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Found 64 results

  1. Hi all. I really want to switch to computer science HL (i take SL) and drop my physics hl because I am afraid it is too hard for me. I am in my first year of IB, my subjects are English A SL, Arabic B HL, ITGS HL, Physics HL, Computer science SL, Math studies SL. The problem is my school does not teach computer science HL (only sl) so I have to teach myself and I am kind of struggling with it. I scored an A- for computer science and a C+ for physics in my first term exams. How can I plan out lessons? Where can I study from? Are there online courses I can take or something? Any extra tips?
  2. math

    I'm having a little trouble doing this question. Any thoughts on how to solve it? QUESTION:The first term of a geometric series is 6 and the sum of the first 15 terms is 29. Find the common ratio.
  3. Ok so like if I get a 7 on the SL math exam and i only get a 1 on the exploration/ia, what would my final mark be approximately???
  4. I am clueless as to what my EE question is, I have a general idea of it but there's a gray area. It's either gonna be a literature or English paper. I want to discuss Hamilton the musical, hip-hop, rhyme, and how they can all mix together. I need help my TOK teacher us even clueless as to what it can be, any suggestions would be big help.
  5. I am clueless as to what my EE question is, I have a general idea of it but there's a gray area. It's either gonna be a literature or English paper. I want to discuss Hamilton the musical, hip-hop, rhyme, and how they can all mix together. I need help my TOK teacher us even clueless as to what it can be, any suggestions would be big help.
  6. So, I haven't actually started the IB yet, (I'm in PRE-IB, starting IB next year), and will be taking HL Maths. My maths teacher gave the the following question: "A CD has 10 different songs on it.The CD is put on shuffle and repeat, so no matter which song plays, any one of the 10 songs could be up next. What is the probability that at least one of the songs will be played at least 3 times before all of the songs have been played at least once." I NEED help with this question, or it will drive me crazy. So, i thought working out the probability of this NOT happening would be easier, and then just subtract that from one. So, for this not to happen, once all the songs have been played at least once, all the songs need to have played either once or twice right? (No more, no less) So, let the number of songs that play twice be x. We know that x ∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}. So, i just need to calculate the probability for x to be any of these values. P(x=0) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)...(1/10)1) * (10!/(0!*(10-0)!) P(x=1) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)2) * (11!/(2!*(11-2)!) P(x=2) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)4) * (12!/(4!*(12-4)!) etc. Then I can calculate P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}), and 1 - P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}) should be my answer, correct? What i want to know is if this way of solving the problem is correct. If not, what's wrong? Additionally, this will take a long time to calculate, is there (i assume there must be, but as I sad, I'm not in the IB yet, so i haven't learned any of the fancy techniques) an easier way to solve this? Sincerely, A future IB student who is about to lose his sanity.
  7. Hi, I've been trying to formulate a question around this, however, I can't seem to come up with anything. I'm planning on redesigning an empty space with CAD or re-modelling an already existing house into a different house but with the extension of empty lands. So you can take it as expanding a house. Thanks guys!
  8. To keep it short and simple, I never really had the first meeting with my Biology teacher where we would have discussed my IA topic. But I went with one I had anyways and made a very nice lab report on it; great statistics and great general analysis. However, I spoke with my teacher yesterday and he said that my topic was more of an "ESS" topic rather than a Biology one. He actually suggested I do everything again, which would be 5K words out the window, as well as a lot of time spent. My IA research question is "What is the germination and vigour of lentils"; Where I then have 3 different lentil varieties that I made 4 replications of each for. (50x4) Then the point of the IA is to discuss the importance of seed testing; where I bring up a bunch of things about how it's important to find the best seed lots to sow etc. But this seems to maybe be a bit on the commercial side of things... Perhaps not being as Biology directed as I had intended/thought. Which is why he argues that I don't have a sufficiently good "aim" to be basing my investigation off of, as well as no counter variable, such as a pre-treatment to compare to a controlled variable. I hope this is understandable and that someone helps me out here... I will re-do it all if I have to, but I really hope I don't have to.
  9. Hi, I'm confused with this question. Does anyone help?
  10. I wanted to know if this was a good extended essay question, initially i wanted to do my ee with the topic of the cuban revolution, but ended up changing to the emancipation movement in south africa: "To what extent the actions of The African Congress and their leaders were decesive to end apartheid and the recuperation of the civil rights for the civil black race? My main concern is if it might be too broad
  11. My group is doing a project on The Handmaid's Tale and we need some opinions. If you've read the book, please answer the following question! Please include your name, where you're from, and your age. Thank you! "If you were to place yourself in the shoes of the people of Gilead, how would you express your feelings towards a revolution? Place yourself in the shoes of different characters and look at aspects before, during, and after a revolution."
  12. Just a quick question as I am about to embark on my historical investigation...(25% of the course mark ahhhhh ) So I am doing one on Park Chung Hee (Former South Korean President) Doesn't matter if you guys are familiar with the subject, I just want someone to verify that my question is appropriate and narrow enough. Here it is: To what extent did Park Chung Hee's despotic rulership bring about drastic growth on the South Korean economy between 1961-1979? Constructive criticism or tips would be greatly appreciated as always on this website (Does it need some tweaking? Is it narrow? Confusing? Good question for a Historical IA?) Also, if you have personal experiences with the Historical Investigation, please share some of your expertise or knowledge (oh and also, how much sources would be appropriate?? I just want a ballpark number...) Thank you very much to all of you as always!
  13. Hi guys, Does IB accept research title (e.g. Impact of Brexit on Business Profit: Evidence in the XXX town) instead of research question (e.g. To what extent has Brexit affected the profits of the small business in XXX town). Thanks.
  14. Hi! I'm doing a poetry assignment (Scaffolding by Seamus Heaney) where I have to answer a few questions. I came to one question and I am not quite sure what it exactly wants. Question: What strikes you most about this poem in terms of knowledge of self and others? (base your answers for these questions off of the description of how this poem acts a metaphor) I'd just like to get this clarified so that I can answer appropriately, Thanks everyone!
  15. In what ways do Harper Lee and John Steinback examine the different facets of hope in the novels To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men?
  16. for my ess ia , is it possibly to make up secondary data if it is justified??. i cant find any the data i need for a simpson's diversity index
  17. Hi all, Does the ee question have to be phrased as a question, and if so does it have to have a yes or no answer (what my supervisor told me) - ps. my essay is on chemistry i have seen many examples which received an A grade and they all begin with either (an investigation of......, exploring the effect of......, evaluating the composition of ......) Also - does anyone have the new ee guide (first examinations 2017) thanks in advance!
  18. KQ

