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Found 46 results

  1. Hi! I'm in Grade 11 and I'm having a little bit of a crisis about my HL subjects. I'm highly interested in both biomedical engineering and medicine as future career options, but I don't know which combination of science HLs I should take in order to increase my chance of success in these fields. Currently, I'm taking Biology and Chemistry in HL, but I'm wondering if I should switch my Biology to Physics HL while the missed workload from Physics is still manageable, even though the thought of dropping Biology pains me. I've been deeply passionate about science all my life and scored consistent 7s and 8s throughout the MYP (though I'm well aware DP is incomparably more rigorous than the MYP). In terms of ability, I'd say I'm better at biology than physics, though I'm equally passionate about both. I'm lucky to have a fairly good memory and enjoy memorising, but I also like being able to practically apply knowledge and genuinely adored physics when we learned it in previous grades. Math definitely isn't a talent or particular interest of mine (I ended with a final score of 6/7), but I'm willing to work hard, both to improve skill and to learn to love math. With the new math curriculum, I'm in Math Analysis and Approaches SL. Would biology HL or physics HL be a better subject given my passions, career interests, and abilities? Is it possible for me to get accepted into Biomedical Engineering degrees if I stick with Bio over Physics? It's extremely difficult for me to make the choice because it seems like Bio is better if I end up choosing medicine or biology-centred fields, while physics might be the safer option to open up more engineering paths. I'm going to consult with my counsellor early next week, but I'd love extra advice or input!
  2. k_i_e_r_aaaa

    Subject Selection for CS HL

    I want to pursue CS HL and go in the field of robotics, so I have chosen Physics HL, Maths AA (For those who don't know, AA stands for Application Analysis, maths has been divided into AA and AI HL/ SL) HL, CS HL, Psychology SL, English SL and French SL. What are the basic requirements an MYP student should have to take CS HL? (For example, we should know HTML, CSS, Python etc.)
  3. DanielMeza

    Help with self-studying

    Hello, I am currently self-studying three* subjects for May 2019 as I want to apply for German Universities, for which I needed subjects that my school does not offer. Before registering me with my subjects: Math HL: Option Calculus (self-studied as my school olny offered math studies), Physics HL: Option Engineering Physics (completely self-studied with support from an IB teacher from another school), English B HL (with extra work as my School only offered sl and support from my teacher), History HL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL and Spanish A: Literature SL, I sent a mail to IB Support. Their reply was that the IB has no policy against taking subjects not offered by my school as long as my School supports me with this action. I have been working on this since August and, as for now, I have covered at least 70% of the syllabus from each one of the three subjects I study and worked in my Internal Assessments for each one so that I can have time to practice for External Assessment. Now, my concerns are that I may be missing some paperwork owing to the fact I have no teacher, such as 4PSOW from which I knew nothing until a week ago. I have the guide for each subject but sometimes it is difficult to read and remember everything. I am worried that something I am not expecting could happen and I cannot solve it. Has any of you self-studied mathematics or a science before? Do I need to make alone experiment planning and documentation alone? Could any of you share a list of document requirements for the IB for Physics and Maths HL? Can use an interdisciplinary experiment with an University as Group 4 Project? Any comment that you think could help me is welcomed. Thanks you all for your time. I hope I accurately described my situation. Best Regards Daniel Meza *It is difficult to explain as self-studying means different things for each one of them. Basically, I changed 3 subjects to options not offered in my school
  4. Jayendra

    Physics HL OPTIONS

    Hi, My school is offering Astrophysics, but I am really considering Imaging. Is imaging suggested or how easy is it?
  5. Jayendra

    Physics HL text book

    Hi, I am learning physics HL. And my school has provided me with Oxford 2014 Physics Course Companion by David Homer and Michael Bowen-Jones, but I feel it misses out some topics or content as per syllabus. So is there any better book? Please suggest...
  6. pictionaryoverlord

