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Found 41 results

  1. What are your thoughts on the new IB Mathematics subjects i.e. MAthematics Analysis and Approaches and MAthematics Applications and interpretations . Which textbook is your school using and which one do you think is the best ? Appreciate the replies !
  2. I am going into my first year of IB. I had planned to take exercise science and art, but my school just let me know that this is not available. I must choose either bio and art, or psychology and exercise science. (We are on A day B day schedule so I must choose one of theses pairings) Which of these pairs has a higher course load? And which is harder content in general? Also, if there are any opinions not based on these questions I most definitely want to know that too! I am interested in all of these classes pretty equally, and just making sure I choose a pairing that will not be completely overwhelming. Thank you!!
  3. I'm from class 2021 (which means that I'll start DP next school year) and I had just recently learned that there are going to be changes in the math curriculum going into effect starting next year. So I heard that maths will be divided into 2 different subjects, Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretations. With these new changes and my subject selection coming soon, there are a few questions I would like to ask: 1. What are the differences between the two 2. How do they compare to the current Math curriculum (Studies, SL, HL) in terms of difficulty/workload 3. And finally, if I'm planning to study Economics in the UK which one should I select (university entry requirements aren't updated to the new IB math curriculum yet) Thanks
  4. I'm doing my 11th grade right now and I've changed syllabus from a national syllabus to the IB. I'm clueless about the expectations, nature of IB and almost everything regarding it. My current school that I've moved into, by itself is new and not very experienced, hence lack in providing the students with clear guidance. The performance of the previous 3 batches was not satisfactory as well. The students in the school are not very willing to provide me with apt guidance as they are very busy themselves. I understand that it is a lot to ask for but I'd be very, very, VERY grateful if someone who's well informed about the IBDP could guide me about it A-Z. I've always been a well-scoring student but ever since I started the IBDP, I've not been performing well at the least and this is taking a MAJOR toll on my self-confidence. DESPERATELY IN NEED OF HELP! Anyone willing to guide me in detail can also contact me via email: [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi! I'm starting the IB this August and I am wondering what is is like. Is it true that you won't really have a social life? I'm also doing sports 4 times a week and I'm wondering whether I can still keep that up, or if I have to drop it. Also, I was wondering what CAS is and how you would go about and complete it. I'm completely new to all of this and I know practically nothing. I'm taking these subjects: English Lang Lit HL Chemistry HL Film HL Psych SL Chinese B SL Maths SL If anyone has any experience in those subjects please let me know what they are like! Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Hi! I'm new to the IB and i'll be starting it in a few weeks. I have no idea what to expect and I've heard from a lot of people that the ib is very difficult. I'm taking: HL: English Lang and Lit A Chem Film SL: Maths Psychology Chinese B If anyone knows anything about these subjects please let me know about your experience! I was also wondering about the IA, and when you do it? Is it in your first year of IB or the second? Thank you so much!
  7. Hello fellow IBers. I have the following problem. My school only offers two language B classes- German B and Spanish B. I already know Polish but since my school is in Poland already runs it as A lang and I had reached the conclusion that without a comprehensive background with Polish schooling doing the school course is nearly impossible. Now I started doing German B, however the problem I have is that it seems to be a waste of time. I want to work for a certain agency in the US government (and the government in general if I fail to get in) and have been told by pretty high ranking people and read in official documents that German and Spanish are languages which no one needs at all since they already got tons of people who know them. I've narrowed the list of languages down to two- Russian and Japanese (at the ab inito level). The first should be relatively easy to learn as I know Polish already. Japanese on the other hand is much harder, but since there is a phonetic writing system in place (Kana) you aren't required to learn too many of the Kanji symbols and there's more high quality materials and entertainment to use as a base for studying it at home. NOW HERE THE QUESTION ACTUALLY STARTS So due to all I've written about above, I want to get my school to start up a new class. As far as I am concerned the only requirements are #1- 3 people willing to take part in it and #2 a teacher qualified to lead it. My school has no teachers qualified for any B languages outside Spanish and German. Assuming condition #1 is met: Since we are still in "pre-IB" would it be possible for the school to hire a teacher who would become an IB qualified educator by next year and have him begin teaching us this year? Would it be possible for my school to arrange online classes with a teacher from a different IB school or with IB qualifications in general? I want to know this before I reach out to my coordinator so that I can make a stronger case towards establishing such a new class (The IB call center staff is no longer considered to be a good info source after they told me of things contrary to the basic regulations doc). I know I could try to learn another language for creativity, but that's hard to do since I would have to study German in addition and for me getting an ok grade in German is currently more time consuming then keeping up 6's in all other subjects. Thank you for your help in advance!
