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Found 7 results

  1. I am looking for a university to go to in 2018. I am planning to go to med school once I finish the IB. However, I cannot afford to go to an expensive university in the UK or America. Does anyone know any places where I could go to university to do medicine in english at relatively low cost. Thank you.
  2. Hii everyone I need some help I'm thinking of applying to med schools in usa and canada next semester but my school only offers either ib chemistry or ib biology. I don't know why but there are two separate programs in our school and you can choose only one. One offers chemistry, physics, maths, literature, english and ess and the other offers maths, literature, english, french, biology and titc (turkey in the twentieth century) as ib classes. As I had to make a choice this year I chose the second one because I wasn't certain with med school but I had a keen interest on biology alone. Now I don't know what to do. If you know anything pleaaase help me? Thank you in advance.
  3. Im hoping to reapply to med school in UK in 2017. I finished my IB course in 2016. I had a predicted 41/45 but due to medical conditions such as a surgery which cost me 2 months of classes and a few unfortunate circumstances I wasn't able to perform to my best and only secured a 35/45. I had A in my Psychology EE and a B in TOK. I somehow (no clue how- kind of blanked out on the day of the chem exam as i missed a lot of classes) only got a 4/7 in chem and I got a 5 in Bio missing a 6 by 1 point. I had an offer which i missed and so will have to reapply this year. I am resitting Bio and Chem HL in November and hoping to get a 7/7 in both as I was predicted earlier but since applications to med schools are to be done by Oct 15th I am not sure how I can address my issue to the universities as most of them apparently do not accept resits. I will also be taking my UKCAT this year and am preparing hard for it. I hope someone can help me regarding my applications and what I should do to be a worthy applicant to med schools in UK as I was already devastated once after missing a chance. I also have perfect grades till grade 10 and have trinity guitar certificates along with volunteering work, clinical internships and experience at animal shelters. I was also the school Head boy/ captain in grade 10. I am worried these resits and the score i submit will greatly decide a lot. Thank you.
  4. ok so i really messed up my junior year and i finished it with a 28 predicted i just started my senior year and i wanna apply for med school but idk if i can raise my grades high eenough by the time the deadlines arive for ucas (october) and the us, please help just what do you think about all of this. thanks
  5. I've taken about a year of Math SL and i've come to realize I just cant do it anymore. There's too much graphing, which i'm not good at, and when the topics begin to mix together I can't solve the equations. So i've decided to drop to Math Studies. I'm taking English A HL, Swedish B SL, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, and Physics SL as well. I was wondering if anyone knew about any Medical Universities in Europe that accept applicants with Math studies. I would really appreciate it
  6. hey there!! I am planning on sitting the UMAT this july (I'm sooo scared!!) I've been looking for threats about UMAT & most of them are pretty old, so I want to know if someone out there has done the UMAT or can give general tips or resources. - Most of the people say that it does not worth it taking one of the expensive courses, that it is enough with online questions and past papers. Do you agree? - Did you have problems with time management? Both in the exam, and balance between IB & preparing for it. - I am a bit concerned because English is not my first language (I am fluent and I have done a year and a half of IB in English though) - do you think that is going to be a problem? I attach some practice questions with worked solutions, just in case it is helpful for anyone Practice questions with worked solutions.pdf
  7. Hey guys and girls, I need your opinion on whether or not becoming a doctor is worth it.. I want to become a doctor, I am genuinely interested in medicine/sciences, but I don`t know if I want to spend 10+ years (the best years of my life) in school. The other alternative to becoming a doctor is Petroleum Engineering or something Business related, (I would get an MBA). But the problem with this is I am not really interested in any of those 2 fields, I just like being able to live abroad easily, the pay and the short education, so I would like the benefits, but not the actual work. (I think atleast) Also, I want to become an internist or emergency room physician (both have 3 years residency, I think(?), maybe 4) My questions are: -What motivates you to study till you are 30+ years old? -If I were to get admitted to undergrad medicine at an Australian uni (only 6 years, compared to 4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs grad in the US) I would probably be able to persevere and become a doctor. But how big are my chances as an international student? What IB score would I need? -Even if I did become a doctor, is it worth it? I know the working hours can be long, especially for surgeons, but even a internist/EM physician has to work at least 50hrs/week, while an engineer usually works only 40 hrs/week. Do young doctors have to work longer than old doctors? I know residents and interns have to work upwards of 80 hrs a week but as soon as you finish your residency, do you get normal 50hr weeks? Or do you have to work your way up to more manageable hours? -Should I consider working part time, money certainly would not be a problem? Or would I only end up with ****ty jobs if I worked part-time? -Is med school really as difficult as people make it out to be? How is it compared to engineering, business (i`ve heard business is an easy major), computer science or other sciences like chemistry or biology? Thanks if you take your time to answer this
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