    My Knowledge Question is To what extent are we morally obligating to follow others ethical theories?" do you think this question works? Why or Why not. How can I improve it? My RLS are Trump and how he has his own ethical theory and maybe we should accept him. My other RLS is how a shooter believe what he does is justified and ethical.
  19. My Original question was "How has Anthony Burgess Used a Clockwork Orange to Reflect the Context of the Time in which it was Written?" However halfway into the essay i realized that i reached 2000 words collecting only FACTS about the genre and such with little analysis. I believe if i analyse the text with referencing I can write 4000 words if not more about Genre alone, not lacking in quality. To do this however I must change my research question and was wondering if this was a good move, and a valid one, I want to get it right before i mention it to an intolerant adviser ... I was thinking along the lines of: "How has Anthony Burgess Used Genre as a tool in A Clockwork Orange" or "In What ways does "A Clockwork Orange follow and Deviate from Twentieth Century Dystopian Fiction?" I Would appreciate advice as I am awful at structuring questions. Thank you!
  20. I'm currently in the process of writing my Written Assignment on The Stranger by Albert Camus. My research question is: How does the contrast between the natural and the civilized world underline the conflict between Mersault and society? Is this overly specific? Too long? Furthermore, must the topic be stated as a question? If not, an alternative would be to simply use the theme of conflict between society and the natural world as my topic.
  21. Hello, i am stuck on my EE in History. Currently i am still in first research weeks and i came across this problem: Basically my topic is "The evolution of the enigma encrypting technique and its role during the second world war", and the research question is "To what extend would a failed decipher of the enigma have changed the second world war?". Firstly, i have not included the evolution of the enigma bit in the research question, however i definitely want to include something like a possible change in WW2 in the EE. Is this dramatic, or is this okay? Secondly, i really want to include other information about the enigma in the EE (e.g. the evolution of the actual encrypting technique), however i have read that the History EE has to be strictly argumentative in the IB Guide. Is this a miss interpretation or is it possible to actually combine information with the argumentation? And Finally, is it compulsory to write the History EE argumentative? Yes or No? and if Yes do you guys think that the research question still fits the topic? Thank you very much for any future responses...
  22. Ok, so I'm doing my chemistry IA and I'm not really sure the level I need? I'm feeling like I have a really generic question at the moment. my question at the moment is 'How does increasing temperature affect the equilibrium constant in an esterification reaction?'. As far as I can tell its been done probably a lot before, but I've already done quite a bit of work on it and would like any suggestions on how to complicate it, or make it more unique? I was basically just hoping to get any advice/feedback. Thanks!
  23. Hi all, So I previously posted a topic that I wanted to do but I decided to change it to investigating continued fractions. Do you all think its a good idea for an sl course or is it to basic?
  24. Hello all, I have a question. Can I choose for my Math Standart Level IA a correlation question or is that not enough? Thank you!
  25. For my music EE, I'm analysing pop music in the late 90s and I have all my analysis and research done, but I wanted to know whether looking into the pop music genre will make my essay seem less sophisticated. I don't want to be writing an essay that won't be considered the work of an IB student. I would appreciate all opinions about this.