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Found 20 results

  1. I'm having a small dillema and can't find my answer on the university websites. I'm predicted a quite average score of 32 but, with a little bit of luck and a fair amount of effort, I could potentially bring that up to a 35. I'm applying to 4 universities in Australia (16 courses in total) to start in March 2020. The initial plan was to apply as soon as the results come out (July 6th) but a lot of the universities say that some people apply far in advance (Monash - "some courses may close a few months or a year before the start of the course, while others have quotas. Aim to have your online application submitted as early as possible"). Does anyone know whether it would be possible to do both, apply relatively soon with my predicted grades and, if rejected, then apply again on July 6th for the same semester (March 2020)? If anyone has any other experiences with applying to Australian universities (specifically Queensland, Melbourne, Monash and UNSW) any advice would always be helpful!
  2. Hi! I currently take the IB diploma program and I am in my second year and planning to apply for Waseda EDESSA School of Political Sciences and Economics, and the Keio PEARL program. Waseda's avg. score is 37.2 / 42 but what is the minimum score to get into these two universities, or is there anyone who knows someone that got into this course?
  3. I am a senior currently taking the IB diploma and thinking of applying to either Keio GIGA, PEARL or Waseda SPSE. For waseda, although their IB average acceptance score is 37/42, would a score below that average still be enough to make it into Waseda SPSE? Also, although Keio does not have any IB admission related statistics, if anyone knows, what is the average IB score for people who get accepted to Keio PEARL and GIGA? Do they also look at your math level or if you have a bilingual diploma?
  4. I want to study in Hong Kong, and am applying to City Uni of HK, HKU, and HKUST I have a predicted 35 Math HL 4 Phys HL 5 Chem HL 5 Lang lit HL 6 Econ SL 6 Spanish B SL 7 TOK/EE 2 I'm quite undecided on what I want to study, I just want to get into one of these schools. Are there any majors that would make my chances higher, at any of these unis, especially HKUST and HKU? I know that at HKU, a 33 makes an applicant competitive for economics and finance (per their website) Any thoughts?
  5. I am in summer holidays approaching Year 13 now and I really want to grab the time to prepare for next year. I am at a 37 now and I really want to get a 40 or above. Does any one have tips on how to get a 7 in the following subjects that I take? Especially Film and Global Politics! I literally have no idea how in the world I am supposed to revise or get good grades in those!! - Chinese Language and Literature HL - English Literature SL - Maths SL - Design Technology SL - Global Politics HL - Film Studies HL Thanks a million!
  6. I'm in the first year of IBDP and we have our first mocks this year that help determining our predicted grades. Are these the grades that we use to apply to university? I'm in a British school in Europe.
  7. Hi guys, just wondering, how much wiggle room will you get to get accepted? For example, I get predicted a 37 but my actual score is 35. Would they not accept me then? Or will they only accept people who drop by 1 point? I'm talking about the U.S. btw. Ps. Does anyone know how to get the average IB accepted for universities? And does anyone know the average IB accepted per subject? I want to apply for NYU communications with an IB of 38 hopefully.
  8. Hi everyone, PGs are coming up on October and I've done pretty mediocre in the recent tests due to me slacking off during summer holidays. There's going to be another set of PGs coming on December and I am sure I'll be able to improve my grades by then. I want to ask what the advantages and disadvantages there would be between early applications (with october PGs) and applications (december PGs)
  9. Hi everyone, I am currently a year 13 student and am so scared about my PGs. Before I went into an IB school, I used to go to another school that had an entirely different curriculum and was taught in another language, so I was new to the whole IB format and being taught in english. When I first came, I did pretty bad, but eventually improved and I would've continued to improve if not for my horrible mocks. I usually do good or atleast good enough on tests. I was very scared for the mocks and my study routine for it was just bad i.e secluding myself just revising. For example, my grade for biology was a 6 and I wouldve gotten a 7 if only mocks werent a factor and now I am at a 5. I was wondering how Id be able to convince the teacher that I can do better and have learned from my past mistakes? Convincing the teacher to bump my PG up by two grades seems so impossible. I still have one more biology test to take before PGs come out and theoretically, if I do get a 7 in it, would you think the teacher would bump up my PG to a 7?
