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Found 8 results

  1. Laura B

    Musical Links Investigation

    Does anyone know sources or websites where I can find the scores for my music investigation? My teacher is an absolute mess and I have no idea where to look
  2. I chose Hungarian folk music and traditional Scottish music. I'm not sure if these topics are good enough.
  3. collegecolleg

    IB Music SL Solo Performance

    Hi, I'm taking IB Music SL this year, and have some questions about the solo performance. How long does the recording have to be? (I saw 15 minutes on somewhere but could it be shorter than that?) If I'm playing the piano, how many pieces am I allowed to perform? (could it be a compilation of multiple small pieces?) Can I play more than one instrument? I did choir for a couple years and also play the banjo. Does the genre of the pieces we play have to be consistent? Can I play like a jazz piece and a Mozart? I don't play any pieces longer than 5 minutes... am I in trouble? I'm testing in May 2016.Our teacher is new so he didn't have an answer to any of these. Thanks in advance!
  4. Where can i find some topics? I'm having trouble picking some.
  5. lespetits

    IB Music 2014!

    I just realised the lack of Music forums here - so I decided to start this forum. Please add tips for analysis for tackling the set works (Yellow River and Prokofiev), composition or performance!
  6. Utah IB Student

    Help! Tips for SL Music Exam

    Hi. My teacher has just given me some music from different cultures at the last minute (well, week). I can do some analysis with musical and structural features, but how do I analyze the context of songs? What are some significant features of music from different time periods? Also, I noticed that a couple of the past tests ask what places certain pieces in the Baroque era (or whatever musical period they come from). How do I answer this? Thanks.
  7. Moira

    IB Music (Performance) SL

    Hi, guys, So due to botched scheduling, I'm going to be taking IB Music Performance SL next year. The problem is, no matter where I search (including my school's course book), I can't seem to find any real details as to what the course covers. Can anyone who has taken it or is taking it tell me what you've done (or what your experience has been)? Thank you!
  8. Utah IB Student

    Example Music SL Exams

    My teacher gave me several examples of written essays and the questions that go with them, but I don't know what the unidentified scores are. It's from the May 2008 exam year. I can't find the audio file on the IB website anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? My teacher also gave me the CD and the questions from May 2009, but I have no sample essays from that year. Where can I find those? The IB website only went back to 2011. Thanks.

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