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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! So my math sl ia is due sometime soon, and I can't seem to get started with it. This is the fifth time I've changed my topic, so I've wasted quite a lot of time. I finally decided to do my math sl ia on this topic: Modelling the development of swimming performance in the Asian Games.I'm planning to focus on the gold medal winning times in the women's 50 and 100 freestyle. However, I'm not sure on what mathematical concepts and processes I'm supposed to use to model it. I've read a lot of literature on it, but I still don't quite grasp the concept of how to model it. I've tried asking my teacher, but she isn't much help. Anyone can give me some guiding points on how I should take on the topic? Thank you so much!
  2. Hello everyone, I am planning to do my math IA on predictive modelling. I will look at the date from the 100m race in the Olympics from 1896-2004. I will use the logistics curve to determine a function to establish predictive modelling for the Olympics Men's 100m race. I will use my findings to predict the results of 2008, 2012 and 2016, as well as speculating on the 2020 results. Please do suggest any changes I can make or if this topic isn't good enough. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hey everyone. So, for my math IA I'm planning to create a mathematical model to represent a leap of faith from Assassin's Creed (a jump from a really tall building), but I have a couple of questions I hope one of you could answer. Given that AC is a videogame, then I won't be able to use air resistance as a factor, so I'm scared that without it my work would be considered too simple. Because of that, I was thinking that I could create the equation and then find the probability of surviving the jump if I were to try it. Or maybe I could simply create the equation for the videogame first and then just use data from the real world and see how long it would take me to fall or the velocity I would be falling at.
  4. Good day to everyone. I was hoping someone could guide me a little with my Math IA. I planned on doing it on 'Curve Fitting', where you know you have a Curve, or a logo perhaps to be more precise, and you to try to find the mathematical expression to plot the same. For example, if you see the attached screenshot, courtesy of Wolfram|Alpha, you can see a batman logo for which an equation has been provided. How does one get these equations? If I have a particular logo in mind, how should I go about, or what method or technique can I follow to get the equation? If someone could provide me with names and if possibly any guides/links, it'd be much appreciated! Thank you. Regards, Shariq.
  5. Version pdf


    Date completed: 19th August 2014 IB Score: 18/20 (marked by the IB on November 2014) In this exploration, I created various models using polar equations, which I converted into parametric equation, in order to model a contact lens pattern. I used rose curves and ovals.
  6. 173 downloads

    This is my HL math IA which models the resonance phenomenon of an old-fashioned airplane wing using differential equations (2nd order linear inhomogeneous). To be honest, i'm quite satisfied with it. However, there were a few stuff that I felt like i didnt do my best; such as the technology criteria. I did this IA in exactly 2-week time (at the risk of being kicked out of class for not being done), so i couldn't have time to expand a little bit on my use of technology in the IA........ Anyhow, I got 17/20 (moderated mark), which is basically equivalent to a 7. So i'm glad about it. PS. For future candidates: I strongly recommend you to choose calculus as your IA topic. It's incredibly fun and rewarding
  7. Hi guys! I am soon going to get my assignment for HL math IA type II - mathematical modelling. I've been looking at some of the previous portfolio titles, and found myself quite confused as to what is this IA all about. They seem to require you to make up parameters and identify variables and stuff. Besides, I don't seem to quite understand what does the IBO mean by a "mathematical model". Is it an equation? Is it a couple of equations? Just what is it? Basically the question that I am asking here, is what is this type II IA all about, what is expected of me and what the hell is a "mathematical model"? Thank you in advance!
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