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Found 14 results

  1. Going into jr year and class choices are due in a few weeks, please respond and thank you in advance to the ppl that do What sciences should I take and at what level if I wanna go into engineering or medical. Like what would be the best base for college? Also at what level should I take math? ^ 2 HL spots and 1 SL
  2. Hey all, Currently enrolled in the IB Program, I am still undecided on two subjects that I wish to pursue: engineering and medicine. Leaning more towards the medical field, I had chosen my courses mainly based on that decision; however, I am concerned about the amount of stress it might bring during my junior and senior year. My selected courses include: HL Math, HL English Lang. & Lit., HL Chem, HL Bio, SL Psych, and SL Mandarin Ab Initio My concerns include what subjects are required to enroll in a medical program in the United States or the United Kingdom (mainly for HL), and whether switching one of my HL sciences to SL Music would bring about any concerns, and if not, which HL science to pursue.
  3. Hey guys, Could someone pls give me feedback on the courses I have chosen for the DP programme. I want to go into the med field. My school doesn't offer both sci at HL. Without further ado this is what I'm thinking of taking: Hl Chem, Sl Bio, Sl French(mandatory), Hl Lang & Lit (mandatory), Sl Math, Hl History
  4. What subject's are you guys doing and what are you planning to study at university?? personally, I'm doing HL: - Biology - Chemistry - Geography SL - Maths - English Arabic I'm planning to go into dentistry (starting IB in September, i might swap geo with english)
  5. I'm doing my Extended Essay in Geography, possibly on medical tourism in Bangkok. With a focus on Bumrungrad Hospital (major one for this topic) My question is possibly: "What changes has Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital made since its establishment to accommodate (medical tourists/ foreign patients) ?" Firstly, is it fit for geography or would it end up being a Business Management EE as it is about developments and changes? Do you think the question shouldn't be a 'what' question? Is a hypothesis required for a geography EE? Is my question too focused - as I have found few resources online? (maybe I didn't research deeply yet ) Please respond ASAP!!
  6. Hey guys, I know this question might be a little confusing, since I actually don't have a definite career path I am going for yet, but hear me out please? I think I might have actually joined this site a little early, considering the fact I am starting school in a month or so, meaning I'm technically pre-pre-IB, but if it helps I do need help with planning out my future in this program. I also know all the classes I'll be taking once school starts, and I'll post them if it helps, though I don't know if it well, considering the IB program starts in the third year of high school, right? I don't know if it's possible to take IB classes before you actually take the tests to get into the program- If it is, please tell me. Anyway, back to the main question I was going to ask: Since I am going to be using my next two years to prepare myself for the program that helps prepare me for a good life, I'd like some help beforehand on figuring out what classes within the IB are good for me. I'm sure that not all schools offer the same IB classes, but even if that's the case my school has a lot of classes, so don't be shy to suggest them! I am curious about entering a medical career, except I have needlephobia, so maybe something related to pharmacies...? I really don't know what IB classes would even help me get into a STEM field, but I'd appreciate it if somebody could advise me. Also, what classes should I avoid? I mean, no class is really bad, but certainly having classes that focus more around a different field wouldn't be too smart... At least not too many of them... It's kind of like how you don't want to take a Gender Studies class in College unless that's something you're going into... Anyway, any advice? I put this in general because my question is sort of a mix of what career path I should take, and what IB classes will help me get there. I plan to overcome my needlephobia and I'm not afraid of giving shots to plants or using syringes without needles already, but I don't think I could handle something like a nursing career, where I'd have to insert needles into humans day after day... I like Science and am neither the best nor worst in it. I think I'm pretty bad at Math because memorizing formulas is a challenge for me, but I can do basic math quite well, and I think that as long as the career doesn't rely on Math 100% of the time I'll be fine. Oh, and finally, I am a realist, so money and decent employment opportunities are VERY important to me. So yeah, any suggestions? I've always liked genetics and things revolving around living things, but as I said, needles scare me half to death! What STEM field do you think would be right for me, and what classes in the IB program could help me get into that career?
  7. I am willing to go to medical school and i am taking Bio HL/Chem HL/ Math HL/ Psychology SL. I am not sure weather i should take english B HL or not. I am willing to study in UK or USA or Germany so English B HL would be a problem or not? should i take eng b hl or eng lang and lit sl ? i want to take b hl as it is easier but if collages need lang and lit i would take it. PS i am not willing to go to Canda
  8. so i am taking ib this year and i am willing to go to a medical school. i choose Biology HL, Chemistery HL, Math HL and Psychology SL. would it be easier to take Business instead of psychology as i heard it is easier.
  9. hi guys, so im gonna start off by saying that my school doesn't offer AP, and only IB. I want to apply at UBC for a bachelor in science and then try to get into med school. However I don't think I want to do full IB. Although I'm a straight -A student,I don't want to spend my last 2 high school years drowning in school work, and I have a lot if extracurriculars that I want to do. So I was thinking about only doing IB in science related courses. This is how my grade 11 schedule would look like: IB Chemistry HL IB Biology HL IB Physics SL French 11 Math Pre-Cal 11 Ch Psychology English Spare I was planning to do in social studies 11 in the summer so I can get it out of the way. However, do you guys think this is a good idea? My school doesn't offer Physics HL, and I'm not good at Physics anyway, so it doesn't really matter I can also take up to 4 certificate classes, so would I benefit if I took an English HL class, to help write essays and such in university? Which do you think a uni will prefer: Getting low 90's -high 80's in IB sciences, or getting high 90's in normal classes? Thanks guys!
  10. Xin

