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Found 23 results

  1. Allemande135

    Late first reflection

    If I submit my first reflection after the deadline, will I lose points in the Extended Essay?
  2. Guest2182417318129

    24 Points IB2 (Dp2) First Term

    Hello, I heard from someone you need 24 points in the first term of IB2 to do the end of year exams, I was wondering if this is true?
  3. I got a really low grade the first year of IB (28 points) and I'm wondering if it is possible and has it been done before that someone has improved their final ib score to around the middle-high 30's (34-38). For my grades I achieved scores of 6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 2 - 2. The subjects I got 2's in were physics HL and math SL. Is it possible to perform a comeback in the IB from the first year? Thanks for your time.
  4. InternalBleeding

    Chemistry IA grading HELP

    Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  5. Got 22 points and didn't get the diploma, which I really really need...Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to gain those 2 extra points to pass?? please guys help me
  6. Tyler1

    Dropping IB

    I was just called in by the principal to talk about my grades. My semester 1 reports shows that I achieved total points of 31 excluding bonus points, and semester 2 it dropped to 26 points. He recommended that I consider dropping my IB and just get into college with a regular diploma. Im thinking of going to school in Canada. What do you guys think? My teachers think that I can regain my points in the beginning of 12th grade and I think so too and I would hate to be the only one not taking IB while all my friends are.
  7. THeSLay

    Points for Ivy League Schools

    I recently finished my IB1 final exams and got a 39/42. Is this score good for Ivy league schools?
  8. I didn't receive my diploma because I failed my extended essay. I am retaking math hl and my extended essay. Will I receive my diploma, if I fail my essay again BUT get one extra point in mathematics, therefore bringing my total points from 27 to 28 ? I read a document somewhere that getting more than 27 points means you dont have to pass your extended essay to receive your diploma. Thank you so much in advance for your time, everyone
  9. So, as we all know, paper 2 is worth 40% of Chem SL. Leading up to my paper 2 mock, I was pretty confident. I had 6+ on my IA, P1 mock and P3 mock. Then came P2 and I got a 3. At this point, I would be happy with getting around 25-30/50 on P2.. Any tips on how to maximize my points on P2. I still have time to study and relearn some concepts, since the exam is next Thursday.
  10. Q: Describe the adaptations of plants in deserts to conserve water. A: Desert plants have adapted to the extreme of heat and aridity by using physical and behavioral mechanisms. Plants have adapted by altering their physical structure - xerophytes (cacti). Phreatophytes are plants that have adapted to arid environments by growing extremely long roots to acquire water further underground. I feel like this is not a full answer, the question is worth 4 points so I feel like there's more to it. What am I missing?
  11. juve4ever

    Extended essay high score

    Hey guys, do you know important things I should watch out for in my extended essay in order to achieve the highest grade possible?
  12. LBrown

    IA Score to IB points

    So my goal for my overall Math Studies grade is a 6, and we are currently working on the IA. When I was looking at the rubric however, it does not convert from the points on the rubric to what the IB grade would be (1-7) and I was wondering if anyone knew the boundaries for each score?
  13. Hey everyone, I have kind of a trivial question, but I haven't been able to get a straight answer from the IBO page. Namely, do the grades in 2IB have an impact on the IB Diploma, or only those from 3IB? And how much % is it compared to the points from the exams?
  14. AlmostIsNeverEnough

    Hey! I'm new here...

    Hi guys! I've nearly discover this. I'm so excited! I have SO many questions. But first I'd like to know if someone could help me with IB points. I want to know exactly how many points you could get in all the exams etc? This is my first year, I have just started so I suppose I'm from the new generation. My subjects: SL Biology, SL Chemistry, SL Maths, HL Philosophy, HL English B and my native language that is Spanish in HL. The Programme of the Diploma is a very recent thing where I live so I hope anyone could help me. I want to get the 45 points, it seems impossible but... well, I believe in dreams. If you could also help me with this website, is the firs time post something. I'll be very thankful.
  15. annamoshammer

    Accessing results?!?!

    Hi everyone I have already checked my results, however I wanted to look at them more closely again but I can't log in anymore. Does anybody know why it doesn't work anymore? Thanks in advance!
  16. Username12

    Not enough points

    I am doing the full diploma but what I am not able to get 24 points at the end of grade 12? Do I get the diploma with my grades on it or do I get an IB certificate?
  17. Hey everyone! Tomowrrow is the Psychology Paper 2. I was just wondering whether using bullet points in the 22 mark questions would be a good idea. No, i am not planning to write the whole answer is bullet points, but within the essay, can some list type data be included in bullt point? For eg: A question like: "Discuss the concepts of normality and abnormality" comes and I want to include Rosenhan and Seligman (1984) and Jahoda (1958) in my answer, can I use a bullet point list to list the 7 and 6 criteria respectively? Including all seven critera in a paragraph is a bit inconvinient and may put off the examiner as well... Any thoughts or advise?
  18. Hey guys, i just wanted to hear your opinion. Do you think that it is easier to get an 'A' in TOK or EE? (Could you maybe also consider the amount of time invested, etc.) I am asking because apparently, the weighting of TOK vs EE grade is 50-50 when your final extra 3 points are calculated. Thanks
  19. I'm not applying for a course that has ANY subject requirements, they just want 38. My personal statement is incredibly strong, I'll post it after I've applied. But yeah, is it worth the risk ?
  20. elizac96

    Personal Statements

    is it true that if you write a good personal statement that some universities will lower their entry requirements for you? subjected to each person ofcourse.
  21. Hey guys, I have a serious question that I need clarified. I have been reading around but no one has a firm and correct answer. Scenario: I am taking 3 HL courses If I get a 3 on one HL course and total of 9 or more on the other two HL courses, can I still get my diploma.....granted I have met all of the other requirements? Thank you!
  22. Does anybody know how many points you need to get an A and how many for a be? Thank you.
  23. GirlwiththeBlueBox

    EE points you can't afford to give away...

    Hello! I noticed a lot of people had questions regarding EE points so I thought I'd share something my IB coordinator gave me to help with the extended essay. If you follow these simple rules, they guarantee you at least a 16 on the essay, which'll give you a C. Yay! Criterion A: Research Question (RQ)-- RQ must be clearly stated in introduction. RQ must be sharply focused. (+2 points) Criterion B: Introduction-- The RQ is put into context-- why is this question worthy of study and investigation? If your introduction doesn't answer this question you are throwing away points. (+2 points) Criterion G: Use of language appropriate to subject-- are you writing as a historian, psychologist, chemist, literary analyst, etc.? Are you using technical vocabulary appropriate to your subject? Avoid colloquial language. Read your paper out loud. Does it make sense when you hear it? (+4 points) Criterion H: Conclusion-- This should sound like the end of your paper. It should tie up loose ends and address unresolved questions. It should include your RQ and restate your conclusion. It is NOT just your introduction all over again. (+2 points) Criterion I: Formal presentation-- Do you follow a standard format for your paper? Do you have a title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative materials, quotations properly formatted, citations, works cited page? (+4 points) Criterion J: Abstract-- Cannot exceed 300 words (include word count at end of abstract). Examines the development of the arguments, states the same RQ found on title page and introduction. The RQ should be incorporated into your abstract, not separate at the top of the page. Put your RQ into context-- why did you choose this topic? What led you down this path to your EE? Explain how you conducted your investigation and the conclusion that you have drawn. Don't just say that you went to the library, but instead talk about the journey. State your main conclusions. You are, in essence, answering the RQ by stating what you have concluded from your research. Write in 3rd person, block style (no indenting), use all 300 words. (+2 points)

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