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Found 45 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, This is the Case Study for Computer Science HL 2020 Exams in May and November. Regards, AADARSHA G
  2. Hi guys!! Im retaking HL Chemistry and SL Math this upcoming November and I was wondering if there is any advice anybody could give me?.. Or if there is anybody in the same position as me who is also retaking one of the subjects in November:) If you guys have any advice regarding possible online review courses, materials you recommend, or just the nature of the November examinations I would really really appreciate it. Thank you!!☺️
  3. Hi, I'm starting IB soon but lately I've heard rumours about the IB finals- where apparently the November papers are easier than the May papers. Is this true and why so? Thanks!
  4. I understand that the fees are rhe same than for normal sessions. However, i couldnt find exact information of the cost past the July 30th deadline, and the handbook is confusing. Could someone please tell me how much it would cost in euro to retake Maths and Physics in Nov 2017: before the July 30 deadline and after? (And if there is anither deadline that too)
  5. Hi, I took my exams in May 2016 for the full Diploma. My results are not enough for the studies and so I want to retake Maths HL and Physics SL. The application deadline for university is in March, and by then I already need to have an improved IB score, which means I need to take the Nov 2017 session. Also, I moved to Norway and the school I wrote to told me they don't hold Nov sessions. My question is: whether they hold May only, or May and November, their annual fee remains the same, right? - There are no extra costs associated with holding a Nov session for me. How can I convince the school to help me? I am already being very nice to them :-( Thanks. And PS: how much would it cost for registration and External Assessments for two retakes?
  6. Hello there! I'm currently struggling with the tok essay , i chose the 5th prescribed tittle 'the best explanation is the simplest explanation' .since it is necessary for the maximum grade to have ''a sustained focus on knowledge questions connected to the prescribed title—developed with investigation of different perspectives and linked effectively to areas of knowledge and/or ways of knowing.'' this is not clear enough since i read reports about the tok essay that said many students didnt use knowledge questions properly , plus we dont have anyone that can help us with tok in the highschool ,if you know how to use them in the essay could you explain them please?
  7. Hi! I'm in 1 IB now but I made this mistake and took Maths HL. At the beginning of the year I had 3 HLs: Physics HL, Maths HL and French B HL. My school doesn't allow any changes 2 weeks after choosing subjects, but I managed to change also Arts SL to HL as I want to go for Architecture Design. I can't change the levels of Maths but I still got 4 HLs. I'm afraid I will have a bad grade from Maths on exams. So can I write the November session exams (retake) but with Maths SL? I will still have 3 HLs (Physics, Arts and French B). Because if not, I will be looking for A-levels. To have 2 certificates, because I will really fail the Maths exams and I'm heading for UCL.
  8. So there is a May session and a November session for the IB external assessment as I know, but do you take both sessions???? or do you get to choose one of them???? I am getting so confused. Wouldn't it be so unfair as people in May session get so much more time for preparation and what do people in November session do after they finish their exam? Aren't they basically done with IB? Someone pls help with my confusion! I am so so so confused!
  9. Guyssss Could you please comment upon a few question you remeber having on the Novemeber 2016 Business and Management exam. Specifically, are there any areas worth revisiting are there some in particular you have struggled with? Please share your wisdoooom, would be extremely helpful!
  10. Hey Guys! I wanted to know how everyone found the biology paper 1 and 2! I thought paper two was really bizarre! Also, looked through the Oxford textbook, no mention of a freaking goblet cell...
  11. Hi, we are a group of students from Peru. We have some doubts about the availability of the formula booklet for papers in November sessions (exams) Can we use it in the exams or can't we? Our teacher says "NOOOOO" but in the guide says: YEEEEES, so, what we can think about it? HEEEEELP Look this source: http://blogs.osc-ib.com/2015/09/ib-teacher-blogs/dp_busman/important-changes-to-the-new-bm-programme/ and the guide, then, ask for your teacher NOVEMBER 2016!!
  12. Hello Interwebs, Im retaking, does anybody know what they tested on last year for paper 1 of route 2 history. Usually they have the option to test three prescribed subjects:, Peacekeeping – International Relations 1918–36 • The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1945–79 • Communism in Crisis 1976–89. Any past examinee takers please respond. I think they wont repeat what they tested last year thus eliminating one less thing to study. Thanks.
  13. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone from the November session remembered if there was a Tsar Alexander II/III question in the Imperial Russia, revolutions, emergence of Soviet State 1853-1924 section. Thank you!
  14. Just wondering how long I have to apply for remarks in my exams, I only just gained access to my detailed results, and was worried that I'd missed the deadline. Also, how do we access the component results, that tell you what you were graded for each individual paper? Thanks
  15. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has these two papers and if so if they could link them so I could look at them. History of the America's: - November 2014 - November 2010 Thanks.
  16. Does anyone know of a school in the northern hemisphere (preferably europe) that offers November examinations???!?!?!?
