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Found 30 results

  1. Im sure we all know what the DSM-5 is...My teacher wants the original DSM-1 and I want to find it for her; If anyone knows anywhere I can purchase one PLEASE let me know and help me out! Thanks so much
  2. Hi I'm looking to go into the medical field in university but I'm not sure whether I should take HL Math or HL Psych. As of right now, I really want to study neuroscience in uni and I know Psych would help with that but at the same time, HL Math might be really important especially with calculus and all. My current subject choices are: HL Biology, Chemistry, Psych/Math SL English Lang Lit, Chinese B, Psych/Math Please let me know what you think is best and in general what you think of the subject combination. I know it will be extremely challenging and I'm scared but I like the subjects and I really want to head into the medical field. Thank you!
  3. For my Psychology Extended Essay I'm interested in the topic about gender roles but I'm still not quite sure on which aspect of it that I would like to focus on. I found tons of articles and journals about gender roles, gender differences, the biological and sociocultural aspects of gender, etc, which make me even more confused. Any suggestions on interesting specifics or aspects of that particular topic?
  4. My HL's are Math and Physics, and my SL's are mandarin and lang& lit Math and physics will be difficult but I'm hoping to pull out 6's, however should which should I take at HL Psych or Econ. I know they're both considered easier but which one would be the easiest with my other HL classes Side not I do find psych more interesting but I am also quite bad at writing essays Please let me know which at HL I should take and which at SL Thanks!!
  5. :))) hellooo, So, we all know that IB is all about the criteria's and stuff. I am currently writing my EE in psych, but I noticed that I don't have any criteria. I looked online but you should pay for them. I asked my school and they are ignoring me for a few weeks already. It is due in two months. Can someone help me? Provide me with criteria in psych, or at least explain what's in it? THANK YOU SOO MUCH GUYS
  6. Hey guys, So I'm taking HL Psychology on Pamoja (currently in week 12: UNIT 3: Biological Approaches to Behaviour) and I'm struggling a lot. I find it hard to keep track of everything I've read about even when taking notes. The class moves kind of fast and my teacher constantly tells me that I don't use enough psychology terms. I've tried constantly reading each rubric for how to answer questions and even listing down words I don't understand to use it in the future. I'm engaged in discussions and I continue to keep trying harder to hit all the necessary things when answering an SAQ. If anyone has any tips, it would be a great great help. My teacher had also said that everyone is getting from 1-6 out of a nine. He mentioned that a 4-6 is okay but I still want to achieve higher. Any help will be appreciated! Even just notes or input!
  7. Hi. I am an upcoming senior and I should have my EE done by the end of this summer. I am taking a psych course during the summer and got into DID or multiple personality disorder. My instructor is not answering my emails and I should start it ASAP, so do you guys think this research question is fine?? “To what extent does childhood trauma play a role in the development of dissociative identity disorder?” Thanks for the help
  8. I'm currently in PreIB and we are just about to turn in our applications for which subjects we want to take. so far this is what I've decided on: Swedish A HL English B HL Psych/History HL Math SL ESS SL Psych/History SL so my only kind of struggle right now is if i should take history or psychology at higher level. Both courses are challenging and people keep giving different reviews and i don't know what to choose. The psych teacher at my school says that if he was a student he wouldn't choose HL psych and in history is so many dates to keep track of. I do want to do both courses I just don't know which one i should take at HL. Which course is harder and which one is less challenging? How do the final exams in each subject differ? I'm desperate for help.
  9. Hey guys So Im in IB Yr 1 and we finished micro. We had a test on theory of firms (P1 and P3 format) and in that a got a 3. So my teacher said took a retest today, and that went bad too. I dont have the results yet but dont expect more than a 4. So what should I do? Should I take Math HL (My teacher says I'm capable, but then it'll be a lot of catching up) and Eco SL or Psych HL and drop eco entirely? (again a lot of catching up) But I feel more inclined towards Psych Pls give inputs thanks I hate IB
  10. Hi! I've been looking for the Psychology SL guide in Spanish but I couldn't find it. Does someone with access to OCC or wherever is it could send it to me? I'll be grateful with you (IA final draft due on Tuesday)
  11. I need some help deciding on my group 3. My school only offers History HL and Psychology HL, so I'm basically being forced to sacrifice one of my HL's to group 3. I'm interested in both, I like learning about history, and I also find Psychology fascinating. Ultimately, the deciding factor for my will be the IA. Which IA is easier? The IA for History HL or Psychology HL? Also workload and what you do in the class. Is there more work in History HL or Psychology HL? What kind of work
  12. Hello. I'm planning on doing my Extended Essay on psychology. I was wondering if this was a good topic to do research on? Thanks! How do genetics and environmental factors contribute to the development of introversion?
  13. Hi guys - I'm struggling with my psych IA word count but I thought I'd post it here because it might be relevant to other subjects as well. I'm currently way over the maximum word count and I've tried to cut down but I can't cut down enough. What would happen if I were to take a picture of text and paste it on as a picture? This wouldn't count towards any digital word counters.
  14. Hello! Could I please have some help narrowing down or otherwise improving my research question for my Extended Essay? It is in Psychology and regarding the effects of GPS on the brain. RQ: "To what extent does GPS use affect spatial memory function?" Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello all, With the paper 2 coming two days later, I wanted to clarify if my method of studying for the paper 2 works. By looking at past paper 2 questions, three questions from different topics in an option are asked. Furthermore, no two questions are from the same topic. For example, in the option health, if the learning outcome "discuss physiological, psychological and social aspects of stress" is asked, the other outcome "Evaluate strategies for coping with stress" is not likely to be asked. (instead, the other questions will most likely be about obesity etc) Therefore, I would like to enquire if it's alright to simply study one section of the topic and memorize every damn quote, or might it be possible that the 2015 exam will surprise us with questions from the same topic.
  16. Hello everyone! I have psychology SL mock exam in 3 days. Do you think learning outcomes will help me? and do you have any past papers to share with me ? YOU WILL SAVE MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance
  17. 52 downloads

