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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if this would be a good research focus for my EE. I plan on doing an EE on English B, category 2B which if i'm right its about cultural artifacts. I read the guides and understood that the goal of that type of EE is to value the cultural impact of a certain artifact, however when I came up to my teacher with my Intro for the impact of some Disney movies from the 21st century she said it'd be better to do it the other way around. As if I should focus on how society has impacted in the shaping of these films instead of the impact of films themselves, which is how I understood the guide. I don't think it's a bad idea to do it her way, I actually like it but I'm worried it won't be suitable for the nature of the category. What do you think?
  2. Hey guys I am having a hard time on my EE on film. Not because it is hard, but because I am undecided between two topics. Firstly, I thought about talking making a comparison between The Apocalypse Now and The Lord of the Flies, by talking about the inherent look for idealism by man and the subsequent fall for self-destructiveness. My RQ would be (To what extent is each film effectively able to illustrate man's inherent idealism and self-destructiveness?). Virtually, I would talk about the tendency to seek for the perfect, edenic world and then, when they find out that even that perfect, paradisiac "place" has flaws, the probs start to rise (self destructiveness) like we clearly see in The lord of the flies. Disadvantages on doing this: I would have to read and discuss on the EE Rousseau's thesis. He was the major philosopher who defended that man is purely evil and somehow we live in a pernicious, dark world with no perfection ever achievable. It would be good as it would on the one hand show knowledge and that I defined on the background what I meant by this thing with the idealism and self-destructiveness, so I wouldn't leave the examiners with confusion and question marks; tho it could be misunderstood and devaluated because it seems like an EE for IB Philosophy. It my disperse my work from the "real deal". The topic might be kinda vague idk. It didn't seem when I started working on it, since I had a matrix to compare both films through their artistic features. This is what most A graded Film EE show, a matrix for comparison. Nonetheless, it now seems a lil broad... Tho this seemed like a very nice topic and original too, I guess. I thought about another topic: talking about the role of the Synaesthesia (mix of different senses) on The Apocalypse Now. I haven't worded my RQ, but how does Synaesthesia work for a better conveyance of the grotesqueness and inertness (does this word work?) in the Apocalypse Now? It has lots of advantages: originality and extravagance (a lot really), it can be related with the soundtrack of the music (there was even an article talking about it, but very vaguely, which is perfect for an EE to rise from it), not too broad and a more artistic topic. Disadvantages: Can be too specific and not be enough for an EE of 30 pages... if I would go for the other topic, the synaesthesia would only encompass a sub topic in the index (cinematography), and thats what I fear the most... I mean what if it is just a subtopic and not an EE..? And this is a crucial aspect to bear in mind. Wouldn't follow the A graded steps of the matrix between the movies and then justify it with artistic features of the movies, in fact it would be an artistic feature... in other words, instead of doing the above, I would be taking a particular artistic feature of the movie... even though I could relate it with other aspects but still... So, which path should I choose? Which topic is better? Your advice would be very helpful... I am really undecided and I have to start working on a topic soon. Thanks in advance, Richard
  3. Good morning/afternoon/evening (who knows, right?) I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Film. I do not have it at my school, though it is one of my main interests. My question is on the topic. I have thought about two options, please guys help me out in here: comparison between The Lord of the Flies and The Apocalypse Now (my RQ would be: To what extent does each film reflect the downfall of the oneiric/idyllic and the appearance of the anarchy?). In this first option, I would like to explore the islands and the idyllic as a theme, that is, the idea of perfection in Cinema. If you guys have some other idea than Apocalypse Now please tell me. In addition, I though about comparing Sam Raimi's Spider Man (the older films) and Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider Man (the more recent spider man movies). It would be a cool and original thing to do, also there has been lots of debate on Mark Webb's films as they are considered to be worse and puny, comparing to Raimi's. I don't have a topic for this, since it is simply an idea, but if you think this would be good for an EE... I am kinda frightened with this as I have the feeling the examiners won't really like this... Please guys, I am really in trouble, just let me know of what you think and if you had Film as an EE what was your topic. Cheers, Richard
  4. Looking over some guides on the EE here, I'm having some second thoughts on my essay's idea: "How have historical events within the Soviet Union affected Soviet-era Russian cinema? History : Impact of Historical Events on Soviet Cinema " Mostly my doubts center on not knowing how to categorize this. Friends have told me it would be a history essay, but I feel the whole cinema aspect of it throws in a whole new element. Would it fall under Social and Cultural Anthropology? Is the prompt itself even something I can write about? I feel I have the sources to pull it off (although much of the essay would rely on making my own connections between events and films), but I still haven't received approval for the prompt (albeit the last time I asked for approval was months ago, and with the prompt in a rougher form). Any advice would go greatly appreciated. EDIT: Also, would this prompt be too broad?
  5. This is for a stats assignment I have to complete, so please take the poll included in this topic. It helps a ton. Scale being 1: not that bad, and 10: horrible.
  6. Well I watch them due to wanting my favourite film to win and basically I'm unsure why I guess I like seeing entertainers congratulating other entertainers. Anyways, any one else going to watch the Oscars this Sunday, February 24th? I am most likely... hopefully if I'm not pilled up with homework for that weekend.
  7. Anyone else out there seen V for Vendetta? I saw it for the first time about 3 years ago, but it's a movie that I never get tired of watching. It is by far my favorite film of all time. If you haven't seen this movie, and you enjoy apacolyptic, political, or thriller type movies I highly suggest it! For everyone who has seen it, I just want to hear what you thought about it, favorite parts or quotes, or maybe even things you found symbolic. I await your comments!
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