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Found 9 results

  1. I read somewhere online that if you get an E in either TOK or EE, you have to get at least 28 points overall in the IB Diploma, instead of 24. Is this true? Is it possible to pass the IB if this happens?
  2. I didn't receive my diploma because I failed my extended essay. I am retaking math hl and my extended essay. Will I receive my diploma, if I fail my essay again BUT get one extra point in mathematics, therefore bringing my total points from 27 to 28 ? I read a document somewhere that getting more than 27 points means you dont have to pass your extended essay to receive your diploma. Thank you so much in advance for your time, everyone
  3. For example, say that the university just needs to get a certain grade for chemistry or you just have pass your diploma. Don't people just edit that screenshot and show something totally different to the university and they will just accept you just like that? There must be a catch.. This method sounds pretty horrible for choosing their students. So many students could get in with fake results. Is there a catch? Do you have any opinions about this? feel freee to say anything
  4. So, i've been reading on the CAS requirements lately, and it says that it changed on 2010 from 150 hours, to 2 projects on each area and other things. My school still does it with the 150 hour requirement, regardless of the amount of projects. I know this is internally assessed, but could the IB cancel the diploma at my school for not "following" the IB requirements?
  5. Going into the IB next year, I am curious about how it is that the scoring system works. My thoughts are "Why should I do HL Mathematics, if I am likely to get a poor score in it, if I can simply do SL and get a 7?" Is there a cut off for SL, where say, an individual can only get a maximum of 5 for example? I do understand that it is a requirement to study at least 3 classes at a HL, causing the scoring to even out amongst students if that is the case. Even so, if someone could clear this up and provide me and others with some information, that would be fantastic.
  6. Okay, so I'm hoping I wont fail Math SL. but hypothetically if I do will my IA's cover my a**? Lets say I get a 1 for both paper 1 and 2 but I got a 5 in total for my IA's, what would I get as a final grade? And lets say I get a 2 for both paper 1 and 2, and still got a 5 for my IA's, what would I get? Thanks so much, IDK why I didn't take studies....
  7. I'm not sure if Higher Level is the same as A2. It's the second level of the language. I'm sincerely worried that I won't pass my Spanish oral this year. Last year, I almost failed the oral- and that was the lower level! Plus, the teacher this year speaks so quietly and fast that my class never knows exactly what is going on (not good, right?). SO if I do fail, can I still get the diploma?
  8. Hey guys! For those that have taken the Math SL exam, how hard is it to get a 4 on the exam, taking into consideration that my IA is shooting for a low 6?
  9. All I want is a D on the essay, I have about 2.5k words w/o intro or conclusion. All I want is to pass this thing. Do you think I have a shot at a D? Edit: its a computer science EE, my rq is to what extent is data secure on the Android platform?
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