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Found 76 results

  1. Hi, these are my options so far... HL: Physics, Biology, English SL: Econ, Spanish, Maths AA I'm worried about taking two sciences at HL. No one at my school has done that before and I'm afraid it's going to be too difficult (I want to get a good grade of ib). I am fascinated by physics and biology, plus I am thinking about going to medical school or studying physics so I know that both courses will help me decide what I want to study. Has anyone taken two sciences at HL or do you know anyone who has? I welcome any suggestions! Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently in 8th grade and I am planning on taking both the St. Robs and Bayview entrance exam into their ib programs. Can someone please explain to me how the exam is broken down, what can I expect, and what are my chances for getting in? (roughly 700 students apply to each school every year, only around 250 get accepted). For Bayview, I have an average of around 88% from my grade 7 final term, and a solid teacher recommendation. How well do I have to perform on the test in order for me to get into the program?? St.Roberts only relies on the test scores, im pretty sure. Also, is there any advice or helpful tips for studying for the tests? Thanks for your time
  3. I took my IB entrance exam today (St. Robert CHS) and I don't think I did so well - I guessed an answer from the mathematics section and left one question unanswered, and I don't think I did the greatest in the language section. I also didn't have much time to check over my answers, and barely skimmed through my math answers before time was up I'm going to garner a guess and say that about 800 students applied this year, and from the previous year, there were 5 IB classes, so if there were about 30 students in each class, about 150 were accepted. St. Robert CHS will look at a small writing sample, the language and math exams, my IEP, my grade 7 final report card and my grade 8 progress report. My writing sample wasn't really "exceptional" in my opinon, as I know that there are many aspiring writers out there who will also be applying for the program at St. Robert. My lowest mark in the grade 7 final report card was an 85, and my highest mark was a 95 in writing. I've achieved all progressing very wells with the exception of one (a progressing well in Geography) in the Grade 8 progress report, and I'm currently in the Gifted program. Although I don't think I did fantastic on the entrance exams, do I still stand a chance in being accepted into the St. Robert IB program, with that many people applying? Please be honest! Thank you!
  4. Hello, so I'm in my final year of MYP (myp5) or pre-ib and am currently in the process of selecting/confirming our subjects for the IB. Here are my subjects I am planning to pick but I still don't know which option to pick: HL: Chemistry, Biology, Humanities Subject (thinking about picking Economics)/English Language and Literature SL: Math AA, German B, Humanities Subject (thinking about picking Economics)/English Language and Literature I'm very nervous at the moment because I know my subject choices will impact my university application. I'm for sure planning to study science at a uk university but still don't know whether to study medicine or something else such as biotechnology or biochemistry. Right now in my science classes, I am enjoying them a lot, scoring 8's in all my assessment. I've done 2 weeks of work experience in a local pharmacy and loved in there so much! I've also arranged 2-week work experience at a biotechnology company at the beginning of summer to see if biotechnology is the right area in science for me. I've also looked into Oxbridge (Natural Science (prefer at the moment)/Veterinary Medicine for Cambridge and Biomedical Science (prefer at the moment) /Biology/Medicine/Biochemistry). A representative from Cambridge had visited my school and told me I would need to have Chemistry, Biology and Physics/Maths at a higher level to have a competitive application as it is apparently very rare for a student to be accepted with only Chemistry + another science/math (their requirements). I'm not terrible at math. Our school has a low, standard and extended math class system. I'm only in the standard classes for math and I am scoring only 7's (7/8's) in my exams (basically 0-1 mistakes per) and my teacher recommended me to take SL Math AA although she did say I could do HL Math AA but I would need to work super hard. I have friends in year 11 (IB1) who used to score 100% or 8/8 in year 10 maths extended class but are scoring 4-5 right now. Even some of my friends in the extended class, scoring only 8's or 100% in exams (they've told me the teacher in the extended class is teacher them SL math content) are taking SL math. I think only 3 people in my entire grade is taking HL math. For biomedicine at Oxford, I saw that they only require 2 sciences at a higher level (https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/courses-listing/biomedical-sciences?wssl=1) which