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Found 11 results

  1. Since Literature and Performance is hardly recognized and I knew no one would start a forum on it, I decided to do it myself To all the Literature and Performance kids out there, How did you find that exam???
  2. I made the stupid decision of writing my EE on a subject which my school doesn't offer, and regret it... but whatever! I'd love it if somebody who takes the course or goes to a school that offers it could help me out by sending me some kind of study guide, curriculum, a sample essay of any kind or even putting me in contact with somebody would help-- I'm just looking to better understand the subject and hopefully find someone that can give me some tips or even read my essay! Thank you so much guys!!
  3. I take Music Sl and for my solo performance, I was thinking on playing, Liebestraume no.3 by Liszt, Prelude in C sharp minor by Rachmaninoff, Summertime by George Gershwin, Piano Sonata No.1 Mov.1 by Beethoven. Are they difficult enough and are they different enough since I heard that the IB wants diverse pieces.
  4. Hi, I'm taking IB Music SL this year, and have some questions about the solo performance. How long does the recording have to be? (I saw 15 minutes on somewhere but could it be shorter than that?) If I'm playing the piano, how many pieces am I allowed to perform? (could it be a compilation of multiple small pieces?) Can I play more than one instrument? I did choir for a couple years and also play the banjo. Does the genre of the pieces we play have to be consistent? Can I play like a jazz piece and a Mozart? I don't play any pieces longer than 5 minutes... am I in trouble? I'm testing in May 2016.Our teacher is new so he didn't have an answer to any of these. Thanks in advance!
  5. okay so my IPP is due in a couple of days and I was just able to have my script preformed yesterday. I chose to write a script for Theater of cruelty and have another student direct it. How do I go on and write about that for 2000 words? I know that it's about the Process of the how the script was created. I know I can talk about how and what motivated me to create these ideas however I cannot see myself going on for 2000 words on it. Please help me!!!! Also I helped with the directing process (auditions and rehearsal) I also helped convey my ideas and how envisioned the play to him. now do I add that to my portfolio? Also I had did the make up for the performance I've seen people do two topic for their IPP would there be a way I could add this in mine????
  6. Hi, guys, So due to botched scheduling, I'm going to be taking IB Music Performance SL next year. The problem is, no matter where I search (including my school's course book), I can't seem to find any real details as to what the course covers. Can anyone who has taken it or is taking it tell me what you've done (or what your experience has been)? Thank you!
  7. Hey I have my IPP performance due in a week. I'm SL however I decided to create my own script and have actors perform it out. The only question for me is "How do I go on and write about that for 2000 words?" I know that it's about the Process of the how the script was created. I know I can talk about how and what motivated me to create these ideas however I cannot see myself going on for 2000 words on it. Please help me!!!!
  8. I am doing my extended essay with the question "Is speed increase in the recent decades due to faster hardware or better algorithms" I couldnt find much of anything for articles on this topic, so i was planning on learning from both sides. How hardware works and its impact on performance, and the same for algorithms and software. This is all fine for me, but i doubt im the only one whose ever though of this question. Are there seriously no articles on this? If there are, can you point me to the right direction?
  9. My question for my EE is: How are nurses in the Vietnam War portrayed through the play, "A Piece of My Heart"? I have placed it under the "literature and performance category, but is that right? I have read the guidelines, but they confuse me. Please help! I am willing to help back! (: thanks
  10. Guest

    Music HL Performance

    Hi guys I just want to know if any of you know any sample for a 7 in performance for Music HL. I'm depressed because I have Diploma ATCL Recital, Merit in piano, and when I played that piece (Estampes - Pagodes by Debussy, actually an LTCL piece), my music teacher was like: "meh...maybe just barely a 5", and I spent the rest of the entire lesson trying to suppress my rage. Oh well, I do hope that a 7 or even a 6 in a performance is not like professional orchestra standard or else that would be retarded. I'm doing extremely well in all other subjects and so I fail to see how I could only get 4 and 5 currently...I always tried my best..so yeah...thanks for any tips. (lol, description for LTCL: The standard of performance is equivalent to the performance component on completion of a full-time undergraduate course at a conservatoire or other higher education establishment.)
  11. I saw in another thread that the PPP has to have at least five images: costume design, set design, collage, and two more of the student's choosing. Does anyone know what they mean by collage? Also, what images did you put in yours? I have costumes, set design, plot progression, sound, and a couple of images related to the stimulus. Is that enough?
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