an idea of what I was going to do, but I was planning it would take around 1 -2 months. My teacher says that she is not sure if my experimental work can surpass 10 hrs, as the guide says that's the time we have to work on it. So probably, I'll have to change it. What do you guys know about that? Could it happen? Or can I stay? Thanks!!
  15. Does anyone have the schedule for May 2016 examinations? Much appreciated, thanks.
  16. Hey, everyone! So I'm going to have my exams in May 2016 and my Chem teacher is teaching us Option D (Medicine n Drugs) right now.. And to be honest, it's just really difficult and I'm not sure if I can keep up with that. I'm planning to take on Energy instead, but of course I would need to study it on my own. Thoughts? Oh and what options are you guys taking?
  17. I'm writing my EE right now and there are things which I want to include which come from my own knowledge (basically just stuff that people know, for example "WWII started in 1939"). Can I include it in the essay without a reference? Because I didn't get it from a book or anything, it's just something I already knew. Thank you!
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