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Found 14 results

  1. I'm currently choosing courses for my grade 9 year, and I have to choose between grade 10 intro to computer studied and grade 11 comp sci (both require no pre-requisites, and both are available for ninth graders). The grade 10 course is like an introduction to fields in technology and an introduction to Python, while the grade 11 course is programming in Java and an intro to graphical UIs. I’m also taking Python classes right now. I’m really stuck and would really appreciate it if someone could help me decide which course is the best one for a grade 9 student. Thank you
  2. I have my Pre-IB french interview at Victoria Park CI tomorrow! I know how to do an interview, but can someone please tell me what they will ask ASAP! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm going to be studying grade 9 pre-ib at St.Roberts next year, and I was wondering if anyone knows what science textbook is used for the science course? Even if you didn't go there, any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Sarvnaz
  4. MartaZuz

    IB Choices

    Hi everyone, i need help. I am a pre-ib student and i have to choose my ib subjects and i have no idea what to do. I am thinking between HL Geo and Chem ( I can't choose both i have already bio and ang HL) and math studies and SL. Somebody help please!
  5. Hi, I am 10th grade student currently in American British Academy school Oman. I have somewhat picked my DP subjects already but I wanted to ask you guys which ones are the hardest and easiest. Also I don't have any experience and prior knowledge with Geo. Will prior knowledge be needed to take HL? Is it difficult without prior Knowledge? How will I mostly be assessed? ( Projects, Tests, Presentations, All?) HL Geo HL Econ or Buissness HL Physics SL Math SL Eng Lang Lit SL French TOK
  6. Hello! I'm a grade 8 Canadian student applying for Bayview High school's pre-Ib. I know that besides the French and English and math, there is also a written profile. Does anyone know how that works? Please please please help me!! How long does it have to be? What do you have to write?
  7. Hi everyone! Earlier I made a post asking about Bayview's admission process. However, I'm also applying for St Roberts and I'm really nervous. It's my first year in Canada, but my English is pretty good. I have full marks for every single subject in my grade seven report card and all my grade eights are above 95 besides my gym, which is a mid-eighty. I've done the ssat upper-level questions and they seem pretty easy. I know it's hard to say, but do you think I have a good chance of getting in? Please help me! I'm really really stressed over this!
  8. I recently got accepted into 2 IB schools in my region, one in the regular school board and one in the catholic school board. This year, our board announced that there would be 4 new schools to the 1 (I am in the York Region District School Board) already in place. Is it ok to go to a school which is starting it's IB program next year and is still training teachers? I can't say it is a too stellar school outside of the IB program. I would love to go to the school in the Catholic School board, but it is too far for my parents to drive and is a 1 hr and 15 min bus ride.
  9. Common question I know but i really need some help. I'm joining IB this year and I'll be focusing on something English career wise I think. So based on that, could i get some tips on subject selection? That does make a difference right? My school offers these subjects: English Lit French Business management/ Economics psychology physics.chem/bio Mathematics visual arts So I was thinking of going with this combo: English Lit [HL] French [sl] Business management/Eco [HL] Bio [HL} Math [ SL or studies I'm not sure but basically math isn't my strong suit...at all. That's why Bio] Psych {SL} Thanks
  10. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/2016/1/24/secrets-steps-to-7s-in-hl-chemistry-and-hl-biology
  11. I'm having trouble deciding between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I would imagine that I would find physics more interesting, but I'm not the best math student. To be honest, I don't even totally understand the difference between the two. Which one would require more critical thinking? (I'd like to major in philosophy, if that matters).
  12. Guest

    Majoring in Philosophy

    I'd like to major in philosophy. Unfortunately, my school doesnt offer IB Philosophy.If anyone could let me know how these courses look for such a goal, I'd be very appreciative HL English HL History HL Physics or Chemistry (I haven't decided yet) SL Math SL French SL Economics
  13. Guest

    Pre IBDP Preparation

    good afternoon students! i'm starting the IB in September and I have some questions: -I'm not very good at English, but I'm going to live in England and I hope to improve my English in 3-4 months It could be difficoult to study for me? (My level is FCE: First Certificate in English) -Do you suggest me to study something before starting my IB: my subjects are: Italian HL, English SL, French SL, Maths HL, Environmental systems and societies SL, Economics HL. thank you for your time and I hope to receive answers soon!!
  14. I'm going into Pre-IB next year, ninth grade and I want to know how to prepare. -What can I do now to prepare for Pre-IB? -Can you post copies of the syllabi for these classes? •HL History of The Americas •SL Spanish •HL Biology •SL Visual Arts •HL World Literature •SL Math -Is that a good setup? -Is there any difference between IB in Florida? I live in Florida and I'm going to be in the IB Programme at Gulf High School, if that helps. Thank you~!
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