gave me some hope. I briefly scanned through some of the colleges in Oxford and fell in love with Keble College (but it is one of the collages with the lowest acceptance rates at 16% an only accepting a handful of biomedicinal students (I think it was around 5). This makes me feel like I have no shot in getting in only taking Biology and Chemistry, especially after consulting with the Cambridge representative as well. I have 7's in all of my classes except for German Phase 3 (I have a 6) and was recommended to take HL English A1 by my English teacher. frankly enjoy Biology and Chemistry WAY more than the rest of my subject choices which is making me confused. I heard that HL Economics is an easy 6-7 if I work hard, which I think I can do, compared to HL English A1 which is said to be one of the hardest subjects to get a 7 in. I don't find English or Economics super interesting compared to Biology and Chemistry but need to fill in my third HL subject. My IB coordinator recommended me to take English at HL as he said 2 HL science subjects will have extreme workload and that I would need a third subject to chill in (still work of course but in a less intensive manner) + I'm thinking about writing my EE in Biology or Chemistry as well. I've talked with the head of the English department at my school and he said scoring a 7 in English is as hard as scoring a 7 in any ib subject. For Group 1 and 3 my school offers: Group 1: English A1 (both Literature and Language and Literature) HL/SL and (Japanese and German Literature) HL/SL Group 3: Business and Management HL/SL, Economics HL/SL, History HL/SL, Geography HL/SL and Environmental Systems SL only Sorry for the huge paragraphs but here are my questions based on what I've said above: - I'm not from an English speaking country so would be taking HL English A1 to make me a more competitive candidate? - Do I need to take HL Math to study science (leaning towards choosing biomedicine) at Oxford? And would choose HL math makes me a more competitive candidate? - Does my school offer a subject change in the first 4 weeks of IB1 (if there is space in the class)? Should I take HL Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Literature and Economics and drop one of English and Economics before the 4 weeks are up? - Should I take environmental systems as my group 3 subject at SL to ensure I get good in it, giving me more points? What about geography HL or SL? That would mean my subjects would be: HL: Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Literature SL: German B, Environmental Systems, Maths AA OR HL: Biology Chemistry, English Language and Literature/Geography SL: German B, Maths AA and English Language and Literature/Geography - (for after IB) I loved my pharmacy work experience and am keeping it as a possible option for university. Do I study medicine to then specialise and study pharmacy or directly do into pharmacy school after the IB (pharmacy requirements are the same as medicine at most universities)? Thank you for answering any of my questions. Let me know if you need more information about anything I said above
  5. I am moving to a new IB school in Canada during the middle of ninth grade. In my old school I did Advanced Algebra 2 in 9th grade. Do they have an option of continuing on that path or do I have to start at algebra 1? I also was doing French 2 at that school. Can I countinue that?
  6. Hi, I am an 8th grader and I have been planning to go into the IB program once I am a junior. At the high school I am going to go, you are required to be in the Pre-IB/ Scholars program to register into the actual IBDP. A lot of my friends have told me not to and that I will have no social life if I do this. However, I knew someone who did the IBDP while playing basketball and working. I would like to know if it is really as burdening as people make it sound. (I know it is different for everyone depending on personal choices) I would also like to know what subjects would be best for me to take. These are the classes I would like to take: - English SL - Math HL - Spanish SL - Biology HL - Chemistry HL - History HL +TOK However my school only offers some of these subjects in HL/SL. If I talk to a coordinator, is it possible to change this? English is only offered in HL, Chemistry is only offered in SL, and History is only offered in HL. I would really like to pursue biomedical engineering in college. Would this be the best subjects for me? Thank you so much in advance for any answers and advice. Sorry it’s a lot to read!
  7. Hello! I am starting my first year of pre-IB in two weeks or so (the fourth of September) and I’m quite anxious about it. I’ve been doing a lot of math sheets and reading material that the school has suggested all pre-IB students do. I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice for me, or any advice specifically for pre-IB students. Basically, anything you’ve done in pre-IB that was stupid that (hopefully) I can avoid. Thanks!
