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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I am currently at a school running the IB diploma for the first time ever and my grade has become the Guinea pigs. This is fine but students are convinced that the school is not running it properly. At the moment, my predicted grades are a concern. In french class, my teacher has not converted any of our grades from IB to the regular diploma scores. In addition, she is not weighting the ib-styled exams as much as content for the province’s curriculum. Meanwhile in math class, my ib-styled exam was higher, so was my IA and so is the mean of all my tests and assignments this year. I have risen my math mark up 20% since the beginning even though before this year they did nothing ib (did not mark ib, no ib tests, no ib times for tests etc). How are they getting their marks?! What can I do?!
  2. maialabeouf

    Predicted HL Art Score

    Hey all I'm thrilled to say that my teacher predicted me a 94/106 for HL visual arts. I have no idea what score this could be (and obviously it's a predicted so it could actually be far lower) Do you all have any idea what the score break-down is for HL art? It sounds like a high number but it could be a 3 for all I know. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey, so I didnt manage to get my diploma and therefore plan on doing retakes. I might not be able to make it to apply to November retakes by the deadline, but I was wondering if I do the May retakes, can I use my predicted grades to apply to any University around the world?
  4. Richard Stifler

    University Choices

    Hey guys, What university do you think I should go for? I have applied to English Literature and Creative Writing in the following institutions: University of Kent and Lancaster (in which I got from both an unconditional offer and could try to easily go for a 2.000 pounds a year scholarship), Warwick (conditional and requests 38 p), Surrey (34 p) and finally Edinburgh which hasn't replied yet. Honestly, I am more inclined to either Kent or Lancaster. My main criterion isn't the prestige, it has never been, otherwise I could have applied to institutions considered to be more prestigious such as UCL or St. Andrews, but I prefer a cozy and passionate environment, for I am a foreign student who is applying to a rigorous and very specific course. On the other hand, prestige isn't relegated totally, I mean the institutions I applied to might not be the most illustrious but indeed are not below top 20 of the UK. I also checked the UK univ ranking and Warwick was considered to be the best with lancaster on its tail. I also dug in to search for the best at the literature area and all were astonishingly well, with Lancaster, Warwick and Kent excelling. What is also encouraging me to go for Kent, besides the rather positive reviews I got from students I know there and the cozy environment, its the degree: it s slightly different its English and American Literature and Creative Writing with a year abroad. The US is one of the main destinies I am thinking about going to to live and knowing about its Literature or incurring in a year abroad in the US would be an auspicious factor for me to then settle there as a writer. What do you think I should do?
  5. Barbra

    Predicted Grades

    What are your predicted grades based on and when will it be out??
  6. gkkiller

    Converting IB to GPA?

    Hey guys. I found this scale online for converting IB scores to GPA: 7 = 4.0 6 = 3.7 5 = 3 4 = 2.3 I was wondering how accurate this is. I've got a GPA of 3.85 according to this (39/42 in my first year finals). Does that sound right? The thing is I'm not sure how this would take into account EE and TOK. If anyone has an 'official' scale to convert IB points to GPA, please let me know.
  7. Hey, I have a question about predicted grades importance- namely if I get a predicted 5 from my English Lang Lit course and I believe that I can score higher at the final exam (6, I guess) how does it affect the university admission? Is it based only on the predicted grades or on the final grades as well? I am afraid that my teacher doesn't like me and it makes me worried about my uni choice... I am still an IB 1 student so it is only a kind of prophesy but I have this feeling that she (the teacher) isn't impressed with my language skills so... P.S. If something isn't clear, say it, as I am kind of exhausted and usually if i am so, the coherency and quality of my writing can be doubted
  8. To all the students in the 2014-2016 batch for the IB. We had a Predicted Grade examination 3 weeks ago and it went quite okay, except for few subjects like Math and Physics. I wanted to know how did the students in dubai and abroad felt of the examination and how was the portions for the exams? This is the May 2015 predicted Grades examinations........
  9. juve4ever

    Predicted grades

    Hey guys in the application you send to UK unis are there predicted grades for the ToK essay and EE? Thanks
  10. sallllyyyyy


    Hi So I've gotten my IB results and found that: English HL (Total= 5 and 1 mark off a 6.) -Paper 1 = 5 -Paper 2 = 7 -Oral and the written tasks = 4 Biology HL (Total= 4 and 2 marks off a 5) -Paper 1 = 3 -Paper 2 = 4, -Paper 3 = 5. -Practical work = 4 Should I remark these two subjects? Also... if i do remark them, do they also remark IAs? Thanks!!
  11. I was predicted a 27/42 and therefore couldn't apply to universities I wanted to. However, in the following cycle test, I increased my score to 30 and in the mocks to 34. My teacher has told me that I'm definitely getting an "A" in my TOK essay, and most probably "B" in my Extended Essay. That's additional three points, and if not three, then surely two. I'm just rapping up my Maths exploration and will have a lot of time to study. My Internal assessments have been phenomenal. These are my self-projected scores for my final exams: SUBJECT MINIMUM MAXIMUM English HL 5 6 Business HL 6 7 Psychology HL 6 6 ESS SL 6 7 Maths SL 6 7 French AB SL 5 6 TOK + EE 2 3 TOTAL 36 42 I think it's a HUGE difference between the predicted grades and my possible final grades. My predicted grades were absolutely ridiculous. I got a 3 in Mathematics and right now I'm touching 6. My business predicted grade was 4 but I feel I'm easily going to get a 7 (Even my IA was really good). Overall, I'm aiming for atleast 37-38 out of 45. I have this minor feeling of ecstasy mixed with serious concerns right now. I simply have two questions: (i) Has anyone here achieved a higher score than they were predicted? (Not minor differences of 1 or 2 points, atleast 5-6 points) (ii) Suppose I want to apply to a better university once I receive my final grade. Is there any possible way that I could still apply to the August/September (Fall) session? Thank you
  12. Fiz

    UCAS predicted

    Hello, I was just wondering on how do i supply my predicted scores on the UCAS account since my school doesn't have a UCAS account and my school wont tell me my predicted grades? Another question, if i insert the predicted that i think i have, do universities send schools letters to check if those are valid or not?
  13. Hi, could you please complete this questionnaire for my Maths studies Internal Assessment? You must have taken the SAT exam at least once. Thank you! LINK: http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?sid=koajncuhdq8s5fa346526
  14. Hi, could you please complete this questionnaire for my Maths studies Internal Assessment? You must have taken the SAT exam at least once. Thank you! LINK: http://freeonlinesurveys.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=koajncuhdq8s5fa346526&refer=freeonlinesurveys%2Ecom

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