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Found 12 results

  1. I got a really low grade the first year of IB (28 points) and I'm wondering if it is possible and has it been done before that someone has improved their final ib score to around the middle-high 30's (34-38). For my grades I achieved scores of 6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 2 - 2. The subjects I got 2's in were physics HL and math SL. Is it possible to perform a comeback in the IB from the first year? Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  3. Got 22 points and didn't get the diploma, which I really really need...Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to gain those 2 extra points to pass?? please guys help me
  4. I was just called in by the principal to talk about my grades. My semester 1 reports shows that I achieved total points of 31 excluding bonus points, and semester 2 it dropped to 26 points. He recommended that I consider dropping my IB and just get into college with a regular diploma. Im thinking of going to school in Canada. What do you guys think? My teachers think that I can regain my points in the beginning of 12th grade and I think so too and I would hate to be the only one not taking IB while all my friends are.
  5. I recently finished my IB1 final exams and got a 39/42. Is this score good for Ivy league schools?
  6. I didn't receive my diploma because I failed my extended essay. I am retaking math hl and my extended essay. Will I receive my diploma, if I fail my essay again BUT get one extra point in mathematics, therefore bringing my total points from 27 to 28 ? I read a document somewhere that getting more than 27 points means you dont have to pass your extended essay to receive your diploma. Thank you so much in advance for your time, everyone
  7. So, as we all know, paper 2 is worth 40% of Chem SL. Leading up to my paper 2 mock, I was pretty confident. I had 6+ on my IA, P1 mock and P3 mock. Then came P2 and I got a 3. At this point, I would be happy with getting around 25-30/50 on P2.. Any tips on how to maximize my points on P2. I still have time to study and relearn some concepts, since the exam is next Thursday.
  8. Q: Describe the adaptations of plants in deserts to conserve water. A: Desert plants have adapted to the extreme of heat and aridity by using physical and behavioral mechanisms. Plants have adapted by altering their physical structure - xerophytes (cacti). Phreatophytes are plants that have adapted to arid environments by growing extremely long roots to acquire water further underground. I feel like this is not a full answer, the question is worth 4 points so I feel like there's more to it. What am I missing?
  9. Hey guys, do you know important things I should watch out for in my extended essay in order to achieve the highest grade possible?
  10. I am doing the full diploma but what I am not able to get 24 points at the end of grade 12? Do I get the diploma with my grades on it or do I get an IB certificate?
  11. Hey guys, i just wanted to hear your opinion. Do you think that it is easier to get an 'A' in TOK or EE? (Could you maybe also consider the amount of time invested, etc.) I am asking because apparently, the weighting of TOK vs EE grade is 50-50 when your final extra 3 points are calculated. Thanks
  12. Does anybody know how many points you need to get an A and how many for a be? Thank you.