  8. What is the difference between a fully authorized IB programme and a school that is an IB Candidate? Does it make an impact on whether or not I get my diploma or the education in general?
  9. Okay so I'm in 10th grade going into JR year after this summer and I'm doing the IB obvi these classes are set - HL - PSYC and SL - Mandarin and Lang & Lit Now I'm deciding between where to place math (ive always been good at math getting A's but last year I didn't pay much attention and barely got an A (also my school doesnt have A-'s so i wouldve gotten a B+)) Then after that I have to decide where to place chem and if i should take bio or physics (still in limbo are chem, bio or physics and math ) - HOW hard are these classes I took AP US history and got a 4 (would've gotten a 5 but messed up the formatting on the test leaving me little time to actually finish to best of my ability) so i guess that means i'm good at memorizing ALSO my science teacher said that I would be better suited for SL chem ALSO which math would be best if I also wish to take the AP Calc test and score a 4 or 5
  10. Glenforest SS Entrance Exam Grade 8 --> Grade 9 I have heard and read a lot of different things like that there are a french, math and English exam. Some say you only need to write a page about why your right for this program and a 1-hour long math test that's based on the grade 7 and 8 math curriculum that just like Gauss and you half an hour to complete it. I'm applying for IB in glen forest SS, however, idk what to study I want this summer to my advantage to study I have already planned math and language, however, nothing on French. we got our report cards today and my average was an 82.75% with 5 E's and 1 G. so know the question I have are what do I need to study? am I going to make it with my grades? how stressful is it? I apologize for all these questions however I hope you can relate to my situation right now I'm stressed nervous and there are so many things going through my head. I thank everyone very much and hope you have a great rest of your day!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Grade 10 bio notes for beginners.
  12. Hi all, I just wanted to know how difficult it's going to be for me to study and succeed in IB. I'm currently studying in grade 10 and I'll most probably start studying according to IB's curriculum next year. I'm currently studying the Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry, English Literature/writing, Biology, and Phyiscs. The McGraw Hill Algebra 2 on top of social studies, Farsi literature/writing and Arabic. I find all of the subjects I'm studying relatively easy (except Farsi. Even though it's my mother language), and I aced all of my finals last term. But I'm kinda stressed to be studying IB as I have no idea about the difficulty level. The hl subjects that I'm gonna pick are biology, chemistry, Farsi and English (I have no idea whether it's gonna be A or B; it's mandatory to study Farsi and English hl at my school) I want to study medicine and I looked at dozens of university admission requirements for the said course; most of the universities I'm interested in require a minimum of 6 in bio hl and chem hl on top of an overall score of 38/45. As I said, I just want to know how much energy I'll need to exert on my studies and how difficult it'll be to meet the mentioned requirements. Your insight would be appreciated! Edit: Do I need to study physics as wrll to get into medicine? I'm already picking Math sl so not sure how that'll work.
  13. I am in MYP5 and I am undecided about my choices. I want to either study in Portugal or the UK. I want to either to study finance or computer science. The subjects I want to take are: Economics HL Math HL Spanish B HL Portuguese Lit. SL Eng. Lang and Lit. SL Physics SL I am forced to do Portuguese and English. One has to be Lang. and Lit. and the other has to be Lit.. My first language is portuguese, and I do much better in portuguese than in english. Which one is harder though? Lang. and Lit or just Lit.? Do universities prefer one over the other? Is there a problem with taking three languages, or should i change spanish to something like History SL, or another science? Please answer honestly: Do you think that these choices are good for someone pursuing a degree in either computer science or finance?
  14. Hi everyone! I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for Math textbooks, websites or study guides that follow the grade 9 Ib curriculum? I wanted to see what subjects I haven't studied yet and which ones I'll have an easy time with. It'd be cool if you even name the textbook you used..... Tips for other subjects are appreciated too! Thank you!
  15. I'm currently in grade 8 and the pre-ib admissions test is on November 25th, I don't know what material will be on the test, and I don't know the proper way to study for a test. If you can help me that would be a huge help!
  16. I am currently a Canadian Grade 8 student who just recently made IB. I want to know if pre-ib grade 9 is as scary as people say. Also can you post you averages from Grade 9 pre-ib.
