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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Since my school started the ib program this year, no one really knows anything, and I'm therefore really unsecure about many things concerning my ee. I started with a really bad title choice, so my new title now would be "How could quantum computing change electronic security?" What do you think about it, is it narrowed down enough? Is it doable? I thought first i would introduce quantum computers a little bit, just to prove that it has great computational powers, than talk about how these computers could break the rsa encryption method and also introduce other methods cryptographers are working on. I've heard that doing my ee in computer science is like opening the gates of hell, so I'm a little paniced now! I hope I was clear enough, and thank you for your help!
  2. Guest

    Quantum Mechanics EE

    Hey everybody, I've been working on my EE, so I'd like to give a brief overview of what I'm doing, maybe if you guys could give me some kind of suggestion/advice? I'm trying to calculate the time it'd take for a pencil to fall when trying to balance it on its point. I'm taking the point of the pencil as an infinitesimally small point. I'll either take it as a cone on a rod, or as a infinitely thin rod with all the mass concentrated at one point (sort of like an unstable pendulum). Classical mechanics suggests that it's possible to put it in (unstable) equilibrium if you get the required initial conditions. The center of mass would have to be directly on top of the base, and obviously it must be at rest. According to quantum mechanics (HUP) those conditions are impossible to reach. I'm thinking of solving an equation of motion, with initial conditions (angle and angular velocity, which ideally should both be zero) restricted by HUP, and then solving for the time it takes to reach a certain angle. I know this is a pretty unspecific overview, but how does this sound? Any suggestions on how to improve? Thanks in advance
  3. Guest

    Are the physics options fixed?

    What I mean by that is, we've covered quantum/nuclear physics and Astrophysic in class but I was wondering if I had to stick to these for the exams. Could I self learn an option which is "easier" and answer them in the exam or does my college like say beforehand to the examiner which questions I'll be answering. Also, that being said, I've been doing some research into which options are easier and it seems EM and Optics come up quite a lot. However, I think Optics is no longer on the course? What are your opinions on which options are "easiest." Thanks
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