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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am planning on writing an EE in physics. My research question is "How does the intensity of cosmic rays vary over a day and 27 day period at sea level at 50º north". Would this be focused enough? I am going to use a webcam and an application which can sense the cosmic rays (with proper shielding it should only be one type) and log how many it detects. I have plenty of secondary data as well to compare to mine and use if my experiment doesn't work. My main concern is that I am not quite sure how to write the essay. I have read the IB guide and one we recieved from our school but I am still not sure what it should contain. Should there be any theory about cosmic rays and particle physics or should it all just be about the experiment? Can I talk about the impact of cosmic rays? My supervisor told me that the essay should be about 2/3 essay (ie. theory) and 1/3 experiment. But from what I've read it seems that everything should revolve around the experiment, or is this just my misunderstanding? I would be very grateful for any advice given on this subject. Thank you in advance.
  2. HELLO I want to write my extended essay on physics, and do it on special relativity. I have two possible topics (not well defined yet): 1.- Special relativity's time dilation proven by muon decay 2.- Special relativity effect on magnetism (i.e. why non permanent magnets work when electricity is conducted through them, from a special relativity approach) Now, these two topics are something I'm really interested in. I really wanted to do an EE on astrophysics but I think is better if I stop at relativity. The question here is, are any of my topics appropriate? How can I achieve an 'original' approach with them? Any suggestion on narrowing the area of study for my RQ? Since the EE would be obviously theoretical, what else can I add or take into consideration to get into a high grade band? I really need help, since this is something urgent. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!
  3. Renai Roa

    Physics EE on prosthetics

    Hi all! I'm planning to write my EE in physics but I don't really have a clear idea of how to work with the topic I'd like to cover. My teacher will only be taking 2 students & there are more than that planning to write theirs in physics so I'm kinda in competition with them to find stuff out ^^" SO if any of you guys have some suggestions go ahead & let me know! I'd like to work on something related to prosthetics seeing as I'd like to go into medical engineering sometime later on so any ideas in relation to that topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  4. i really need help on how long a physics EE introduction be as i only have three months to start and finish it. Any help would be really appreciate....
  5. smokedvanilla

    EE in physics or Maths?

    I'm in IB1, and have to decide on my subject for EE soon. I wish to do theoretical physics/quantum mechanics in university, so I was thinking of doing my ee in that topic, but I read on several sites that a theoretical physics ee usually scores very low mark because there's no new idea in it. Therefore, I'm also considering doing an experimental physics ee on the topic electromagnetism. However, since experimental physics ee is not very related to quantum mechanics, I was also thinking of doing ee on Maths to research about the Maths involved in quantum mechanics/theoretical physics. Is it way too ambitious? As I also read that the topic should not be over complex since it's not a phd thesis. Also, I've read that a Maths ee is way more difficult than physics- to what extent is this true? My main interest is in physics.
  6. How can i change white light (light from the sun) into a different color light? I can use a colored cellophane but i need other suggestions?
  7. Im really worrying about my EE!!!! Im afraid I may fail IB! Please help. I need a Physics EE research question!!! Suggestions plz! If IB survival doesnt permit EE topic suggestions......... it doesnt have to be a title just Ideas would be fine.
  8. atothez

    Physics EE help

    Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  9. atothez

    Physics EE topic

    Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  10. I need Physics Extended essay research ideas fast! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Outofmydesire

    3 CHOICES Physics EE

    Hi! I'm still choosing my topic. I'm doing it on Physics. These are my three final topics but could you help me choose them, thanks! If you have any other suggestions, that would be great too! How does the temperature affect the magnet's strength? How does the color affect heating of water? How does the temperature affect the lift decay of a helium balloon?
  12. So I have to hand in my finalised topic for my Extended Essay in physics sometime within the next few days, my supervisor liked the idea of doing something in musical physics and so I wanted to look at saxophone reeds... The only thing is that I don't really know where to go from there. I can't find any information or resources or anything on saxophone reeds and my teacher says that is a good thing and means that my topic will be creative, but it has just made it very hard for me to narrow the topic down.... If there is any suggestions on how to narrow down the topic it would be very very much appreciated! Extended Essay --> Physics --> Musical Physics --> Saxophone Reeds --> ???

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