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Found 68 results

  1. Hi, I decide to do my EE in psychology (real bad choice) and I came up with the question 'to what extent do attributional factors affect placebo effect?'. Does anybody know a question similar to this that still deals with Placebo but is easier to answer? Im stressing out because i literally only have 500 words and my 1st draft is due in 2 weeks pleasepleasepleasepleaseeee help me
  2. Hey Guys, So i wanted to write my EE on the effects of segregation in schools in the 1960's do you know any good sources I could use?
  3. Hello! I just wanted quick help with my IA question, I have two ideas and I am unsure about both of them. I'm writing it on the French Revolution btw. To what extent did the execution of King Louis XVI cause/influence the reign of terror? Or To what extent did Maximilian Robespierre influence the French Revolution? I think the second one is too broad and the first one is too narrow, but I am certainly open to ideas!
  4. I came to this website in hopes of figuring out how to solidify my question for a world studies EE and so far I feel as if I have one but it would be nice if someone could give some feedback before I finalize it. My specific area of research is animal testing and what issues are surrounding it in the world right now and how does this compare to the experiments of Russia and America specifically in the 1930s-1960s. What I have so far: How has the progress of animal testing contributed to the betterment of society since the Soviet Russian and American experiments of the 1940’s to 1960’s?
  5. I am unsure in the economics exam whether I need to draw the diagrams for all the questions on the graph apper provided by the examiners, or if I draw it ont he answer booklet alongside my response to the question. Any help would be appreciated, I'm stressing out over this
  6. Hey Everyone, I am new on this site so idk how it works exactly, but basically my history teacher told me that it is time for me to start thinking about my IA topic. Since I have been reading a non-fiction book about Noel Field, a Stalinist American spy, which really grabbed my attention I though maybe I could do my IA on him, or some sort of Soviet espionage. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Eszter
  7. Hi!! I'm doing my extended essay in Spanish Literature. I was just wondering if anyone here has done theirs in Spanish. What was your research question? Which books did you choose to study? This is my research question: ¿Hasta qué punto los espacios diegéticos pueden considerarse personajes en las novelas Pedro Páramo y Cien años de soledad?
  8. Hi all. I really want to switch to computer science HL (i take SL) and drop my physics hl because I am afraid it is too hard for me. I am in my first year of IB, my subjects are English A SL, Arabic B HL, ITGS HL, Physics HL, Computer science SL, Math studies SL. The problem is my school does not teach computer science HL (only sl) so I have to teach myself and I am kind of struggling with it. I scored an A- for computer science and a C+ for physics in my first term exams. How can I plan out lessons? Where can I study from? Are there online courses I can take or something? Any extra tips?
  9. Hey Guys, So I am at that time in my junior year where I have to propose three extended essay research questions but I have no idea what to do. I wanna do it in English, Visual Arts or Art History and about something related to women deprivation/representation, segregation or something similar to that. Do you guys have any ideas for my research question? I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  10. So, recently, my teachers and my CAS coordinator has been urging the IB classes to choose a CAS project to do. However, we're all in a frenzy because we don't know how to split ourselves up or what to choose. I was just wondering what the minimum and the maximum amount of people are needed to do a CAS project. And, if starting a blog giving advice to other students may be considered a CAS project?? At this time, any advice will help! Thanks, A Confused IB Student
  11. Hi everyone My first EE draft is due in 2 weeks and I really need to start on my trials, but I have a few random questions before I start that I haven't been able to find online (that I understand lol) and was hoping someone here might have an idea? My topic is on duckweed and its ability to "remove" heavy metals (or other pollutants, chemicals etc) and maybe how that will affect the growth of another aquatic plant. If you think you might know anything about this, I would really appreciate if you could take some time to read my questions in case you might be able to answer them Qs: 1. Say if I carried out an experiment where I put duckweed in a small container (ice cream tub size?) of tap water+heavy metal (e.g. lead nitrate) and let it "suck" the metal for a couple days, then took out the duckweed out and put in the other aquatic plant. I would then compare this plant to if it was put straight into the same water the duckweed was initially in and see if it fares any better, assuming that there are now less heavy metals in the water, so there should technically be less of an effect (damage). Would there be any problems concerning the nutrient concentration of the water? Will the duckweed suck a lot of the nutrients out of the water as well, which would put the other plant at a disadvantage from the very beginning that could affect my results? 2. Compared to the method above, would it be easier to do one trial where I put the duckweed in the heavy metal water, another with the other plant in the heavy metal water, and another trail with both plants in the water? Just with this method I was worried that the duckweed would compete with the other plant (for nutrients and space/sunlight) as duckweed is known to inhibit algae growth with its sun-blocking properties (ish) 3. Also, does anyone know of anything else I can test with? e.g. another type of heavy metal (that can be found in a school lab ideally), or any way to test the effects of weedkiller or the such (e.g. one main component of weedkiller that I can test rather than just weedkiller in general? As I feel that might be a bit hard to control) If you actually managed to read through all of that, thank you for your time and I hope you can get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight seeing as you have time to read the forums
  12. Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  13. math

    I'm having a little trouble doing this question. Any thoughts on how to solve it? QUESTION:The first term of a geometric series is 6 and the sum of the first 15 terms is 29. Find the common ratio.
