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Found 14 results

  1. Taif

    Should I do chemistry HL

    Hello everyone, I just started IB year one and in the future I want to pursue neuroscience or biotechnology or something in that field. My subjects right now are : english a language and lit HL psych HL biology HL chem SL math SL arabic SL i want to go to universities in the U.K. or Canada. Now as I was looking at requirements for scholarship in my country I found out that I need chemistry HL and biology HL with a score of at least 5. Now my option is to take chemistry + bio + psych HL . I’m scared of the workload being too much and I end up getting lower score or something goes wrong. What should I do? If you are taking this combination please tell me your experience with it and how you cope with it.
  2. Hi all, I know that journals are the best sources for information in terms of psychology ia's, but would it be bad if i cite sources such as: a slideshare that has concise information about the topic simplypsychology.org psychyogi.org A citation/reference used in a wikipedia article? I am having trouble finding free (clear and concise) sources for the studies I will be talking about in my IA (Pickel 1998, loftus 1987, Yuille & Cutshall 1986)
  3. Hi! I plan to replicate Loftus' 1987 study on the Weapon Focus Effect (WFE) for my psychology (HL) ia, however I am aware that Loftus used a corneal reflection device in order to see how much time was spent looking at the cheque/gun (in order to provide evidence for the WFE) in addition to a questionnaire and asking p's to identify who the man in the video was. Is it okay to do my IA on this experiment if I were to exclude the element of measuring how much time is spent looking at the cheque/gun because its a bit complicated to do?
  4. Hi. According to you, which one is the easiest to score a grade 7 in? Maths HL or psychology HL? I'm doing 4 HLs and I wanted to drop one of those two. I'm doing Chemistry HL, Biology HL, psychologyHL and Maths HL. And I would like to study medicine for the future. However I'm not sure whether or not I should drop 1 HL, will it make any difference if I do as Psychology HL is very similar to SL except for some additionals. Thank youuu
  5. watsonswaltz

    Psychology HL Online Help?

    I'm currently an MYP student, and I'm doing my DP subject selections. I'm planning to take Psychology HL, which my current school provides. However, I might move to a new school next year. I've already gotten accepted, but I haven't confirmed my choice. It's a much better school than the one I currently go to, but they only provide Psych (HL or SL) as an online course/class. How hard is it, and will I still be able to achieve 7s? My MYP grade is a 33/35 right now, with a 7 in Humanities including Psych.
  6. ven1997

    EE in Psychology help

    I am currently struggling with my Research question fro my EE in psychology. I intent on doing it on dreams or something related to unconscious mind so I had come up with the topic - 'How does our unconscious mind channel our dream state' but my supervisor tells me to look at the 'function' of dreams, if I am so keen. She says that dream psychology is not a very 'knowable' field, and is hard to find valid research studies, so it would be better if I could come up with a different topic altogether. However I feel I can come up with a good essay as I am deeply interested in this topic. Please suggest any ideas on how I can approve upon the same.
  7. Do any of you guys know what are the experiments / case studies in psychology that can be used in two or three of the cores of level of analysis? (Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural) As I know that this could help us to memorize fewer studies / experiments. Thank you and good luck to all of you who are going to be taking the exams next week!
  8. Hey guys so basically I realized that the other researches that I used in introduction and discussion part didn't went along with my main study (Drewnowski & Murdock, 1980). Can anyone suggest any research studies which relates to memory and recalling number in visual and auditory conditions. Thank you so much!
  9. Harshi Shah

    Psych EE Topic

    Hello, So I'm currently in year one, however my teachers are putting a lot of pressure on us to start with our EE's now. I've decided that I want to do my EE in Psychology, and I've also decided that the topic would be something of this sorts- Psychoanalysis of characters from popular television shows and the effects on the viewers. I would like to know if my topic is A) Valid B) Good C) Broad enough to write 4K words Any help appreciated! Thank you
  10. Hey everyone! Tomowrrow is the Psychology Paper 2. I was just wondering whether using bullet points in the 22 mark questions would be a good idea. No, i am not planning to write the whole answer is bullet points, but within the essay, can some list type data be included in bullt point? For eg: A question like: "Discuss the concepts of normality and abnormality" comes and I want to include Rosenhan and Seligman (1984) and Jahoda (1958) in my answer, can I use a bullet point list to list the 7 and 6 criteria respectively? Including all seven critera in a paragraph is a bit inconvinient and may put off the examiner as well... Any thoughts or advise?
  11. As you all know, paper 2 of the psychology paper has only 22 markers, thus leaving me baffled as to why there are 8 mark questions in the options, for example in abnormal " Describe symptoms and prevalence of one anxiety/affective/eating disorder" is an 8 mark question. does this mean i can disregard the 8 markers? or is there a chance they will be there but be considered as 22 markers? Im so confused, please help
  12. Hey guys! Hope your studies are all going well, just in the middle of my own psychology revision. Usually,when I'm bored, I look through psychology papers and blogs to see if there could be any new stuff I could add to my essays (predicted 7, really unlikely I'll get it though, oh boy) and thought it would be nice idea for us Psych kids to share any studies/research/theories, new or old with each other. http://neurosciencestuff.tumblr.com/post/81809491130/oxytocin-the-love-hormone-promotes-group-lying This is a study about how Oxytocin influences individuals to lie on behalf of their group. I thought it would be a good study to use for the 'Explain the effects of hormones on behaviour' in the BLOA and as part of the 'synthesis' in the SCLOA with regards to conformity/ in-group out-group distinctions. Here's the basic structure: Researchers: Shalvi and Dreu (2014) Aim: To determine how much people lie and what circumstances increase people's honesty Method: 60 male participants were split up into teams of three. Half of the teams of participants were given an intranasal oxytocin spray whilst the other half received a placebo. Each participant was then asked to predict the outcome of 10 coin tosses, and then to carry out the coin tosses and report whether they had predicted the outcome correctly. For each correct prediction, the participant's team would be given a monetary reward to share amongst themselves. Findings: The statistical probability of someone predicting 9 out of 10 coin tosses as correct is about 1%, however 53% of the oxytocin group reported their predictions as correct, whereas only 23% of the placebo group reported correct predictions. In another similar study carried out by the researchers, everything was the same with half given oxytocin and the other half given a placebo, however the participants weren't put into teams and the monetary reward would only be given to the individual. They found that even with the oxytocin, there were few to no deceptive reports of correct predictions from each individual. Conclusion: Oxytocin influenced individuals to lie more readily if the lie would benefit the group rather than themselves. This shows how oxytocin, a hormone, can influence human behaviour as well as provides a biological basis for the 'in-group' mentality. I'm sure you guys can come up with plenty of evaluations for this, but the main idea is that we share new and old info with each other, what do you think? I hope this takes off and is useful to you all!
  13. Hello, I am done with my Introduction of IB Psychology HL except in this book I have, it asks "How did your ideas develop from the previous research and why was this considered to be an interesting area of investigation" What does this mean? I talked about 2 case studies (including the one I am replicating) and one theory in which those case studies support. So, what exactly am I supposed to say? Thank you, IB Kid in Need

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