  17. Hey everyone, so today is the day, and I'm guessing most of you haven't really been sleeping a lot to say the least. Our school IB coordinator said he will give us our IB score (which would be converted to an ATAR based on South Australia conversions) this morning between 8am and 10:30am ACST. What I am trying to find out is, I know we can login to the IBO website on the 6th (today being the 4th) of January, but when can we view the individual subject grades we have achieved, including EE and TOK grades, and even how we went on the internal assessments like orals, written assignments, etc.? Thank you, and good luck to everyone!
  18. So what's everyone's thoughts on paper 1 and 2 for maths SL? (It's been 24 hours since I did the exam so pretty sure timezones are all good). I found paper 1 easier than paper 2, there was definitely a bit of logic required for some questions, particularly paper 2 question 9 and 10 to manipulate the different parts. I definitely found these papers more difficult than may 2014 and last year november, what did everyone else think?
  19. It has definitely been more than 24 hours since I did the Chem SL paper 1 and 2.... Personally, I initially didn't think paper 1 was that bad although there were a couple of questions I was doubtful about. Now I know I can't get higher than 25/30 Paper 2 on the other hand seemed easier than other past papers...still made a few errors but overall went much better than I had anticipated! Did Question 8 in Section B. Paper 3, I did options A and B (Modern Analytical and Biochem) and it seemed crazily easy.... How did the exams go for you guys?
  20. So I failed my IB with 23 points in May and decided to do a retake in November. I'm not feeling this retake is going well (did maths already and got geography tomorrow), and I feel like i'm not going to get that extra point I need. You might all say "you'l get that point no worries etc" but really, i'm pretty sure I wont, unless I feel geography is good. I'd like to know if I can still do another retake in May 2015? If that is possible, then could I still apply for a University starting fall 2015? I'm worried that if I apply now that they might find out through an interview or the system that I failed my IB. My plans were to go to Uni in 2015 anyways whether I achieved my IB in May or November but i'm scared that if I don't achieve the November ones then my chances of going to Uni will be very slim.
  21. Hey everyone! What were all your thoughts on the three economics HL papers for 2014 November? I found paper 1 alright, except for 1a) which i realised I had answered wrong regarding price functions and incentives. Paper 2 was great, I did questions 2 and 3. Paper 3 was excellent, don't think I lost many marks at all, did questions 2 and 3 (didn't do the theory of the firm one).
  22. Hey guys, What did you think about paper 1 prose and poem? I personally thought they were both soooo good!!! For once I felt like I could have picked either. I did the prose personally, and not that many others at my school did the prose :/ I really like the prose and it would have taken me much longer to decode the poem and what to say, so I just went with the prose. For paper 2, in the Novel and Short story section, I did Q7, It was the only one about authors using flashbacks or foreshadowing to broaden the time span covered by the narrative. There are some other things I wish I said in the prose, but overall, I think it went well. How did you guys find the papers? Another question, How do you feel about the HL people getting the same questions as we do for paper 2? Personally I don't really think it matters but I do wish we got 2 hours as well.
  23. Hello everybody, I am not happy with my results in few classes and I want to retake them in November. Does anybody know an IB school in Germany, Switzerland or Austria that offers retakes in November?
  24. So I got my grades this sunday and I was expecting to fail (get really low) in math SL, but I thought I did very well in all my other subject, so that it would save me from failing to get a diploma. Unfortunately was i very wrong, and i only scored 23.... i was very close to get higher marks in most of my subject (3 to 5 points away), but my question now is if i should risk my economics exams and ask for an remark ( i was 1 point away from a 5) and so save my diploma?! I took economics HL and my total score was 51 (one point from getting a 5 as total grade) my coordinater send me all my components but told me it was my choice to make Paper 1- grade 6= my marks 35 (boundaries 34-39) moderated mark:35 scaled mark:21 Paper 2- grade 4= my marks 16 (boundaries 14-18) moderated mark:16 scaled mark:12 Paper 3- grade 2= my marks 15 (bundaries 8-15) moderated mark:15 scaled mark:6 IA- grade 5=my marks 27 raw marks: 28 moderated mark:27 scaled mark:12.000015 overall i'm a little shocked as i thought i did good in my economics exams.. but what can i do... The question is now if i should go for a remark? The money isnt the issue, im more scared that if they lower me an entire grade (to 3) i will have to do eco retakes too...(total points in HL subjects has to be at least 12) but if they raise me i dont have to do math retakes... and so get my diploma(??!) My coordinator said that the scale marks can drastically change once grade... i still dont understand how they are set though? I know the decision lies entirely by me, but i would love some help and thoughts!! and BIG Congratulations to those of you who made it you guys deserve it!!!!
  25. Are November exams normally similar to the following May exams? Should I study last year's november exam? What do you think will be the most tested on this year's exam?
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