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Found 13 results

  1. I had a quick question about the remark for the SL French exam. Would the remark include remarking of the written assignment since it was uploaded on upload.ibis.ibo or does it only include remarking of Paper 1 and Paper 2 and not the written assignment?
  2. I recently got my results and I was very dissapointed having 23 points thus the diploma cannot be obtained. I was predicted to have 27 points but now I am sad and cannot go to university of which I wanted to go. This is my last time I can take the IB exam. Here is the breakdown of my subjects: HL: Geography: 4 (1 point away from a 5) Dutch LL: 3 (2 points away from a 4) Biology 4 (5 points away from a 5) SL: Math Standard 3 (6 points away from a 4) English LL: 4 (4 points away from a 5) Economics: 4 (1 point away from a 5) EE and TOK: C and C (both a point away from a B) I have noticed that I have gotten a 4 for Geography HL, having 1 point away from a 5 in Geography hence having 24 points which means I can get the diploma. Do you guys have any suggestions and that should I get it remarked?
  3. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for the french ab intio exam?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if the additional points are guaranteed? What grades do i need to score in TOK and EE to obtain the 2 points? And my predicted grades have told me that I have those 2 points, but is that guaranteed?
  5. Hey, Does anyone have any idea of what paper 2 questions may be about?
  6. Hey guys, Do you know what the total marks for paper 2 biology is for HL?
  7. Hello Fellow Ib2'ers. EXAMS START THIS FRIDAY !! (B&M, Global Politics, I don't know if there are other subjects on the same day). How do you feel? Are you ready? Excited?? Stressed? Good luck fellow IB2'ers. We are 24 days away from becoming IB Survivors.
  8. Why not only rely on past papers? In my opinion, the best preparation with past papers is not to look over mark scheme. Essentially, as the name suggests, mark schemes only aim to aid teachers to mark student’s work on his paper. Not only does it lack with the detailed explanation, but also students lose their opportunity to encounter real IB style questions if they rely too much on mark scheme. For section A questions it relatively gives a good explanation; for Section B questions, however, when things get lengthy, explanations tend to be very concise and often do not make sense for students. It solely aims to guide teachers to base their grading criteria; it is not built for a model of ‘worked solutions.’ I encourage students more to discuss their solutions with friends. Also, IB community is very strong among students via internet, such as IB survival and IB Facebook group page. It’s a good place to start a discussion. Let me give you an example why you should avoid the habit of relying your study with mark schemes: Example: This is one of my favorite questions from IB HL. It not only tackles on definition of functions, but also it requires students to understand the concepts on Topic 1 and apply their skills to ‘unseen’ questions. If we look at Part (d) (iii), it asks about giving area in terms of a certain function A. The first part of the questions asks us to find out the relation between Fn and its inverse; here students are required to know what inverse relation is. For the geometrical interpretation, functions that are inverse to each other are symmetric along y=x. Then the second part tests our inequality skills with algebraic and geometrical interpretation: For Part (d), if you realize in the square box of 1 by 1, Fn is less than x, which means it is below y=x from 0 to 1, and since we know its inverse must be symmetric by y=x, the inverse must be above y=x. From this aspect, we can draw a random 1:1 function and work with the area to derive an answer. I believe this is how a student should approach to this type of question, since this ‘interpretation’ of function’s inverse with its algebraic property of composition and geometrical property of symmetry is the key for the unseen question. Let us compare our approach with the mark scheme of the question: As you can see, it’s painfully concise, and students cannot obtain their logical processing of this question from the mark scheme. Yes, when you apply the numbers and methods given by the mark scheme you could get the answer. But you will lose the essence of ‘interpretation’ skills as well as the half-independent attempt on this nice question. You can always elaborate your answer if your logic is correct; that is one of the greatest tactics for IB maths exam. PARTIAL mark!
  9. Hello! So for my art exhibition, I have a piece that features a neon sign with a quote. I designed the quote, the size, color, everything. The company I went to just created the glass neon words and then sent me everything separately. I had to piece everything together myself, from the screwing of the studs that would keep the glass words in place to deciding where all the letter supports would go. I also had to figure out wiring and fitting the plastic cables. Now, 2 days before my exhibition, my teacher is telling me that this can't be counted as a final piece, as I didn't physically make the glass tubing myself, and instead, only the designs could be counted. All the company did was, using my designs that I drew up myself, made the letters. Everything else I did myself. Can this be counted in my final exhibition? Im slightly worried now after my teacher went off on me. Thank you!!!
  10. Heyah! So lately I have been so stressed out and demotivated to do anything :\ I finish my mocks this week and they are going alright. I just want someone to tell me that I have enough time to prepare for the final exams... Do you think three months of studying will allow me to achieve above 40 points? I'm predicted 43 points but I know that our school haven't covered many parts of the syllabus for the majority of my subjects and now I have to self-teach myself lots of things. Will it be possible for me to study all my subjects in 3 months and ace the exams? The subjects I take are: Geography, Business, and English Langlit at HL and Maths Studies, Physics, and Arabic A at SL. Physics is probably my weakest subject cause the teacher I had last year skipped so many topics that when our class did the mock 2 weeks ago with the new teacher, the average for our class was 1.8 points. Can I teach myself the physics syllabus in those three months? I need some motivation!!
  11. I need help with this problems. If you know have to do one of them please give me the answers. Thanks. ejercicios de aplicaciones de la derivada paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 2.pdf
  12. Hey guys! Do you want to join our Skype IB chat and talk/complain about IB subjects and all those things? This chat is for those who will have his/her exams on May/November 2017. I think, that will be BENEFICIAL to all of us! If you want to join, feel free to email either me or @beyondtheimagine
  13. I have unfortunately found this on the internet. Is it the real May 2017 timetable officially announced by IBO ??? Thank you
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