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Found 16 results

  1. Hey! So I was both happy and unhappy with some of my exam grades for my mocks. I was unhappy mostly with my biology and math mock exam grades, my first exam is Math, on May 2. I was wondering, is it possible to highly improve on the real exams then mocks? I am applying in Australia so only my real exam grades matter. Has anyone really improved on their real exams compared to their mocks?
  2. Hi everyone, I really need extra help with my preparation for the IB exams this upcoming May, but I'm looking for any tuition centers or whatnot that would let me take trial exams, as well as any good revision courses. Can anyone recommend me something like that? (tbh, since I live in Japan, I'd be grateful it would be somewhere close, like Hong Kong or somewhere like that, so if anyone knows anywhere like that, I'd be doubly grateful)
  3. I studied for my mocks in maths, and i was studying for a little over a month. i did all the questions in the book and almost all of them were correct. however when the mocks came, i started solving problems with ease and i left out 1 or 2 questions. i though that the minimum i would get was a 5. becuase if i studied for such a long time, every week i would put 10 hours just for maths for a little over a month. When i get my mocks back, I'm confused, angry and just miserable. i got a 2. My dad saw me studying maths for such a long time and he knew that i was going through the book easily, but i also was working hard. He was disappointed at what happened and eventually the rest of my family too. anyone who has ever gone through this know how to cope with the situation im in?
  4. So I decided that for my extended essay, I was gonna culture bacteria (e.coli) and check the effect of the pH and the correlation between the pH level and the growth of the bacteria. However, instead of using the quadrant method to spread the bacteria over the plate I just made a continuous pattern as seen in the pic. Can somebody help me count the colonies to check how the pH affected the growth? Thanks, plenty.
  5. I recently had my first HL mathematics mock exam on topic 1 of the curriculum. It followed the same pace and style of the final exams. Despite preparing pretty well (and for a long time), the test caught me by surprise, and didn't go well at all. The pace especially was very hard to keep up with. From all of you people, I'd like to ask, what are some ways to get better at doing the hl maths exams, how to better prepare for them, and please feel free to give any tips and tricks in general. Thanks!
  6. Hi all! We are doing our mock exams right now and I know that they are not obligatory and each school chooses if they want to have it or not. However, our IB coordinator said that if we miss, or if they think that we will not pass the exams, they will remove our names from the IB exam registration list. Thus, we won't be able to graduate... Now, I wonder if a school has the right to do so? I mean since mocks are not a must. I should still have the right to do my real exams even though I fail my mocks. What do you guys think about this?
  7. Hey everyone, In my school (and in many other schools as well) the mock exams will be mostly last years official IB exams. I was thinking of just studying last years exams so that I will get easy sevens for my mocks, but I'm not sure if I want to do it because of moral implications. Would it be cheating? Would be a violation of academic honesty? How would teachers feel?
  8. Hi! Does anyone know where I could find specimen papers for the new physics guide for may 2016? Thanks!!
  9. Hi there! Could someone explain to me why in this question, initial velocity(u) is considered to be 0 although it says in the question that it is of 5.0 ms-1? Thanks!
  10. So I have mock exams coming up and this will have some effect on my predicted grades for uni. I've been trying to revise for these mocks for a while but I have no idea how to revise for my languages (English A SL and Chinese B SL)...help!!
  11. Hey guys! I'm new here. So glad I found this site! Anyways, I have a question on my HL subjects. I do HL English, Biology and ITGS. I'm just wondering what type of exams I will sit. I mean will I sit one SL exam and one HL exam? Or how will it be? Cuz I want to start looking at some past papers but i dont know whether I should look at the SL and HL papers for my HL subjects or should I just look at the HL ones? Thanks!
  12. So I'm almost at the end of my first year of IB (yay?) and am extremely stressed about my mock exams (which I'm currently doing). I reallyreally want to apply to QUT in Brisbane to do the creative industries course there, and the entry requirement is 28 points. I've make the mistake of leaving revision for my mocks a bit too late at will probably get very low marks (I estimated the range of marks being from [very bad to best] 24-30 points). Because I want to apply to Australia, I get to use my final IB grades when submitting my scores. Should I be worrying about my mock exams? I've been given A LOT of external pressure by both friends (who are trying to go to the US) and my subject teachers who say that if I don't do well in these mocks, it's a clear indication that I don't understand the material that I've been taught. I take: HL English lit HL Psychology HL Economics SL Biology SL French ab SL Math Studies My worst 3 subjects would be (from least worst to worst) - Econ, Psych and then Bio I dont know what to do
  13. I got a Chem SL- 3 Physics SL -5 Math SL -3 Econ SL -5 English SL 6 French SL 6
  14. Hello.... so ummm since this year's case study is RDB. Would the paper 1 mocks be on actual IB created Questions or would it be random ones that our teacher made up? and also for paper 2- are they past exam paper questions? ohh sorry if i seem kind of annoying/ new to this... its beacuse i take Business and management SL anticipated and im really nervous about the mocks because i have never done them before. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, I'll be doing my mock exam this month! Does anyone have some useful HL Business notes? Cheers.
  16. Version 1


    IB History SL/HL notes on all the topics covered that is needed for the exams.
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