    Subject Selections DP1

    Hey, could you look over my subject selections? I want to do cosmology and astrophysics in Uni. Physics HL Maths HL/Further if possible English HL Chemistry SL French AB Business Management SL
  7. hello, I'm facing a huge problem in deciding what to do for my physics EE. i thought of many topics but nothing seems to fit into the criteria of a good topic. the latest one i thought of was: "to what extent is it true that a body, which initially moves at a particular speed starts moving with a speed closer to that of light, makes the factors of time dilation and length contraction become evident?" I am really confused about what to do.as my school doesn't have any proper apparatus for a good experimental topic.
  8. Hey! What do the CalTech Admissions people look for in a candidate? How do I maximise my chances of getting in? Any CalTech Alumni here, I would love your advice.
  9. Advaith

    IA and EE help

    Hi, I am doing the IB program in Chennai, India, and I am halfway through year. My subject choices are: HL Mathematics HL Chemistry HL Physics SL English Literature SL French Abinitio SL ITGS I'm aiming for a 7 in all subjects. When is an ideal time to start working on the Internal Assessments and is there any guide which I can follow to ensure that it matches up to the criteria required? I am also planning to do my EE in either physics or chemistry. Would taking a HL subject for an EE be too stressful? Also, for my ITGS IA, my teacher recommends making a website. I have a basic knowledge in html, but are there books or tutorials to help teach me the advanced versions of it? Thank you the help
  10. I was planning on making a solid fuel rocket for my internal assessment and experimenting with momentum. So can I do experiments with rocket again on EE but this time it would be about aerodynamics or maybe a water rocket (I know its too simple for EE but I can't think of any other at the moment) for example?
  11. Guest

    Physics IA

    Hi, just wanted to now for physics IA hl can I use a database that already has the recquired data as my own data.Obviously I'll mention that I got the information from that database, but still, would I be going against any rules?
  12. Shrish

    English HL or SL?

    Hey Guys I'm halfway through my IBDP, i will be writing my summative exams for Grade 11 in May. I'm currently in math HL, but i'm scoring quite bad. I am considering shifting to Math SL, but i will have to push another subject to HL. I considered Econ for HL, but too much is already done. My best route, now is to take English HL. Should i make the move? In what way will it affect my college application, if i'm going to take engineering? My current subjects are (Math, Physics, Chemistry: as HL); (Economics, Spanish Ab, English as SL). I am extremely confused, as i'm able to score pretty well in the actual IB papers, but well, it may be because of the high expectations of the school in math HL, that i'm not able to score in the school tests. And in English, I scored a 5 in test 4, but i did pretty well in the mock IOC (23/30), considering that mine was the highest marked. What do you guys suggest? Should i stay in math HL, or should i drop?
  13. Hi, I'm confused with this question. Does anyone help?
  14. Hi everyone! I'll be taking the IB soon (sadly) and I'll have to choose between Physics and Chemistry for my last HL. I'm hoping to major in Architecture and already have Geography and Literature as my other two HLs. I'm interested in both subjects and generally get roughly the same scores for both of them (though slightly higher for Chemistry). In terms of rigour and appropriateness for my future major, what would you really suggest?
  15. J O Y


    Hey guys!! So as it is July, my November exams are only a few months away. Currently, my worst subject is physics HL. I find it really difficult to grasp (and memorise) all the different concepts and I'm slightly stressed out at the moment as the only topics I'm kinda confident in are topics 2, 3 and 4. So my current plan is to go through the Oxford textbook and take summary notes of each topic. Then after taking the summary notes I plan on doing questions for that topic. I'm not sure how effective this method would be, and it would also be very time consuming. Also I heard that the May 2016 Physics paper was a horrific :') *crying* I'm just wondering if any other physics HL students have good tips on pretty much just learning everything and being able to fully understand every topic with depth. Thanks! Also if you guys have any tips for my other subjects feel free to chuck em in this thread
  16. xyrn_


