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Found 2 results

  1. RachelDarma

    Downward trend in IB scores

    Hi, I am currently grade 12 in taking the Diploma program. My problem is in grade 11 I started out with pretty good scores but have since went on a downward trend. I can't get the scores I used to so I'm really worried. My grade 11 end scores were 37/45. But now I'm really hoping for a 38/45. My other subjects are on track like for HLs I'm guessing I'll get predicted 766, but my SLs are really suffering. From getting constant 6s in Biology term exams in grade 11, my recent exams are coming back as bare 4s...And for math, from once a middle 4, I'm getting 3s and 2s. If I don't do anything I'm sure I'll get predicted 4 in Bio and 3 in math which is really unacceptable. I'm a hard worker, I always do my homework and study appropriately in class time. Do you think it's possible if I grovel I can move my bio to a 5 and my math to a 4? Or is it a lost cause? Ps. for Biology I'm still counting on the progress of my IA to make a difference...
  2. I keep hearing a lot about predicted scores and I understand more or less what they are but I have a few questions. First, your teachers decided your predicted scores, right? How do they come up with them? Is it just based on your grade in the class or is there more to it? Would a teacher ever give mock tests to determine your score? If you need predicted scores for college/uni applications, when do teachers give you your predicted scores? Are there predicted score for TOK and EE? Do schools just accept your predicted score as your final score or do they take it with a grain of salt? Sorry for all these questions, I've just never heard anyone at my school talk about them so I really don't know how they work.

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