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Found 47 results

  1. Does anyone have any tips for the interactive/group oral (oral intéractif) in French B HL? I couldn't really find anything online for it.
  2. I have my french B SL oral exam coming up But I just wanted any helpful tips which you guys could offer? Or any problems which you faced when you gave your oral? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I'm writing a TOK oral atm (we're doing practice ones at our school) and my group's topic is can we define universal beauty for women, (the physical appearance of women - our kq may need some rephrasing). In my group I am primarily focusing on beauty throughout history, and in different cultures. I was just wondering how many subsidiary/secondary questions I should bring up in my section (which is roughly 7 mins). some ones i was thinking of are - has our notion of beauty always been the same - why might different cultures define beauty differently - is the media responsible for modelling our perception of beauty today Also open to any advice and suggestions!! thanks so much xxx
  4. I have to start doing my IOP and I get to choose from "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, "1984" by George Orwell and "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly. I chose "Hamlet" and I was thinking about doing my topic on Horatio. The topic would be about what I think the sequel to "Hamlet" would be and what would happen in it. I want to make my presentation really interesting so any suggestions? Also, is my topic a valid one for the IOP?
  5. I have to start doing my IOP and I get to choose from "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, "1984" by George Orwell and "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly. I chose "Hamlet" and I was thinking about doing my topic on Horatio. The topic would be about what I think the sequel to "Hamlet" would be and what would happen in it. I want to make my presentation really interesting so any suggestions? Also, is my topic a valid one for the IOP?
  6. Hello Guys, I am totally new to this site but I am panicking it is 11:40 pm here right now and my IOP is due tomorrow. I know my theme and what I am doing it on but I have no idea how to structure my power point. I am doing a comparison and romantic poetry and jazz music, and how they were both expressing freedom in their own era. Thank you so much in advance if you can help!
  7. Hello, I don't know if this is the right forum to post in - but I'm starting my SL French course next semester in September 2016 through May 2017 and wanted to find someone to have conversations with on a regular basis to improve my abilities. I live in Ontario, Canada in EST (GMT+4). I was probably one of the worst french students in my french courses leading up to this and I definitely want to change this before next semester, and thought having someone to talk to would be fantastic in improving my skills orally. If you are having trouble learning English or Polish, I can definitely help improve your abilities in either language while we talk as well. EDIT: forgot to mention, this would be over Skype or some other form of web communication
  8. Hi guys, i have an individual presentation coming up this week and I don't know what to do creative for the presentation. My presentation is about foil characters in The Crucible, Abigail and Elizabeth, Hale and Parris. Our teacher recommends us in doing something creative but I don't know what to do. Please, can someone give me ideas, I am in real need of help. Thank you.
  9. Hey guys! I need your help on my Individual Oral, which will happen next Friday. That's gonna be the real one, and now I'm really anxious about that. In the mock Individual oral, I got 13/20, which is a pretty bad score. I don't know how I'm gonna handle the real one and get a good score. Can you give me some TIPS/HINTS for that? Please help me, I really need it. BTW, I take English B, so in the individual oral there will be a picture, which I should describe and relate to our topic (probably, Cultural Diversity but not sure) Thank you in advance.
  10. I have formulated an IOP topic to present: Compare the presentation of the themes of life and death in X and Y How could this be built upon? I need urgent help.
  11. So i messed up with writing down the right number i replaced a 1 with a zero... will this affect me?
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone that I can do language exchange in French with in order to prepare for the French ab initio oral exam. Feel free to use this topic as a platform to find language exchange partners for other languages as well!!
  13. I am trying to do my first IOP for english at the moment but I am really struggling to think of a good way to make my oral interactive/interesting for the audience. I was thinking of doing a quiz, but i was told that it was too interactive so I am not sure what i should do instead. Any ideas? I have decided to make my presentation about comparing the similarities of two poems by Carol Ann Duffy. Thanks