  8. hey!! i am going to be applying to the uwc in maastricht in the netherlands, which has an ib system(MYP4). i have no idea how the entrance exams work, i was told it will be a logical exam. what does that mean??? and a maths exam, will i need just basic knowledge of maths of very good knowledge? wamshat will i need to know and what type of questions will be in both of the exams?? thank you very much to all of you in advance!
  9. Hey, in case you haven't heard Texas got hit hard with Huricane Harvey. If you live in Texas and your school is cancelled, I heard you might not be back for up to 4 months and maybe more depending on the damages. There are IB schools all over in other states and I attend one of the top IB schools in Georgia. It's called Douglas County High School (Douglasville, Ga) and if you want to continue your studies so you don't get behind please come out. Our teachers are encouraging us to get you guys to come so you can finish out IB, especially if you're a senior. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope your families are safe.
  10. Okay so a year ago a joined this school which had just started IBDP. I thought because it's new it will be better and they will pay more attention to us. We are only five kids. Four of us are not from India, (this is a school in India). Three of us are from Thailand and one is from Canada. So it's been a whole year and so far there are only some subjects we have done IB related. the rest the teachers are trying to make it as bookish as possible, because (a) The teachers have not trained according to the IBDP curriculum, (b) they are teachers of the CBSE board and they don't like the IB way of teaching. The teachers really seem to hate us because they can't control us or the way IB is taught. And if we complain, nobody acts on it because they think we are rebelling. Also some of the teachers never tell us anything about the actual exam. Like they themselves don't know anything about past papers. Whenever we have tests some teachers are so biased they literally mark us according to which student they like best. We have tried talking to everyone but nobody listens to us. And I feel we are jeopardising our future and wasting our time here. We go for any activity and they say that the IB kids are always roaming around and the CBSE kids are better, which is seriously very dis motivating. Secondly all they make us do is study from the books. We never have PE. In CAS they make us sit on the computer and make us write reflections. I am so lost and I feel emotionally drained. Is there any way to contact the IB board about this
  11. Does anyone know in what way the new history IA (2017) is different from the old one? And what exactly stays the same? Would really appreciate it!!
  12. Hey everyone, So I'm from Australia and I've just chosen to do the IB DP next year (at this stage), and I'm a bit stressed about it. Like, really stressed. I guess I've probably had a few panic attacks about what I'm doing next year. My school does the IB MYP and I know the IB DP is going to be really hard and a lot of work (the school hasn't sheilded us from that). I am kind of an average grade student my report was kind of like (7,7,7,6,6,6,5,5,5) for the MYP last semester. The 5s were for PE (meh), maths (freaking out) and science. I am in general maths and science this year and am doing fine, and managing it fine (some things don't click too well though). I talked to the IB coordinator and he said I'd be the "perfect IB student" because I am extremely dedicated and find this years workload easy. Next year will be really hard. I am mostly worried because I feel like I'm not smart enough, and I feel like that is stupid and most of how you do in IB is based on how much work you put in? I'm not sure (I'm asking for advice here)! Well the IB coordinator said that I can move out of IB 6 or 12 months in if I feel unable or too stressed to do it - but I think I can. So far, the subjects I'm doing are (we don't have to choose our HLs yet, but this is what I would probably do): English A HL French ab initio SL Psychology HL Economics SL Maths SL Biology HL I am doing two humanities as that's where my strengths lie, but I want to be a lawyer when I'm older and that require like a 35+ score or something, I'm nervous I won't be able to achieve that 😒. Are these good subjects for what I want to do? I was originally going to do Psych and History but there was a clash and I can't do that 😭 So I have to do Eco (what is it like)?! As for maths, I couldn't decide between studies and SL - so I chose to do SL because I can always drop to studies. I have heard that SL is actually quite hard so I have no idea if I will be to do it based on my mathematical knowledge. What do you guys think I should do? Sorry that was long - but I need advice! What do y'all think of my subjects? Any advice would be appreciated! 😁 Also all the kids at school think IB is for geniuses and I am certainly not that, and I don't want people to think I'm stupid for doing IB because I'm not "gifted" but I'm just wondering if it is? The IB coordinator thinks I'll be fine - which is the biggest approval you can get. Idk. Help! Thanks
  13. Hello fellow students, can anyone provide me with the new Maths HL study guide? I'd be grateful since all I can find on the Internet are the old ones. cheers
  14. Hi! So I've taken my history exam in May 2016 but I'm unhappy with my results so I'm going to be re-taking it again in November 2016. I know that there is a new guide for history in 2017. Does this mean that the exam I will be taking in November will still be based on the old guide? Am I right to think that the exam I took in May will be pretty much the same to what I'll take in November? Thank you in advance. P.s. sorry if this question was asked before. I'm new and I didn't seem to find anything on this topic so decided to ask myself.
