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Found 230 results

  1. How do I make sure I get into Cambridge? Even if I don't get the required grades?
  2. So for my group 4 project I need to do it on curling and more specifically the physics of curling. Does anyone have an EASY idea for me? Please?
  3. Hi, I'm a sophomore and I'm currently choosing my IB subjects (and it's stressful haha)! I won't be pursuing a career in math or science because I want to major in languages thanks to my international background (and it tends to be easier for me most times). I was originally planning on IB Chemistry SL, but some research has told me that IB Physics SL may be a better option (lower grade boundaries?); I would appreciate any advice that you can give me regarding which one is easier and what the characteristics of those subjects are. Our teachers seem to be okay in both subjects, so that's not a big factor. Here are my (almost) final subjects: English A Lit HL Math HL Psychology HL Chem/Physics SL French B SL Spanish B SL (Spanish in Ab Initio) I am taking math because I enjoy the challenge and the subject itself (despite not wanting a career); I'd say I'm good in our current class, which is known as the prerequisite for Math HL in our school. I take chemistry now but I don't take physics (that's apparently not a problem). I enjoy the mathematical parts of chemistry, but I sometimes find the theory hard to understand when it goes deeper. I don't like memorizing, but the amount that chemistry requires hasn't bothered me much. My main concerns are: Chem? High grade boundaries, labs, unable to grasp theory Physics? It's notorious for being difficult, but that's in HL so.. Same here, I'm worried about not getting the theory, mainly. Thank you for your help
  4. Hi everyone. I am working with string-coupled pendulums, as I am dealing with the relationship of two pendulum, I am becoming increasingly frustrated that that I have not been able to linearize anything - they are sin/cos graphs and it's just so frustrating. Why are we required to produce linear graphs? Why can't I just compare the theoretical equation for the displacement of a pendulum, with the equation obtained from graphing my results? I could compare multiple aspects to get indicators of systematic errors, random errors are just the spread from the sine wave, and as for uncertainties, I can use trigonometric identities. I am so so frustrated. DO WE NEED LINEAR GRAPHS and will I lose marks from not producing one?
  5. Currently, my teacher has approved of my IA idea to investigate factors that affect the lift of a model airplane / helicopter. I can change any variable of my choice. However, as I looked into the topic I realised that I could not think of an appropriate method of testing. My original plan was to place the mode onto a scale ; for a helicopter to hover, the force exerted by the rotor blade on the air must be equal to the weight of the helicopter. (Newton's Third Law). However, in order to do that I have to spin the rotors and I'm not sure how I would approach a proper method to do so consistently. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I am taking HL- English, History, and Physics and SL-Italian, Chemistry, and Math (IB Calculus). The Physics HL at my school is not an actual class and i have to do it independent study in the SL Physics class and was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on how i should go about taking this course and if i should look into a different HL elective (Im bad at Bio, Psych, and Business and want to pursue a science career in college)
  7. Hey! I am currently in the process of brainstorming and conducting preliminary research, and I've come up with this (physics ee): To explore the effect of various discharge cycles (the amount of resistance) on the power output of a photovoltaic solar cell (using a decade box) Would anyone have any advice as to a. whether this topic would work, and b. how do I approach this extended essay (essentially how do I approach a physics extended essay) I am sorry the questions are so broad but I would be happy with any sort of advice or guidance I can get. Thanks!
  8. So I have to choose my Extended Essay topic this week and I'm not sure how to go about it. My teacher advised us to choose something that is related to what we want ot do in the future and I want to go into the architecture stream. However, I'm not taking Visual Art or History and have NO IDEA how to get a topic idea now. I'm taking Physics HL, so I might be able to do a lab about the stability of building but I wanted to do something like that for my IA. Other subjects - Chem HL, Math HL, English Lit and Lang HL, Business SL, French SL
  9. so i just realized i needed chem for engineering, i had assumed that because i was not going to do chemical engineering i would not need chemistry. but universities coming to my school are saying otherwise. so pls its too late to switch to chem, what can i do?
