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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I am learning physics HL. And my school has provided me with Oxford 2014 Physics Course Companion by David Homer and Michael Bowen-Jones, but I feel it misses out some topics or content as per syllabus. So is there any better book? Please suggest...
  2. What are the best IB textbooks and revision books? I went on OSC ( Oxford Study Course) website and I saw multiple revision books, an app that contains all parts of the syllabus for all subjects, with knowledge tests ( SmartBacc) . They also have free IB math videos. It loos amazing. Do you recommend Oxford? What about Cambridge or Pearson? How good are they? Which companies are best for eh subject??? Link to OSC https://osc-ib.com/
  3. I'm a first-year IB student taking Maths HL and our class is currently using the Oxford textbook (the one with the purple flower on the cover). Personally, I find that the explanations/examples are lacking in this book which is a real problem since I practically have to self-study the subject because the teacher is crap. Also, lots of people say the questions in the Oxford book are a lot easier than the questions on the actual Maths HL exam. I have every Maths HL textbook on PDF so getting them won't be a problem. I just haven't gotten the time to reference any other book besides the Oxford one since the class progresses really fast. Please leave your textbook recommendations below and your thoughts on other textbooks in the hellish realm of Maths HL. Thank you in advance!
  4. I am currently a Junior in the IB program and am in need of a worked through version of the Pearson 2012 edition. I feel like the worked through books help me understand the content more and the thought process that it took to get the right answer. My math grade has fallen drastically over this semester as I do not have a way to understand the content other than talking with my teacher. Any replies would be great!
  5. Hey hey hey I'm planning to get a head start on HL Math by working my way through a textbook over my summer break. I currently have PDFs of the Pearson textbook, Cambridge textbook, and H&H textbook. Which one is the best for a clear, thorough introduction to math for a person who is quite nervous about HL math and can a) explain the material clearly (I don't care if its a long explanation- it needs to be good), b) provide lots of practice questions and c) have challenging questions that can test my abilities, similar to ones on the exam? Or is there another textbook that is better? merci beaucoup
  6. iB PHYSICS HL TEXTBOOK View File Submitter xyrn_ Submitted 06/12/2016 Category Physics  
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone have the pearson book for physics HL? If so, do you mind sharing the answers for option C - Imaging? I only have the pdf version of chapters and it'd be great if I got the answers too!
  8. Hello all, I'm starting my second year of DP next year, and I want a textbook for SL Physics to work with. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Oxford book here but I don't think it's for the new curriculum (though I could be wrong). I've also read lots of mixed reviews about it. I don't want to drop upwards of $50 on a textbook that won't help me. (Not to mention I need one for chemistry too, that post is here.) My teacher has maybe ten or so of the Oxford books but we rarely use them, so I can't really say whether they work for me or not. Also, he was new last year so I didn't know his teaching style, and that was difficult. Can anyone help me with this? Should I just go with the Oxford book? Best wishes, N
  9. Hello friends! I'm starting my second year of DP soon, and I want to have a textbook for HL Chem to work with this year. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. Also, I'd like to have something that's IB-specific. I have a Barron's study guide for general chem, and it's very good (my favourite brand for all study guides), but I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Pearson HL Chemistry book here but it doesn't look like it's for the new curriculum. It's the book my teacher recommended, but I'd like a second opinion. I know Pearson (and Oxford, and probably others) has released their updated textbook, but I've heard very mixed reviews of it. Can anyone help me with this? Best wishes, N
  10. Hello people, I'm looking for good textbooks for Chemistry and Biology and I do not know which publisher makes the best textbooks for the IB curriculum in terms of understanding, relevance to the syllabus, and presentation. Both Oxford and Pearson are publishing new editions of their textbooks for the new 2014 syllabus. Oxford is making a '2014 edition' and Pearson's is a 'Pearson Baccalaureate 2nd Edition', so it is most likely that a lot of people have not seen the new publications yet and they are not yet in use. However, let's judge based on their post-2009 / 2011 books. If any of you guys have or previously owned any of these books, what do you think of them? and if you have completed the IB, has it helped you achieve well in the course, and get a score of like, say, 7? Thank you in advance.
  11. my exams are coming in 7 days, and i'm worried about my biology HL, any ideas on how to pass with a 4 at least? i have the pearson and the ib study guide 2007, i'm studying out of the study guide right now, since i have 7 days. We have pretty much everything, 12 chapaters :/ any ideas please? quick and effective ways of studying for bio HL? Thanks ! - and if anyone can send me a link of the syllabus for bio HL?
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