  15. Hello there. Today we were given out reflection papers during our CAS period. I don't understand the concept of it because our coordinator didn't really go through it. Does it mean that everyday if I involve in an activity, service or action I should complete a reflection? And on my refection paper, there is a box saying "TOTAL HOURS SPENT ON THIS PROJECT UNTIL NOW." Today I engaged in traditional dancing and it was my first time trying it out so therefore what does fill inside this box? Thank you
  16. Hi all, I'm going to be starting the IB in a few days, and want your best tips and advice to any new student. These can be general or specific to the subjects that I am taking. My choices: HL MathsHL PhysicsHL GeographySL EconomicsSL Eng Lit/LanSpanish ai Many thanks, Tom
  17. Hey! I was considering taking philosophy HL. Does anyone know anything about this course? Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Hey everyone, So I'm starting the IB course in September and was just wondering if anyone had some tips on things like organisation, time management and coping in general. The subjects I'm aiming to do are Philosophy HL, Psychology HL, English HL, Spanish SL, Maths studies SL and Biology SL. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello, I just started doing IB in grade 11. Its just been the first week and their had been a lot of talk about the extended essay. I have decided to choose Biology as my subject. But I want to clarify what kind of topics I could use. Would a topic like Cancer or Autism may be too mainstream?
  20. I'm the first out of my family and friends to do IB so everything is very new to me. I just wan't to know what it's like and whether I've made the right choice in doing IB, or whether the HSC is more suited to me. (I'm from Australia) The subjects I am planning to do are HL English, HL Biology, HL Economics, SL Latin, SL Maths and SL Chemistry. I'm aiming to get a 45 and study Medicine at the University of Sydney (which I know don't really take UMAT that far into consideration) What type of person/learner is suited to IB? Generally, I'm a memorising type of learner (everything needs to be seared in my mind for me to understand it), a bit of a stress ball and I prefer an assignment over an exam any day. Keeping this informal and chill lol, what do you all think? Tell me anything and everything about the IB because at the moment I can't even pronounce Baccalaureate Thanks!
  21. Hey Guys! I really need to know where I can get the syllabus objectives for these subjects, I need the ones from 2016 and all I can find are 2009 and such. I need Biology Economics Business English Lang/Lit Thanks in advance!
  22. Hello! Unfortunately my school does not offer the science classes that I would like to take (Physics HL or Chem HL), but I'd still like to take one of my group 4 classes as an HL. That being said, the only two options are Bio HL and Computer Science HL, and Bio is absolutely not an option (I'd give the teacher an F--- if I could!). However, while computer science sounds interesting to me, I have absolutely no experience or knowledge of this subject whatsoever and I'm a bit worried about signing up for it. For the moment, I'm signed up for IB Physics SL, Business HL, and Economics HL (amongst my others), but in the case that I do decide to take computer science I'd switch it with business. My question is this: Would anyone who is in the class/taken it tell me what they think about it/what kinds of things you do on a regular basis, and if they'd recommend having prior experience before taking it? Also, does anyone know any good (preferably free) online courses/videos that sort of give an insight into computer science that I could look at? On the whole, math isn't necessarily but I'm pretty solid in the basics. Does computer programming require quite a bit of math? I'll be in math SL next year. Thanks for educating a newbie
  23. Hey, I realised that the thread "Other subjects" isn't quite organised.. Especially for Computer subjects (ITGS, Computer sciences, programming etc..) Wouldn't it be better for people who take those subjects to have their own section just like Math, the sciences and humanities? I think it would help navigate through the forum way more easily
  24. Guest

    Wish Me Luck!

    Tomorrow is school for me! I'm a new girl and I hope things are gonna be alright. A little luck is always appreciated... wish me luck?
  25. After summer vacation I will be starting with the IB. What are the most important things I need to know to survive IB.
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