    Is BMAT hard ?

    I am thinking to study medicine in UK after IB.... But I have to take BMAT...I heard BMAT is really really hard...Idk if its true.
  11. for the past couple of years i was set on going to law school after finishing IB but recently ive been thinking about medical school to pursue something in cosmetic surgery. my current subject choices are bio, business, econs, math SL, chinese and literature we have yet to choose or HLs (we'll be doing that later in the year) i was originally thinking of doing econs, business and lit as my HLs but now that i've started thinking of medical school,will taking bio HL instead of lit help me with the medical school path or is it too late for me to improve my chances of getting into one? edit: was thinking of either UK or US unis thanks
  12. Hey all! I'm an IB2 senior. I want to apply to medical schools in the UK in my UCAS application. I know that I have to do the UKcat test to apply to a medical school in the UK. I also know that the deadline for med students to submit their UCAS applications is Oct 15, 2013. Most of the medical schools release their required classes and grades, but in our school we do not get our predicted scores until after the mock exams so how can I apply if I do not have any kind of IB grade? Do I have to apply with my school's regular american diploma? I will also apply to some US universities during October/November, but not for medicine. I will study Biochemistry or Sports Science if I go to the US to study. How can I apply for those too without having any official predicted IB grades? Do I have to use my american diploma? Thanks in advance My classes: Math Studies SL Chemistry HL Biology HL English Lit. HL Arabic B SL ITGS SL
  13. Hi I'm doing my essay on Antidepressants and how there is no biological evidence that they work or rather work better then placebo. As I was reading over the criteria, I stumbled on this "In particular, such essays should avoid an overly medical treatment and should focus on biological aspects of the disease rather than on diagnosis and treatment." This troubled me dearly because in my essay I was thinking to explain how Antidepressants may effect the body. Then also explain the lack of biological evidence in the treatment of depression through antidepressants and maybe brush up on how how diagnosing depression is observational and not at all biological. I'm concern though because in the type of essay I have created there are no experiments except for the exploitation of the experiments that prove my point...does that count? Do we have to have a hypothesis if we technically didn't test it our self's but basing it off other doctors. What if the doctors that tested it was in psychology?
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