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Found 41 results

  1. TudorRose

    Time Management on Paper 1?

    We have been practicing for Paper 1 in history class recently, and I have discovered that I am bad at managing my time throughout the test. I believe we are supposed to spend 10 minutes on the first question (content based question, and meaning of visual document), 10 on the OPCVL, 15 on the compare and contrast, and 25-30 minutes on the essay question. My only problem is that I can't seem to wrap up the other parts fast enough to get to the essay question. Does anyone have any tips on how to speed up the process so that I can make it to the essay question with time to spare? Thanks!
  2. Christina Dahdal

    Biology SL - Question about Exam

    Hey! I take Biology SL, and was wondering if we have a paper 3? Is it just paper 1 and 2? Also, do SL's learn the option topic?
  3. Hi, I have a question about paper 1 that I would like to ask you guys about. So... how do I use real world examples for Macroeconomics? I find it pretty difficult to use real world examples for many topics in macroeconomics because we can't talk about a single product or a market, but we must look at the entire economy in general. For example, I think its pretty hard to think of an example to answer a question like "Explain the reasoning behind the shapes of the short-run aggregate supply (SRAS) curve and the long-run aggregate supply (LRAS) curve". What would you guys suggest? I am struggling hard because I dont have a teacher and my exams are coming up in a month. Please help!
  4. asdfghjkl1234567890


    ok so like on the IB SL chem exam if i get a 7 on paper 1 and like a 1 on paper 2 and like i do ok on my IA, what will my final mark out of 7 be??? my school is doing a mock ib exam to help us prepare and we just did paper 1 today and I think I did well on it so like im just trying to see how hard I need to study for paper 2 pLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!! thank u
  5. Hey guys, How do you go about preparing for english lang&lit exams? I just had my exams and got a mark for the paper 1 lang&lit that is well below what I usually get on paper 1 practices. The main problem with my essay was that I seem to not understand the purpose of the text. The purpose that I sometimes write it usually almost right, but not quite. Is there any way to improve my text understanding, especially with the purpose of the text? Thanks Also, as I am applying to uni next semester, which is end of this year, do these y12 final exams play a huge role in y13 predicted grades? My teacher said that it's hard for y12's to get 7's at the end of the year for english lang&lit sl and that students tend to improve during year 13. However, during y13 will be the time where I will be applying to uni. So how would the teacher create a predicted score?
  6. James White

    Paper 1 help!

    Does anyone have a good example of a response to a Paper 1 question in Lang and Lit? Preferably a response that got a 7. I'm kinda lost on the analysis of articles and stuff, so I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  7. Amina13

    Paper 1 English B HL

    Hey guys! I really struggle doing paper 1 English B HL. For the questions like matching the headings with the paragraphs, I think as if all the headings suit to the paragraphs May you please help me? I cannot get more than 80%. Mostly, I get 60-70% What should I do in order to increase my score?
  8. AnastasiaVr

    Math Studies Paper 1

    Hey guys! How did you all find paper 1? I was in TZ1 and i thought the paper was just brilliant! I only had trouble with exercise 9 who asked something about the amount of money that he would have got without the commission.
  9. theswizzlerbruh

    English A Literature Paper 1

    Hello World! So more than 24 hours have passed since all of the IB english paper 1's have taken place. How did all of you do, and how were the papers in each of the Time Zones? I am in TZ2 and chose the poem !
  10. Eng. Lit Paper 1 is tomorrow Anyone else feeling unprepared?
  11. ibstudent081099

    Maths HL exam hints

    Hey guys, as you know exams are in less than two weeks and, probably as all of you, I am stressed for maths (I need to get a 7 to meet my university requirements). I think creating a post to share suggestions and useful revision tips would be useful. My main suggestions are the following. 1)Do past papers 2)If you manage to put your hands on the questionbank, do past questions divided in topics. I feel that this technique allows you to understand the typical exercises better than doing past papers. If the questionbank is not available, just scroll through the papers and do all the exercises of the same topic together 3)The section which I find more challenging in paper 1 and paper 2 is section B. While doing the exercises on section A, if I encounter a difficulty, I simply go on and leave it for later. If you guys have any other suggestions comment below so that we can all help each other out. Good luck on your revision
  12. Hey guys, So, I've been studying for the Economics Exams and also been reading a book called "Economics: The User's Guide" by Ha-Joon Chang. There are a lot of things that are covered in the syllabus as well as some useful contextual information like working hours and levels of inequality in different countries. I'm wondering if it will be useful if I put down these data in my answers for paper 1 (and possibly paper 2) if they are relevant to the questions. The mark schemes, as my teacher says, are at times overly simple and don't include any understanding of the contexts. Thanks!
  13. Ignacio