    iB PHYSICS HL TEXTBOOK View File Submitter xyrn_ Submitted 06/12/2016 Category Physics  
  17. Hello fellow sufferers, right now I am facing the GREATEST dilemma. I am starting the IB programme in September and have thankfully already decided on my SL subjects (World Arts and Cultures, Greek, English A Lang. & Lit.). I have also decided to take Math HL and Physics HL (both of them are requirements for undergraduates wanting to study Physics or Engineering). So now I have to decide on whether to choose Biology or Computer Sciences on HL. My parents do everything they can to get me to choose Bio, although both of them know I would be better in C.S. And yes, I do have a more positive feeling on C.S., but I know that Bio will be useful if, over the next couple of years, I realise Biotechnology, for instance, is what I want to pursue. As you may have noticed, I'm stuck So, if anyone has any experiences with these HL subjects or ideally a combination of them, I am willing to bribe you with a gigantic chocolate to give me advice on what I should choose. Thanks in advance :)
  18. Aditya Chandra

    How hard is IB Physics?

    Hey guys, I was planning on taking HL Physics for IB. I'm unsure about the difficulty of this subject because everyone says its really hard. I am not GREAT at physics but I like it and I think if I put in the effort i can definitely manage, but is it really as hard as everyone says it is? I'm pretty worried already. :/
  19. Alessandro Masetti

    Physics HL EE Topics

    Hello IB Survival, I need help for deciding my EE topic, I am in Physics HL, very interested in engines, specifically for Motorcycles. Wanted to know if anyone could help me for deciding a topic and even a possible Question. I was thinking on mostly Work Done or the Efficiency of the engine. Thanks ahead if I don't thank you later
  20. So basically I've been doing four HLs, and I'm not feeling incredibly swamped or anything, but I can't guarantee that I will get 7 in all of them. I want to study Computer Engineering, so Physics HL would definitely be recommended, but my physics teacher is terrible and I don't believe he can finish anywhere near the curriculum in time. Furthermore I feel that he doesn't like me... he's marked multiple assessments of mine incorrectly and doesn't like listening to me when I ask what I did wrong. Even though Physics is a good HL to have I don't feel he will support me through my four HLs. Should I drop to SL so I don't have to worry about physics anymore? I know in SL I can get a 7, I've self-studied most of the material as well.
  21. maturk

    Another waves question help

    Yooooooooooo! I've once again found another question about waves that I'm unable to answer. This one is from November 2009 HL paper 1. I know how to do number 14, that's a pretty basic one; however, I'm stuck on number 15. The answer is supposed to be B (0.8 cm), does anyone understand how to get to that answer? If so, could you explain? Thank you in advance CHEERS!
  22. tina..

    Physics HL IA Topic IDeas

    I am looking for ideas for my physics hl ia. I want to do something with projectile motion. Forces are okay as well. But I am having trouble finding something that is complicated enough for hl level. I am a field player (shotput, discus, javelin) so that could be something I could do it in.
  23. Megamind

    Physics HL Paper 1 & 2

    Hey guys, how'd you find physics HL papers 1 and 2? As far as TZ2 is concerned, I found paper one much tougher than the last few years. The sums were time consuming given the small time limit of 60 minutes. It took me almost 45 minutes to finish the first 25 sums, and the rest 15 were still thankfully less time consuming and I could finish it. Btw. There was a question on green light being emitted from two point sources, which had just NOT been resolved. So the options asked how to resolve it and there were two contrasting ones: red light and using a circular aperture. Both would increase the angle theta so what'd you write? Paper 2 was awesome. I did options 6 (the climate change one with gravitational forces) and Option 7 (SHM and Thermodynamics). Section A had some tricky parts, especially the one where that non reflector is moved forward. Section B was too easy. Tell me how you found it !
  24. Mehboob Chatur

    Physics HL Notes

    Hey guys, I lost all my physics notes an dI'm freaking out. My final exams are in May 2015 and I dont have enough time to make new notes all over again. Was windering if theres anyone out there that can help me out? :help: Thank you in advance.
  25. Hi guys, I know this will be unlikely. But does anyone have copies of the new syllabuses for 2016 in Physics and Chemistry, As you all know, the syllabus is going to be changed. The syllabuses were released to teachers in december of 2016, but I want to have a look at their content for some personal reasons. So if anyone has a copy of the syllabuses, please send them to me! You can attach them as files in your replies or send an email to n_______ Thanks.

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