    its kind of useful
  18. Hi! So I'm taking Psychology HL and I'm in my first year. This december, I'll be given a mock paper 1 exam. To prepare for this, my teacher gave us a 8 mark question to write in class. Despite thinking I did quite well, my score wasn't really good. So as of now, I'm quite confused on how to write an essay correctly to get good marks. Is there anything specific I have to include or are there any tips to help me? Do I have to go indepth into the studies that I'm relating the question to? etc. THANKS!
  19. anikamt

    Psych IA

    Hey, so i have my IA topic due soon and want to know if anyone has done their IA based on researches in the Sociocultural Level of Analysis. If any ideas, please help me. I am also looking for something related to the Gender Schema Theories, or things like that? If not the SCLA, I don't mind doing something on Freud... I am super pressed for time, so if any of you'll could help generate ideas, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!!
  20. So I'm planning on taking HL Theater next year, which I'm excited for but I have a couple concerns. I know the arts are often incredibly time consuming so how time consuming is Theater? Keeping in mind that I really really need a 7 in the course. If I didn't take Theater I would take HL Psychology. Thanks!
  21. So i am trying once again to come up with another E.E question because my last one got scratched out so i will really appreciate any help, i just need some help brainstorming with a question on aggression and psychology
  22. Hi IBers, My final exams are in a month, and i need some good tips/study habits that will help me for my finals. How long should I study per day? and such...Just any tips please ... Im in full IB so how should I manage my time to study each subject? My subjects are: Bio HL, Psychology SL, English HL, History HL, Math SL Thanks
  23. Hi! A little while ago, I did a test (anyone heard of the morrisby test?) that gave me advice on future careers and ib subjects. before i took it, i was adamant that i would take HL Geo and HL Econ for my Group 3 subjects. However, the test recommended psychology to me VERY heavily, and ever since, i really havent been sure. i do actually find psychology very interesting, but i really like econ. and not doing geo is out of the question, as both my parents and i want me to do HL Geo. I'm planning to go to Uni in the UK, but lots of really good uni's in the UK require HL math for their econ courses, so i wouldnt really be abe to get into some uni's. however, with psych, i havent seen any uni's that require HL maths i was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice? my current subject choices are: HL - Econ, Geo, Bio (might change to chem) SL - English A Lang & Lit, Mandarin B, Maths and im planning on doing Law, PPE/Econ+Politics, Psychology, Geography or that Arts & Sciences course at UCL thanks!
  24. I have to give in my final IB choices soon and I'm currently deciding whether to take psych or history at HL. I'm currently taking both Psych and History (at GCSE level) and doing better in Psych (A*/7) than in History (A/6). I like both subjects equally, but I think I also have to consider my final GPA and course. I also find History slightly harder than Psych. Here are my choices: HL: Eng Lit. Art Psych or History SL: Biology Math Studies (hahaha) French B I'm still unsure about what I'm going to take for university: Art or Psychology or International Relations/Human Rights
  25. Version 1


    This is my level 7 essay for the learning outcome "Evaluate two models of one cognitive process" The cognitive process is memory and the two models are the multi store model by Atkinson and Schiffrin 1968, and the working memory model by Baddeley and Hitch, 1974.
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