    P1 question Nov 2010 help

    Hi there!, Could someone tell me why, the answer to this question is B? I don't understand why the uncertainty of B is higher than A. Thanks!!
  14. Q: Membrane proteins of mice cells were marked with green and membrane proteins of human were marked with red. The cells were fused together. What would be seen after 2 hours? a) Red and green markers fully mixed b) All red markers and no green markers c) Half of the new cell with green markers and the other half with red d) Red markers on the inside of the membrane and green markers on the outside The answer was a. And I don't understand why. What principle is under this? It should be quite easy, but I still can't fathom it out. Thank you in advance!
  15. The question is: Explain how one principle that defines the biological level of analysis may be demonstrated in research. I think of explaining the following principle: "behavioural patterns can be inherited". I want to use Kendler (2006) IS twin study a research method? Or should I talk about correlational studies? Thank you in advance!
  16. paul_anderson

    Help for Literature SL Paper-1

    Hi, I'm in grade 11 at the moment, and I'm doing english A: Literature SL. I really need help with writing unseen commentaries (Paper1). I've read tonnes of articles on this site and other websites as well, but I'm still confused as to how to proceed with my essay. I really want to know: (1) How much time to devote to each part (like reading,annotating,etc.)? (2) How to write a good introduction and thesis? (3) How long should an essay ideally should be? (4) What do you write in the essay? (I understand that you need to look at how the author has made use of different literary features, but what is the 'SO WHAT?' ?) And what do you do with the themes, characterization, setting,etc? (5) How to answer the guiding questions in my essay? (6) What should be in an effective conclusion? (7) Any good examples to help me through I know its a whole lot of questions, but any insight to these questions would be extremely helpful. I really wanna do good in this subject (this is actually the subject I've worst grades in ) Thank you very much
  17. Hey guys! This is my IB prep year, we just had the first term exam and I have been doing very terrible. Can anyone share/suggest how to get better marks in paper 1 and paper 2 for English Lang A?
  18. IBsabel

    ESS May 2014 paper 1 tmz1

    Hello! I am doing my mock exams and I was looking for the may and november 2014 paper 1 pastpapers for Environmental Systems and Societies (both timezones) and I haven't found may 2014 timezone 1, only 0. I was wondering if any of you had access to it and if you could share it with me! I would really really appreciate it as I am revising very hard to manage to get at least a 6 Please let me know! Thank you - A fellow stressed IB student
  19. Hi! As SL students probably know, we get guiding questions with each text for analysis. I was wonderig if it was required that we respond to them? The front of the paper says that it isn't required that we respond to them, so in my mock exam I wrote a commentary, like you would in HL. But soon after my teacher said we had to respond to the questions, so I was a little confused. Thank you!
  20. hey guys, it's too late now because my WA is due tomorrow but I realized I'm having a pretty hard time getting rid of passive voice (or sometimes even spotting it). I thought that even though I can't do anything really about my WA, it would be good to learn how to get rid of it for future papers, in all subjects. I don't know. do you guys have any tips for spotting and ridding of passive voice?
  21. watermelonprincess

    Math Studies Paper 1

    How did everyone find paper 1 of Math Studies TZ2? Or TZ1 either ways
  22. Any thoughts on LadyA? Any important or interesting points that anybody came across? It would be great to share ideas and prepare together! I think its really important to know the costs and benefits of each of the three options in the end as I have a feeling they are bound to ask something regarding that. We can create a SWOT analysis for each of the options. The main strengths would be her previous experience and existing brand loyalty. Weaknesses: Tough competition from other younger or more experienced singers. Any more ideas?
  23. Klauu

    Swedish B SL

    Hello, did anyone of you do Swedish B SL P1 yesterday? What did you think?
  24. How did you guys find it? How did it go for you all?
  25. Does anyone have in possession or access to November 2014 English A HL Paper 1? I tried looking it up but could not find it. If anyone does, please post it or message me:) Thank you in advance

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