  17. Hey, So I am beginning to prepare for the next school year next year (pretty early, I know) which is the year I will start the MYP/Pre-IB program. I'm currently trying to figure out what I'll be needing for note-taking and such. Here's my plan as well as my courses: - English (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Mathematics - Grade 9 (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Mathematics - Grade 10 (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Science (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Canadian Geography (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - French (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Instrumental Music (A hole punched folder) - A planner/calendar - And a large fabric, zipper binder so I can put all the notebooks, folders, or loose papers in together. My 2 questions are: Would it be wiser and more organized to take down all my notes in the notebooks and use loose leaf sheets of paper for all my exercises? Should I use notebooks at all? Or should I use a bunch of binders instead (I've heard a lot of people used separate binders for each subject in IB)? If not then what do you think I should use? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello! So, I know it's probably too early to be thinking about this (considering I haven't even started High School yet) but I want to participate in an international student exchange program in Grade 10. I would be more interested in applying in Grade 9, but you must be 15 and up. I searched for a topic containing something related to a student exchange program on the forum and couldn't find anything, so I'm guessing this isn't too popular with IB students. I'm going to start Grade 9 in a couple of months and have been accepted and enrolled in a Pre-IB/MYP program for both Grade 9 and 10. If I survive, I'll be enrolled in the real IB Program in Grades 11 and 12 and the only reason I'm not even considering studying abroad during those two years is because I know I won't be able to miss a semester of school. In other words, Grades 11 and 12 are out of question for me. I really want to study abroad in Japan for the first school semester (in Japan). It will most likely be from March - August, but I'm not sure as programs for 2019 aren't available yet. The other option is August - February, but I would like to spend the holidays with my family. In case you don't know what an international student exchange program is, allow me to tell you. Basically, it's when you apply to an organization of your choice to study abroad somewhere (internationally) for a certain amount of time. Its main purpose is cultural enrichment, immersion and foreign language enhancement. The program duration can vary from 4-10 months.The organization provides you with a certified host family, school enrollment, and takes care of the airfare stuff. Different organizations provide different additional things but the ones listed previously are the main things offered. In terms of the school stuff, I'm not sure about classes and grades (I should really look into that) but I don't think they officially grade you if you only attend for one semester. I have also heard that most classes will be in English, but some will be in Japanese; the numbers depend on how well you speak the language. But you must apply for your selected program (ex. one school semester in Japan; March - August). I think the application process takes approx. 5 months at the max. The organization I am interested in (AFS) evaluates you based on an interview with a representative. If you are accepted, then you're good to go! **EDIT** I think I can also transfer to a school offering the MYP/Pre-IB program upon request. I believe that would be a wiser option. Opinions? My 2 main questions are: - Should I go? will it be unwise to miss a little less than half a year of the Pre-IB program? (Grade 10 btw) - Have any of you ever done this before? Any type of suggestions, opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
  19. Hi everyone, I've asked this elsewhere already, so don't be surprised if you've already seen this, but is my courseload doable? Many are telling me to drop to 3 HLs... but I don't really want to and can't at the same time. BOLD courses are blocked courses for Years 1 and 2. Italicized courses are courses that alternate between fall and spring semesters of Year 1 and Year 2. Open the spoiler to see my extracurriculars. DISCLAIMER: I'm likely majoring in neuroscience IB Math SL (my school only offers SL math. I'm okay with that though, because my major isn't math-oriented. And Honors Pre-Calc was just... nope. Year 1 course) IB Spanish B SL (again, only offers SL Spanish, but I don't care. I'm decent in Spanish. Year 2 course) IB English Literature HL (my school only offers this in HL, and I HAVE to take it for the diploma. I'm a very good reader, writer, and speaker though, [though my annotation skills leave room to be desired x_x] so hopefully I should be okay) IB History HL (same case as English. I'm not great at history, but it should be fun anyway. I predict this will be my hardest class.) IB Biology HL (I love the sciences and have been enthusiastic about them since forever. I heard Bio is a lot of memorization, but apparently I'm good at it...) IB Chemistry HL (same case with Biology; I also heard Chem is hard, but I took Honors Chem and enjoyed it thoroughly, and that's apparently prep for the AP?IB variant.) So, is this doable? Like I said, my classes are pretty much set in stone for next year, I just want to know the amount of workload and sleep I'll get with those classes. I enjoy academics, though, so although I tend to get sick and tired of repetition, the IB curriculum seems to sway from that, so it's going to be interesting for me. Thank you so much!
