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Found 8 results

  1. For my Business Management EE, I have about 19 secondary sources and 1 primary source. However, many things my primary source said, weren't corroborated by any secondary sources. My secondary sources were mostly used to justify solutions and whatnot. My teachers told me that I should have a mix of primary and secondary sources that state the same thing, but I can't find any secondary sources talking about the issues I discussed about the company I chose. My EE supervisor told me this wasn't a problem, but here we are. Could this issue cause me to fail the EE?
  2. Hey guys! As I was reviewing the WSEE criteria, the "Investigation" part sounded rather vague to me. Just to clarify, is primary data collection a necessity for the extended essay in World Studies, and if not a mandate, would it improve your points for that criteria? Thanks a bunch!!! Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. xx P.S Any do's and dont's on the World Studies EE too?
  3. Hey! My Extended Essay is about the marketing tactics used by Sony in order for the PS4 to gain an advantage in sales in the console wars versus Microsofts' Xbox One. If you could fill out this quick 10 question survey for my primary research, I would highly appreciate it! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KZJYXBM Thanks!
  4. It says i have to use primary sources for my extended essay, i've found articles on pubmed.gov for my biology extended essay, they give me raw data of their experiments, along with a hefty text. If i used this and made my own interpretation of the results, would this be considered raw data? And if so why not? I know theoretical science essays always do poorly, but have to continue with my topic as my supervisor wont answer my emails in the summer. I can't understand why its so bad to use professional data if i come up with my own interpretation. Also, can anyone explain to me how to use referencing? I know there are different types but i would really appreciate it if someone told me the easiest one to use for a science essay! I want to make sure i get it right Thanks for the help
  5. Hey everybody, So i am doing my history IA on ''How was the Hitler Youth an organization vital for the indoctrination of German youth'' not a very original topic but a very interesting one for me personally. To get to the point, i am using ''Heil HItler: Confessions of a Hitler Youth'' as a source for evaluation in part C. Basically the source is a short film composed from an interview of Alfons Heck (a former member of the HItler youth, he also has written a book on the subject) who talks about his days of being a member in the HItler Youth and how succesful it was in indoctrinating him. My question is, Is this a primary source? It states only the ideas of Alfons HEck it does not analyse or go through looking any other source other than showing pictures and videos of back then. It was published and created around 1991 which is several decades after the NAzi regime. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm currently working on my visual arts extended essay and so far my main concern has been how to cite my main source. What makes me uncomfortable is that nearly all the information I intend to implement has been solely from a single documentary, as it is essentially a series of designer interviews stitched together to form the history of the Helvetica typeface. Seeing as they're interviews, I'm assuming they're all primary sources, within a documentary. So does this make the documentary a primary source? How would I go about citing material from different interviews, within the same documentary? Is it acceptable to have a large, large block of text (1000+ words) be solely derived from my main source, if it comes to that? Will I lose marks for not using physical text sources? I feel like I'm merely paraphrasing and summarizing this entire film into an argument, which I'm assuming is not what I should be doing! Many thanks in advance!
  7. rlbnw13

    Help finding primary sources

    I'm writing an essay about the independence movement of Brazil (about 1810 or so to 1822) and I'm having a really difficult time finding primary source documents. If anyone can help me out and tell me where I can find worthwhile stuff for Brazil at this time period or even just a database or something that may be useful, I would be really grateful.
  8. Anyone ever dared? In the examiner's report for EEs, they stated that: 'it is worth mentioning that primary data is not compulsory... there were essays that used surveys that provided no new insight and was of trivial relevance to the investigation.' (economics) Moreover, the criteria supports this too by not explicitly stating that primary data is needed. They assess the extent of which 'investigation is planned and an appropriate range of sources has been consulted, or data has been gathered, that is relevant to the research question'. I was surprised to know this. My school made it seem 100% necessary. So.. has anyone ever done an economics EE, or any other EE, without primary data? What score did you get?

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