  10. Hey, so I just made my choices for DP. HL: Math, Physics, Chemistry SL: English lang & Lit, Biology, Dutch self taught. I have a strong background in all the subjects and I need most subjects for university. But....... Did I seriously just kill myself? I mean will I have to stay up until 4am every single night? Is it even doable? Peace out!!
  11. hey, (English is not my first language so excuse the poor grammar, but I'm sure most people would get what I'm saying here) So I think I am in trouble. I've tried for the past 5 months to solve and understand this issue. Let me tell you the whole story right from the beginning, so I enrolled into IB this year with only two GCSEs in my hand both of which I managed to screw up, D in business and B in math. Now I know I may seem stupid with those grades but I've never cared of school and studies till now and these past 5 months I've been completely reformed. I was forced to be in MATH STUDIES, but I knew I what I wanted to do in the future and that was to be an engineer. So I worked my ass off and got to HIGHER LEVEL MATH through self-studying their topics by myself and taking their monthly tests and ****ing proved the school I wasn't a donkey. After all that, I was happy I got in and satisfied with myself ( this could be an inspirational story to those who think they're dumb just cuz they did badly in one test), but my troubles didn't end there. After some surfing on uni applications for engineering, they all seem to require Math HL and PHYSICS HL!! Ok look I love physics I wish I could do HL but I'm just too far into the school year for them to accept me to join that class. I'm in physics SL btw so there might be a chance they'll accept me? I don't know tbh and its really bugging me. I looked at the difference between HL and SL physics and there is are 4 topics apart. Like srsly I don't get accepted due to not studying 4 chapters? Ok so I've heard of foundation year, but that's a total waste of my time for not doing 4 topics of physics! I'm however prepared for it if there is no option. Also this new school I'm in looks at my GCSE grades and uses them to place me in the right classes, like **** off, Math studies to Math Higher level. Anyways I came to this site for help from people and to see if anyone is in a similar situation as I am. So if u guys have any advice for me and stuff pls do say I really need to solve this issue quickly.
  12. Hello, I'm searching for two students, which are full of motivation that would like to form a team and participate in a competition together. The theme I really want to work on is air pollution analysis. I think this is a great opportunity to try yourself in a different field, gain new cooperation skills and of course have something to write in your personal statement. (Ha ha ha we are all worrying about that last point, aren't we?) I hope someone will return my call! Have a nice day! Note: All three students have to be from different countries and from the European Union between 15 and 19 years old. You can find more information about this competition here:
  13. Do I need to include background information on my IA? My topic is weird, I think it's cool but apparently no one else does since I can't find a single research or even a single web page talking about it. My topic is investigating the relationship between the number of magnets with same pole facing the ferromagnetic sphere in a configuration of a ferromagnetic sphere surrounded by multiple magnets and the magnitude of resultant magnetic field as measured from the ferromagnetic sphere. If you can think of some other research/investigation about this topic please let me know! If not, do I still need a background information section? My entire analysis had some vectors, trig, and some creative thinking trying to create the most reasonable set of independent and dependent variables for graphing. I ended up with the independent variable being the magnitude of the difference of the magnitudes of the combined field strength and the dependent variable being the magnitude of the measured resultant magnetic field strength. Please help!!!! My final draft is due this coming Monday, do I need a background info section or no?
  14. I am doing Physics SL and thinking about some IA topics. I am interested in drone and would like to investigate on electromagnetic interference on drone/multi-copters. But i don't know what experiment should I conduct and what I am trying to find out. At the moment, I think I can use the Lenz's laws to investigate this topic. Can any physic experts provide some comments/suggestions (experiments, apparatus, formula)? Thank you and much appreciated.
  15. NEED HELP ASAP! I am having some difficulty with formulating a question for my IA topic, which is harmonic frequencies. My dependent variable is the frequency. My independent variable are the different harmonics I am playing on the frets of a guitar. How do I come up with a question for that?