  10. Hi there, I wanted to inquire about the best scores for veterinary sciences, preferably Canada because they offer full legislation for international vet practice (so far I've heard, correct me if I'm wrong) and I like the environment in Canada. My dad used to tell me stories of his time as a university student in Canada So far I'm only getting about 32/34s but I'm hoping I'd get 2 marks for a 36. I'm not sure if Canada universities would accept me I heard most medical studies require above 40 marks from the IB which is hard for me to do so. I've been self-studying biology and maths (but my maths teacher gave me past year papers to work on) and it has been a long way on getting a solid 5 for my biology. Lately I've gotten a 6 but I feel like a bummer :'). I'm also hoping if there will be scholarships for my studies so I wonder if any of you who are experienced could help suggest me ways or sites to get scholarships. My parents discouraged me from taking vet studies. Especially when I can't earn a solid 36 from the core, they're getting more upset with my decision and it worries me I hope you guys could help me in giving advices about universities and scholarships. Thank you guys! :')
  11. Here's how you can maximize your predicted grades: Use past papers and past exam questions. The IB mark-schemes and therefore your teachers will give as much credit to style as to substance. So make sure you read and practice all past paper questions for your upcoming tests. The style in which answers are written is crucial to getting all the marks. Often, you may know what the question is asking for but only a concise and effective communication method that is often specific to the IB, will get you the full marks. You can get more marks by knowing the style in which questions are answered than knowing the actual answer. Therefore, get access to past papers and questionbanks. Think like a teacher. Thinking like a teacher means looking at the big picture. Before preparing for a test, ask yourself “If I were a teacher, how would I structure a testâ€. Use the considerable resources available on the Internet, such as past papers, questionbanks and syllabi to look at topics and questions that are likely to be on your test because either they are difficult or you have discussed them a lot in the past. The syllabus will be extremely important for you, because most teachers want to cover most of it. Make sure you have copies and highlight important parts before tests. Thinking like a teacher will force you to have a very comprehensive understanding of the topic, which will not only help you improve your marks on the next test but will also predict some of the test. Additionally, this general and comprehensive view of the topic will stick with you till the final exams Befriend your teacher. This may be the hardest and the most unpleasant one but it is definitely the most rewarding one. Befriending teachers means that they have a strong and favorable impression of you. Since the predicted grade is based on the teacher’s impression of a student, it can always benefit you. Being nice and polite in class is always a good idea, but you have to get yourself noticed. So read ahead, read beyond and read about interesting information pertaining to your subject. Find out what the teacher is interested in and create a mutual interest. That way, the teacher will see you as a student who is passionate about the subject. Passion will always take you a 7.
  12. I'm currently torn as to whether I should try for the IB diploma or not. Here's my situation: I'm American and took the first 2 years of high school in the American high school system and did some AP classes. It's currently my junior year and I'm studying abroad in Norway. I didn't know about the IB before coming here, but I'm taking it because it's english speaking and sounded like a good option if I was going to go to a US university. Anyways, I need to know what I should do next year. I'm going back to the states next year and I have the option to continue IB at a school in my city or stay at my old school, take AP classes and still graduate on time. The main reason I'm even considering not taking IB next year is that my predicted grades suck at the moment. I'm usually very motivated academically, but while abroad I've been spending more time socializing than working on school (not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm halfway through the first year of my diploma and I don't understand some of my topics fully (mainly physics, math and HL French). I'm worried about French because everyone here speaks French so well and I don't... Anyways, I will graduate on time either way and likely get into a decent US university. Should I continue IB and risk doing bad and sending horrible predicted grades to Universities OR go back to normal school, take AP classes and not get the IB Diploma. Any input is appreciated!!!
