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Found 10 results

  1. I am currently in the process of selecting my IBDP courses, and was curious about subject requirements for engineering at Cambridge University. I intend to choose: HL: Maths Physics Economics Arabic SL: Business English Lit and Lang
  2. For the most part, I'm a well-rounded person. I get top marks, I am very sociable, I take part in lots of extracurriculars (Model UN, Volunteering)... there's only one problem: I'm not athletic. I'm fit enough, and if it's just a matter of going to the gym then that's fine, but I wouldn't say I'm good enough to join a team sport at my school. I've heard that in order to get admitted to Ivy Leagues, you need to join a team sport? Is this true, and does this apply to top universities in the US and UK? Instead of team sports, are individual sports okay: martial arts, archery, etc? Is there any way to get around this and get accepted without being in a team or individual sport (simply gymming)? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have the same problem as me? My prediction marks come out in December and Oxbridge applications are due by October. Is it necessary to state the predicted mark on the UCAS?
  4. I've just started the International Baccalaureate, and I'm quite passionate about the subjects Philosophy, Politics and Economics. However, I am worried that my subject combination might prevent me from getting in, as I am not studying History or Mathematics at higher level (as I believe they recommend on the Oxford website.) My subjects are: HL Economics HL Art HL English HL Physics (probably going to drop to Standard Level) SL Maths SL Spanish ab initio Ignoring the other factors (intelligence, passion for your subject etc.) that contribute to being accepted by Oxford, would these subjects allow me to be accepted into Philosophy, Politics and Economics?
  5. Hi everybody! A while ago, I received the last reply from the unis I applied to. The offers I got are from St Andrews (36 points) and Durham (38, 666 at HL). Though, I got rejected from Cambridge - and I'd really love to study there. I think I do have rather strong chances of getting in (how modest of me! ). I was pretty unlucky this year (had some health problems which got in the way) and my application ended up a bit below my expectations. I had predicted 42 points overall, but with 667 at HL (including 6 from the subject I chose to study). Apart from that, I think I screwed up my interview So I guess I could just get over it (I mean rejection from Cabridge) and choose something else... but the problem is that I really believe that studying there is within my reach. So I'd like to get my results in July and hopefuly reapply. However, I would prefer not to take a gap year because I wouldn't like to lose a place at St Andrews or Durham and be left with nothing if I won't do well enough on the exams. So my question is - can I accept an offer from St Andrews/Durham and reapply from that position next year? If so, which of these two would you recommend? I think I would be pretty happy studying at St Andrews - I really like the fact that I could join my interests and study 2 subjects (and get a master's degree after 4 years!). Also the location and size of the town really appeals to me Though, isn't Durham - I'm interested in geography - academically better? I am at a loss, could anyone give me some advice? Sorry for a lengthy post!
  6. Is there any point in me applying to cambridge (or maybe oxford, but I would prefer cambridge) with my results as detailed below? Or are my grades just too low? Also which of these Uni's courses would I have best chance of getting into with my subject combo? Original IB grades: (Achieved May 3013, before retakes) HL English 6 HL physics 4 HL art 6 SL psychology 6 SL maths 4 SL Spanish ab initio 7 Core 0 Total 32/45 Final IB grades: (After retaking physics, maths and core in november 2013) HL English 6 HL physics 7 HL visual arts 6 SL maths 6 SL psychology 6 SL Spanish ab initio 7 Core 3 Total 41/45 (At GCSE I got 5 A*'s 2 A's and a B) So is it worth applying????
  7. Ezak

    STEP prep

    Heya! I can't be alone in taking STEP in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking of having a STEP prep thread where we can help each other out!
  8. Hi, This isn’t really a question or query, it’s more of just me writing down and expressing a dilemma I’ve been thinking about. Please share your thoughts. Just some quick background stuff/what sparked this thought: I got my IB results a couple of days ago and I was disappointed to say the least. I was predicted a 41 and only got 34 but that’s not the point of this. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Another point I need to mention is that like many others, Oxbridge was my “childhood dream” and after being pooled, I was rejected by Cambridge, on my birthday as well I might add. With a 34, I also missed both my firm and insurance uni choices for King’s College London and Birkbeck, who wanted 38 and 36 respectively. With all that, I hope you see why I’m about to have this argument with myself/go on this rant. [This next section is not intended to me bragging, I just need to say it for this to work] Anyway, this isn’t a sob story: as bad as I performed in the IB, I still managed to get an A in my Extended Essay on Philosophy (which is what I wanted to do at uni) with no supervisor for most of it. In addition, philosophy is something I “do” in my spare time and have never been taught any of the subject in school or otherwise. Thus, I was happy to see at least some good of this IB mess. Now, the point I’ve wanted to make is, why is the system of education, or moving through education, so goddamn annoying and stupid? Again, this is not me bragging but I know I’m capable of achieving and doing well: academia is my thing, I can’t do anything else, do it well anyway. I’ve been getting top grades my whole life but because of this one hiccup, I’ve been setback. I know that if I was just a given a chance, even for just a week, I could show the admissions team at Oxbridge that I’m capable of studying there and doing well in Philosophy; it’s what I’m good at. I’m terrible at Physics, History and my other IB subjects which I did poorly in so how is it fair that a bad score in the IB reflects me as a student? Why should it be down to my grades in 6 subjects that I have no interest in to judge whether I should be allowed to study at university for a completely different subject. As aforementioned, if I was just given the chance to study at Oxbridge, I know I would excel because Philosophy is what I’m good at. But because of one mistake, I’m deprived of such an opportunity. I know there are many flaws to what I just said: firstly, I’m probably not the first to rant about such things and I’m sure many others feel the same way I do. Any physics student could easily say ‘why should I have to study philosophy, if I was just given a chance...etc.’ I know, there are simply too many people saying such things and it would be impossible for Oxbridge to give everyone the chance they desire. In addition, the subjects I took, although may not be directly related to Philosophy, have some connections to it in that the skills that are utilised when becoming successful in the subjects is important. Just as one has to study large pieces of information in History and sought out the appropriate info quickly and effectively, large texts have to be analysed in similar ways in Philosophy. So, in a way, by messing up my IB subjects, I have shown that I’m really not capable of studying Philosophy at Oxbridge. It’s just that I know I am and that’s what I can’t shake: I hate myself for messing up my exams and my Cambridge application. I just wish I could do something to show people that I can do it and that I’m capable of undertaking an Oxbridge degree. Again, I know that I’m probably among a large group of people who feel the same. And to those people, I say, I feel your pain friend. Wow, that turned out to be longer than I thought. I don’t really know what I hoped to achieve by writing this, I guess I’m just really upset about everything and wanted to share some of the pain with the world. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking your time to read this and erm well, just thanks. I guess I’m done now. Thanks and goodnight!
  9. I am a good student I think with some work I would even be eligible to study at Oxford / Cambridge, but the problem is that I can't afford to pay the amount that they demand. So I started looking for scholarships / financial aid programs, but I didn't find any. The closest thing I've found is the student loan, which I really wouldn't like to take. Then I decided that maybe there are smarter people out here who have already found the answer to my question, and came here . So, do you know any oxbridge scholarships / financial aid programs for European IB students? scholarships / financial aid programs for European (I'm from Finland) IB students? Or do you know for a fact that such things do not exist?
  10. 108 downloads

    A guide by Sevenoaks school in the UK on how to pick your IB subjects.
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