  16. Hey all, I've been stressing about what to do for my EE, as I would really like to get it done in good time, start in the spring and write the first draft during summer holiday etc.. I know that I want to do it in physics, but I haven't been so sure about what topic, exactly. I think I've found a topic of interest, and that is electromagnetism, and I'm particularly interested in building a Tesla coil and developing some research question based on it. However, I don't know if it's a very realistic or appropriate subject? I'm aware of the health and safety risks it can have, but if it is an appropriate subject I'd definitely make sure to keep the experiment within safe proportions. I don't know too much about Tesla coils yet - so I'm not yet sure what exactly would be my variables and what I would measure or what kind of research question I could formulate, especially as we haven't gone through Topic 5: electromagnetism yet - but that's what I want to learn more about, if this idea is worth pursuing. What do y'all think? Please let me know, thanks xx
  17. Apparently the page limit is 12 pages including title page, table of contents, and bibliography. I don't have the first two yet, some of my analyses are only in point forms (so might become longer) and already at 13 pages. Can I reduce margins to fit under page limit?
  18. I have currently chosen to investigate tidal waves for my maths IA. However, I am unsure as to what other explorations I can do under this. (And whether or not this is too simple...) Is modelling and predicting future tidal waves appropriate? I have secondary sources that'll give me data of tides at different points in times at a beach, so I will be able to graph them. I will also use trig and algebra to find the ideal time to visit the beach with my "ideal" tidal height of 1.5 metres I am uncertain as to what other maths/exploration I can apply to this Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  19. hey, this is my first post so im kind of not sure how to write these. i was looking at groningen univesity to study physics and im confused on the requirments. my clases are: Math, History, English A lang lit = HL Physics,French Ab, ITGS = SL so im not sure if i can do the course without Physics HL. I cant chnage because of the way my schools time table is set up. if i cant, are there any other good Physics Bachelor programms in europe where i can apply with Physics Sl? cause, from what i understand, Math Hl is more important because Physics is very math based.
  20. Hello:) I basically took a test for IB Physics HL today, on Topic 4: Waves - only paper 2. The problem is, that for the last question I mistook 0.882 ms for 0.882 s, which got me the answers 0.21Hz and 0.34m/s when the real answers were 210Hz and 340m/s. I had to get the frequency before the speed, but since I got the frequency wrong in the first place the speed was also wrong, although the working process was right. I thought that I would normally get at least 2 out of 4 marks, thanks to ECF. However, I just took a look at the mark scheme and it doesn't talk about any ECF on the notes section - will I still receive 2 marks or will I receive 0..? Thanks in advance:) For the files, the question is 4. b i and ii.
  21. Physics IA View File My Physics IA, which was marked 20/24. Good for a comparison (remember, it's not perfect). Honestly, you don't need to have anywhere near as much detail, and it's always best to keep things concise where possible. I probably could've cut out a fair portion, in retrospect, without losing any marks. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Physics  
  22. 11 downloads

    Sample Physics IA. Good for a comparison (it's not perfect). Will update with moderated mark soon-ish. Honestly, you don't need to have anywhere near as much detail, and it's always best to keep things concise where possible. I probably could've cut out a fair portion, in retrospect, without losing any marks.
  23. Hi, I am looking for advice on my physics IA ASAP. I want to experiment with rubber bands and hysterisis. Would it be an acceptable IA to test hysterisis in a rubber band by adding and removing weights?
  24. Hi, I'm doing my extended essay in physics and I wanted some feedback on my topic. So the research question I'm thinking of is: To what extent does temperature impact the efficiency of a magnetic levitation device? This isn't the final wording (I need to rephrase "magnetic levitation device"), but the basic idea is that I would build a kind of quadcopter using rotating magnets and a copper plate. The eddy currents in the plate would cause it to heat up and I want to see if cooling the plate would have any effect on how much weight the quadcopter could hold. I got the idea from the video below. I think it has real world applications in things like maglev trains and such. Is this a good topic? I'm open to any suggestions anyone can offer.
  25. Hey everyone. So next year I’m going into the IB with- English A Literature, Chinese B, Economics, Chemistry, Maths HL and Physics. I really wanted to do Film HL but I thought it’s better to keep my options open and do two sciences instead as I would like to study engineering or medicine in uni. So im just wondering, would doing HL maths, physics and chemistry be way too much? I really love maths and I’m pretty decent at it. I’m also pretty good with managing workloads and im really interested in sciences but I still want to get a good final grade. Or would it be better to swap HL chemistry for HL Economics? Thanksss