  13. Hello, My IB predicted grades for year 1 were 22. And i would just like to know if a 6 point jump or even more is possible in Year 2. The colleges I am applying for require atleast 27 points and that is why. Otherwise i have no other option but to repeat
  14. I'm 11th grade student and I'm dreaming of studying medicine in the future.. I'm stressing out so much because one of my teachers told me that the predicted grades (which count when applying to universities in the end of 11th grade) will be based not only on mock exams in June this year, but mostly on simple tests which we had in classes... Is this true? What exactly counts for the predicted grades in the beginning of 12th grade? Please help
  15. I was quite confused when i saw the grade requirements for UCL. Even when someone mentioned that they called up the admissions office and found out that a 38 is the required predicted grade, I was still not sure if they required a 38/42 or 38/45 for predicted scores. Even though i scored pretty well in the first term with a 39/42 i did kinda mess up my second term because of various reasons such as being sick during prep and might end up getting a 35 or 36 on 42 . UK admissions are before the 12th grade first trials and this scares me as i'm not sure what the predicted grades will be based off of. Is there a way i can still increase my predicted grades by doing well in the next few months in class? So, i really wanted to know if the required predicted scores in all these UK universities are out of a total 42 or 45 and if I could still increase my predicted grades. I know that the teachers are aware of the fact I could do much better than how i did in the second term and even told me not to worry much as they were sure I'd increase my scores. But, Im still really worried as I feel like My reach for college is gettign further and further away. Really concerned and worried here . Thankyou
  16. Hi guys, I'm an IB student and am really looking forward into getting accepted into UCL in UK for a medical program(mostly the MBBS/BSc). I will have to apply in 4 months and so far I have finished my 11th grade and even though i got a 39/42 in the first term with: 7 in Chem HL 7 in Bio Hl 6 in Psychology HL 7 in Math SL 6 in Spanish SL 6 in English Land and Lit SL, and 37/42 in the second term (iwas kind of sick and ended up not being able to prepare well) :/ : 7 in Chem HL really high 6 in Bio HL 7 in Psychology HL 6 in Spanish AB really high 6 in Math SL 5 in English L&L SL Yeah my second trials weren't as good as i expected but the teachers know that i could've done better. So, according to the information I have, My predicted grades will be: 7 in Chem HL 7 in Bio HL 7 in Psych HL 7 in Math SL 7 in Spanish SL ( my teacher observed that i was putting in a lot of work and told me she was gonna predict me a 7) 6 in English Lang and Lit SL So, This gives me a 41/42 and this would probably be what UCL receives from my side. I will be giving my SAT and am hoping for a score between 2100 and 2300. I will be giving my IELTS and am pretty sure I will be able to do well. What do you think my chances of getting into UCL are and do you think I should probably do more tests or so? Thanks guys
  17. Hey all! I'm an IB2 senior. I want to apply to medical schools in the UK in my UCAS application. I know that I have to do the UKcat test to apply to a medical school in the UK. I also know that the deadline for med students to submit their UCAS applications is Oct 15, 2013. Most of the medical schools release their required classes and grades, but in our school we do not get our predicted scores until after the mock exams so how can I apply if I do not have any kind of IB grade? Do I have to apply with my school's regular american diploma? I will also apply to some US universities during October/November, but not for medicine. I will study Biochemistry or Sports Science if I go to the US to study. How can I apply for those too without having any official predicted IB grades? Do I have to use my american diploma? Thanks in advance My classes: Math Studies SL Chemistry HL Biology HL English Lit. HL Arabic B SL ITGS SL
  18. I have my 11th class predicted grades and I take the international baccalaureate. I was just wondering if the canadian unis accept you on the basis of predicted grades and dont care much about your final grade. I have managed to get the following score: Maths HL - 6 Physics HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 7 French ab intio - 6 Economics SL - 6 English SL - 5 Do you think my score is good enough to get into a good uni? Please help!
  19. Hi guys, I'll be doing my mock exam this month! Does anyone have some useful HL Business notes? Cheers.
  20. Hi guys, I'm going to bombard you with questions~~ haha, I was just wondering which university is better : UBC, U of T, Mcgill, or HKU. I'm planning to apply for early acceptance for these universities, but I'm not sure of the scores that are required to even have a chance for conditional/unconditional acceptance, as I know the scores on the sites are probably too low. My parents are from HK, so I'm planning to get my ID card right when I graduate in May, so is it possible for me to study in HKU not as a international student? or do I have to live there for 7 years? which I haven't, because I was born and raised in Canada. *edit* And I'd like to state that I am fluent in Cantonese, and pretty fluent in Mandarin... My english is also fluent. But my chinese writing is not that good... Oh, and I've heard you need to know Japanese for Business in Hong Kong? I am planning to work in HK, so if I can't get into HKU, I was considering UBC, U of T or Mcgill. And I've heard mixed stories about these universities... apparently UBC is a shame to Hong Kong? Don't ask me about that, I just heard that Hong Kong people look down on people who say they graduated from UBC. But UBC seems easiest to get in at the moment. And I have heard that Mcgill is really hard to get into... most of the IB graduates from my school go to UBC. I haven't gotten my predicted grades yet, but I will this month... I'm confident to say it's over 30 and under 40... haha Oh and I'm planning to study Medical, Business, Criminology, or Psychology, sorry about the big scope. And I am not really considering universities in the US yet since I didn't take SATs I will thank you guys in advance
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