  14. Ok so like if I get a 7 on the SL math exam and i only get a 1 on the exploration/ia, what would my final mark be approximately???
  15. I am clueless as to what my EE question is, I have a general idea of it but there's a gray area. It's either gonna be a literature or English paper. I want to discuss Hamilton the musical, hip-hop, rhyme, and how they can all mix together. I need help my TOK teacher us even clueless as to what it can be, any suggestions would be big help.
  16. I am clueless as to what my EE question is, I have a general idea of it but there's a gray area. It's either gonna be a literature or English paper. I want to discuss Hamilton the musical, hip-hop, rhyme, and how they can all mix together. I need help my TOK teacher us even clueless as to what it can be, any suggestions would be big help.
  17. So, I haven't actually started the IB yet, (I'm in PRE-IB, starting IB next year), and will be taking HL Maths. My maths teacher gave the the following question: "A CD has 10 different songs on it.The CD is put on shuffle and repeat, so no matter which song plays, any one of the 10 songs could be up next. What is the probability that at least one of the songs will be played at least 3 times before all of the songs have been played at least once." I NEED help with this question, or it will drive me crazy. So, i thought working out the probability of this NOT happening would be easier, and then just subtract that from one. So, for this not to happen, once all the songs have been played at least once, all the songs need to have played either once or twice right? (No more, no less) So, let the number of songs that play twice be x. We know that x ∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}. So, i just need to calculate the probability for x to be any of these values. P(x=0) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)...(1/10)1) * (10!/(0!*(10-0)!) P(x=1) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)2) * (11!/(2!*(11-2)!) P(x=2) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)4) * (12!/(4!*(12-4)!) etc. Then I can calculate P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}), and 1 - P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}) should be my answer, correct? What i want to know is if this way of solving the problem is correct. If not, what's wrong? Additionally, this will take a long time to calculate, is there (i assume there must be, but as I sad, I'm not in the IB yet, so i haven't learned any of the fancy techniques) an easier way to solve this? Sincerely, A future IB student who is about to lose his sanity.
  18. Hi, I've been trying to formulate a question around this, however, I can't seem to come up with anything. I'm planning on redesigning an empty space with CAD or re-modelling an already existing house into a different house but with the extension of empty lands. So you can take it as expanding a house. Thanks guys!
  19. To keep it short and simple, I never really had the first meeting with my Biology teacher where we would have discussed my IA topic. But I went with one I had anyways and made a very nice lab report on it; great statistics and great general analysis. However, I spoke with my teacher yesterday and he said that my topic was more of an "ESS" topic rather than a Biology one. He actually suggested I do everything again, which would be 5K words out the window, as well as a lot of time spent. My IA research question is "What is the germination and vigour of lentils"; Where I then have 3 different lentil varieties that I made 4 replications of each for. (50x4) Then the point of the IA is to discuss the importance of seed testing; where I bring up a bunch of things about how it's important to find the best seed lots to sow etc. But this seems to maybe be a bit on the commercial side of things... Perhaps not being as Biology directed as I had intended/thought. Which is why he argues that I don't have a sufficiently good "aim" to be basing my investigation off of, as well as no counter variable, such as a pre-treatment to compare to a controlled variable. I hope this is understandable and that someone helps me out here... I will re-do it all if I have to, but I really hope I don't have to.
  20. Hi, I'm confused with this question. Does anyone help?
  21. I wanted to know if this was a good extended essay question, initially i wanted to do my ee with the topic of the cuban revolution, but ended up changing to the emancipation movement in south africa: "To what extent the actions of The African Congress and their leaders were decesive to end apartheid and the recuperation of the civil rights for the civil black race? My main concern is if it might be too broad
  22. My group is doing a project on The Handmaid's Tale and we need some opinions. If you've read the book, please answer the following question! Please include your name, where you're from, and your age. Thank you! "If you were to place yourself in the shoes of the people of Gilead, how would you express your feelings towards a revolution? Place yourself in the shoes of different characters and look at aspects before, during, and after a revolution."
  23. Just a quick question as I am about to embark on my historical investigation...(25% of the course mark ahhhhh ) So I am doing one on Park Chung Hee (Former South Korean President) Doesn't matter if you guys are familiar with the subject, I just want someone to verify that my question is appropriate and narrow enough. Here it is: To what extent did Park Chung Hee's despotic rulership bring about drastic growth on the South Korean economy between 1961-1979? Constructive criticism or tips would be greatly appreciated as always on this website (Does it need some tweaking? Is it narrow? Confusing? Good question for a Historical IA?) Also, if you have personal experiences with the Historical Investigation, please share some of your expertise or knowledge (oh and also, how much sources would be appropriate?? I just want a ballpark number...) Thank you very much to all of you as always!
  24. Hi guys, Does IB accept research title (e.g. Impact of Brexit on Business Profit: Evidence in the XXX town) instead of research question (e.g. To what extent has Brexit affected the profits of the small business in XXX town). Thanks.
  25. Hi! I'm doing a poetry assignment (Scaffolding by Seamus Heaney) where I have to answer a few questions. I came to one question and I am not quite sure what it exactly wants. Question: What strikes you most about this poem in terms of knowledge of self and others? (base your answers for these questions off of the description of how this poem acts a metaphor) I'd just like to get this clarified so that I can answer appropriately, Thanks everyone!