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Found 10 results

  1. I have my Physics exam tomorrow and I have a few questions in various chapters. Measurements and uncertainties: If in a calculation, I find the answer to be 500, but the numbers that I used all have 3 significant figures, would I be able to give the answer as 500? Does that have 3 significant figures? Or would the answer be 5 x 102 ? When finding the absolute uncertainty with the percentage or maximum/minimum method, what are some rules that apply here? In my notes I wrote down that if there is addition or subtraction in the original equation, then I must add the absolute uncertainties. But when there is multiplication, division or indices, then I must add the percentage uncertainties. Is this correct? Kinematics: I'm really confused about a question in a Paper 1. "A constant horizontal force FA is applied to a block m1. Block m1 is in contact with a separate block m2. The blocks remain in contact as they accelerate along a horizontal frictionless surface. m1 has a greater mass than m2. Air resistance is negligible. Which statement is correct?" So I picked D which was "The force that m1 exerts on m2 is equal to F", but I was wrong and the actual answer was B "The force that m1 exerts on m2 is less than F". Why is that? Thermal physics: I would appreciate any common examples/questions involving the method of mixtures, since I haven't succeeded in solving one yet. By method of mixtures, I mean mcΔθ = mLf + mcΔθ. Would this equation work in every situation or should I be careful? Circular motion and gravitation: For g = F/m, if you have a satellite orbiting a planet, is 'm' the mass of the satellite or the planet? For tanθ = v2/Rg, what does 'R' represent? Is it the normal force or the molar gas constant? Also, when you write ' -g', does that equal -9.81 ms-2 or +9.81 ms-2 ? General: Does uppercase P stand for power and lowercase p stand for pressure? Also, how should I approach ratio questions?? I sometimes get them right but sometimes not. What should I start with?
  2. Hey! I need to get a research question and I am interested to become a Veterinarian and I want to do an IA connected to it, however, I am confused on the topic I can do for my biology IA.
  3. Here's the link to the survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczje_h4Do3mjUr4cavrLvoHMR0Lp3MADTt4YIhDS3WMRusRw/viewform?usp=send_form#start=openform
  4. Hello! I have a quick survey for my mathematics internal assessment, 3 questions, only takes about a minute to finish! Thank you very much for your help!!! ~Chandler link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BMK7F2D
  5. QUICK FACTS ABOUT IB!: - 56% of IB students are female - 79.9% of students pass the IB - The mean of total points is 30.1, and 30 the most common grade. - 0.31% of the candidates score 45 points - 20% of the students get no extra points (with TOK and EE), 40% get 1 extra point, 20% get 2 extra points, 10% get 1 extra point. - 49% of all the IB students chose to do an extended essay of group 3: (Business, Economics, Geography, History,Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology) - The least favourite group for EE is mathematics (only 2% of EE based on that subject) - No matter how much Yugoslavia appears in IB history topics, there was only 1 IB student from Yugoslavia in the whole world (2014). - Out of 67,492 candidates, 57 candidates got 0 total IB points and 1,171 candidates got 41. - The subject that got highest marks in the group of languages in 2014 was Albania A literature, with a 100% of 7s. - The most common grade for languages is 6 (34%) - In both history and business, the most common grade is a 5. go to http://www.ibo.org/en/about-the-ib/facts-and-figures/statistical-bulleting/diploma-programme-statistical-bulleting/ if you want to read more! feel free to add more
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to give my presentation idea and see if yall think it is a good one. My real life situation is your brain on video games and the KQ is to what extent to we base our beliefs on things that are not scientifically proven. Im a little hesistant because im not completely sure if this is a strong KQ or even if it is one. If you all could give your opinions or any tips that would be great. Thanks you!
  7. Hello, as mentioned in the title, I would like you to please answer my Math IA data collection Survey, it is very quick, but you might have to make some measurements or pretty accurate estimations. It is based on Vitruvian proportions of two parts of your body. Every little helps me a lot Thank you very very much. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hqXL75bYVT4mEqz5z5qju2SUWlz-bvlv2S3Pyuf4-4o/viewform This is my survey
  8. Hey, I just need people to do a quick survey (for my DT project) about art and working with an easel. Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZPGKCF8 Even if you don't do art at school, it would be helpful for anyone who has done art (in school or not) to fill it in! Thanks
  9. I'm doing a Internet- related project for French and it would be really awesome if you guys could help me out by answering the questions below! 1) What is your gender? 2) How many times a week are you online? 3) What is the duration of time you're usually online? 4) Have you ever bought anything online? 5) Do you visit gaming sites? 6) Do you visit celebrity-dedicated websites (e.g. official websites, tumblrs related to a celebrity, etc)? 7) Do you visit social-networking sites?
  10. Version 1.0


    An overview and review designed for the Math 10 Common course in Alberta, but useful to any IB Mathematics student looking to review pre-IB material. Covers right-angle trigonometry, polynomials and factoring, and a few other topics. Created by myself. Intended for personal use - please don't redistribute!
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