  20. nwvmp


    So I applied for the Pre-IB program and personally think it's a good program for me. The school that I'm applying to (Turner Fenton SS in Ontario) does not have an entrance exam.All you have to do is submit your Grade 7 final report card results, your Grade 8 progress report card, and answer 2 questions.1. Choose one IB learning profile characteristic that best describes you.Explain why. 2. How are you going to make the world a better place? (not exact question) I believe that my responses were one of the best paragraphs I wrote in my life, so I'm not worried about them. I mentioned that I recently came in second place in my provincial spelling bee, and hopefully, that'll help me out. I'm worried about my Grade 7 final report card ruining things for me.Last year, due to my horrible math/sci/homeroom teacher, I got a 74% average in math (I've been getting straight A's in math for my whole life) and a 71% in science (I have gotten better grades in science, but it's not one of my strongest subjects) the rest of my marks were all 84's and up (except for drama) and were especially good in Language, History/Geography and French. I calculated my "academic" average (Math, Science, History/Geo, Language, French) and got an 80% as my average. My homeroom/sci/math teacher also burdened me with G's (only 2 E's) in the learning skills category. (I've been getting E's my whole life) My Grade 8 progress report card is amazing though, (progressing VERY well in everything but drama) and so are my learning skills (all excellent). So do you think I at least have a fair chance of getting accepted? What do you think they will look more closely at? (my final Grade 7 report card, Grade 8 progress report card or application?) Any opinions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  21. I'm in Grade eight and I'm trying to get into FMM's Pre-IB exam. If anyone has taken FMM's exam or an IB exam, please tell me the format and what type of questions there will be? I already know French isn't going to be tested on, but what about Math & English?
  22. I am a Canadian Grade 8 student who wants to get into the IB Program at my nearest IB High School. My Grade 7 report card is all Es and an overall average of 90%. I'm not really sure if it's enough, because I've heard of kids with 97% averages and stuff like that, and I'm really worried! Also, for the French component of the test, what am I supposed to study for? I'm a little scared lol <-- me when deciding that i give up on life I'M STILL GOING TO DO MY BEST. EVEN THOUGH MY BEST MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST BEST THERE IS. lol now im just confusing myself.
  23. This fall I'm entering the pre-IB program, and even though college isn't for a while, I like to plan ahead. I currently play a sport but I don't want to do it competitively in high school because of the time requirements - I'd basically have no free time for other activities between IB and a year-round sport. I was wondering whether or not colleges actually care about clubs. Two clubs I want to get involved in are photography and science club. I'll still do the sport recreationally (great CAS hours), I just won't compete or dedicate my life to it. I know here in America sports are everything to a lot of people, and especially to a lot of colleges, so I feel as though not playing the sport competitively will knock me out of the running for any sort of college scholarship. My grades have always been exceptionally high, but I've heard nowadays that's not enough for colleges and universities. I'm hoping that being in IB, in a few clubs, and still playing a recreational sport will help me, but I'm not sure. Thanks to all who answer!
  24. This book , the numercials are quiet tricky and hard .Guys help , my exam is next week .
  25. Hi everyone! I'm considering applying for medicine in the US or in England and I have a quite big problem. Besides that I want to take 7 subjects, I also don't really know if I should take Biology on Higher Level or not. I must stay that I'm not that passionate about biology in general, I'm quite good at memorasation, but my problem is that the teacher in our school is really, really bad. I can't stand her and most of the time I don't understand what she's talking about (and she makes our lessons as if we were biology uni students). Instead, I want to take Chem HL, so my question is: is that a very big problem if I took Bio on SL? Thanks for all your help.
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