  14. Hi. I will be taking my Chinese IOC in a couple of weeks and i would like to find out more about the Chinese IOC and about the conversation part of it. During the Chinese IOC, we are required to have a 'story' to have a conversation with the teacher. is it okay if my story is completely made up? (This is all fake information) For example, if I were to be in China studying IB, i have never studied anywhere else, and lets say if my topic was on lets say international day, where i can talk and compare about different countries. what if i made up some fake story such as 'I lived in Britain for 6 months' and gave a comparison about the two countries China and Britain to the teacher, by faking the events, how we celebrated this and so on. By doing this, does the IB have the information about me to find out that the story is fake? Or would they not care and would they just use it as more interesting story for the IOC. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  15. Hi, I took the langauge b exams in May 2015. So one of my friends can listen to his language B oral on the candidates.ibo.org website under the MyCoursework tab when you log in, but the only thing I see in mine is my written assignment. Does this mean there's a problem with mine, has my oral not been uploaded? Help, I'm freaking out.
  16. Hey guys, My Vietnamese Oral Presentation is tomorrow, the author I chose is Xuan Quynh. I already finished the ppt, yet I need some feedbacks for my structure because I'm pretty weak in construct a comprehensive structure (bố cục) So if you guys can please please help me, this would save my life ♥ Here is the link to access my google slide. PLEASE HELP! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17ODKy3ikOx2u5i3rUniOyVv-mAXS1qeF3TpWyu2Yymg/edit?usp=sharing
  17. I just had my oral yesterday and I am worried that I did really bad. First, I feel like I used too many simple structures and made some grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, one time, when I tried to form a bit more advanced sentence, my mind went blank so I stammered for a few seconds. I thought I was prepared, but I could have done MUCH better. My questions are: Is it common for people to make those mistakes in individual oral? Also, how good does the oral have to be to get... let's say a 5 or more? Thank you.
  18. I have been thinking about my extended Essay topic and every time I pitch an idea to my supervisor she just shuts me down and says that it is not possible due to IB rules, so I will post my ideas below and any comments and ideas are welcome, I hope to become an orthodontist and therefore want to do my EE on Chemistry. I do Chemistry and Biology HL I wanted to see how acids and bases would affect the tooth enamel, I couldn't do that because of the problem with getting teeth, so I suggested that we used chicken bones and egg shells, as they have a similar chemical structure and our teeth are simply bones, then she had a problem with the whole getting bacteria to produce acids because of the rules about contamination. I never suggested bacteria though so I don't know. My current train of thought is: To what extent do mouthwashes protect the tooth enamel from acids found in sugary drinks? Thank you
  19. Hey guys, I am doing one of my FOA's on: Philippines and its Western Influences on local marketing and advertising I am an HL Student. What do you guys think? Regards, Kenneth
  20. Hi everyone, my IOP is in a couple of days and I am eager to get a good mark. However I don't fully understand how to hit the top mark bands in Crtierion A: Knowledge and understanding of the work(s). To get in the 9-10 mark band, it states that a "very good knowledge and understanding of most of the implications of the text" is necessary. What exactly is meant by implications, in relation to the IOP? How would I go about demonstrating a knowledge of them? Thank you!
  21. My teacher is giving us ten days to write the draft of our Written Assignment for English HL!! I'm completely lost as to what it is. I have read the course syllabus but its very confusing for me to understand. Please explain to me (IN SIMPLEST TERMS), of what the Written Assignment is. What are the goals of it? What is the reflection? And also please explain any further very important details. I have already picked my book and have done the supervised in class assignment as well as the Interactive Oral for The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  22. Hellooo, there isn't a lot related to IB Film on here I expected there to be quite a few people discussing the Films that have been prescribed. My teacher chose The Night of the Hunter, A Separation and The Godfather. Have any of you chosen yours yet? I'm doing a Separation (Also was anyone else excited by the fact that Toy Story 2 was on the list? Cause I was..)
  23. 23 downloads

    Sample IOP speech on David Malouf's Fly Away Peter. Presentation can be found here: IOP English - Fly Away Peter: Jim's Journey Score: 7/7 (appeared on report under oral section)
  24. Hello, I've really been struggling with Tok, we haven't been taught the entire course due to teachers leaving. I've just finished the Tok essay, and now I really have to start working on my Tok presentation. My Presentation is in six days, and I still have no topic or question or KI or RLS. I am very stressed out. Can any alumni give a a topic that i can develop a question from, that has potential to lead to good marks, and link to many aoks and woks. I'm really sorry to be a hassle. But I only have 6 days left. :'-(
  25. Version Oral Presentation


    The script for my oral presentation on the deaths in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (had a powerpoint as well, which i won't upload because it doesn't make sense without the script... everything is in the script) English A1 HL Class mark: 28/30 (my teacher was an IB examiner)
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