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Found 20 results

  1. Hey all, I was hoping someone could enlighten me regarding the correct way of structuring a ToK presentation. So my real life situation is a theft where the victim blames the misfortune on black magic (superstition) My KQ is: How reliable are faith(superstition) and emotion as sources of knowledge/ways of knowing. I was wondering if this is too generic? Also I am in a group of three so I guessed it would be good to have a broad perspective. Basically it goes like this: Why is faith 'bad' (believing without evidence, dogmatism) Why is emotion 'bad' (obscures judgement, confirmation bias) Why is reason better (scientific evidence, logical) Counter arguments: Why is faith 'good' Why is emotion 'good' Why is faith 'bad' Is this a correct approach ? Also I am thinking of including some videos and maybe interactive elements to keep the audience awake. Regards, Haseeb
  2. My RLS is a police violence in Louisiana that caused a death of an innocent man named Alton Sterling and KQ is To what extent can we trust the authority figures. I'm really confused with what my claims and counterclaims could be, and what evidence i could use to support my claims concerning FAITH AND HISTORY ?
  3. My TOK presentation is tomorrow. My partner and I want to focus on the different perceptions of body art, such as tattoos, body piercings and hair being dyed. This is a controversial issue among different religions and cultures. Today, some people are rejected from getting a job once they show up in a job interview with arm tattoos. Others are simply asked to conceal them during work hours, but is this a suppression of self-expression? Our Knowledge Question would be: How does perception help shape our values of art? HOWEVER, according to our TOK teacher, this idea does not go under the AOK Art, since “art is permanent, tattoos are not….” So if this is not considered to go under Art, which AOK would this go under? We also want to focus on Ethics, and Perception and Reasom as a WOK. Heres a brief outline of what Im trying to explain: Cultural Perspectives on Tattoos Japan: tattoos associated with yakuza (japanese mafia), people with tattoos not allowed in public bath houses or asked to conceal them Hawaii: Originated in polynesia, hula dancers have alot of tattoos, socially accepted Religious Perspectives on Tattoos Christianity: First of all, making marks on the skin is mentioned in several verses. Lev. 19:28, "‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord." Hinduism: The marking of the forehead is encouraged as it enhances spiritual well-being and is one of the chakras on the body. Many Hindu women tattoo their faces with dots especially around the chin and eyes to ward off evil and enhance their beauty. The local regional tribes use tattoos to distinguish between certain clans and ethnic groups. Generation Perspectives on Tattoos Older generation: bad, criminal associated, underground society Younger generation: accepted, fashionable, self expression, human right
  4. Just wondering if I could get some help with thinking of the reasons knowledge is produced , in relation to the prescribed essay title for the 2015 November: "The main reason knowledge is produced is to solve problems.†To what extent do you agree with this statement?... or just if you want to add anything in relation... cheers!
  5. ''One mans trash is one mans treasure. It’s impossible to say what is art and what is not art'' To what extent do you agree with the statement? Hello, my TOK essay (800 words) on arts is due today. i was wondering about what i should include in my knowledge claim. I'm arguing that this statement is true to a great extent because : -sense perception and emotion are used by art spectators to gain ‘acquired knowledge’ . -Sense perception influences feelings and therefore an judgements. -Sense perception and emotion influence judgments. I feel like my KC is weak and like i'm missing something.All three of them are the same, i just really don't know how i should word my knowledge claim. Also, can i include problems of knowledge in my Knowledge claim? thank you.
  6. I'm doing a TOK presentation, about the Theory of Evolution, and I, obviously, need to relate it to TOK. So I was wondering why people did/did not believe in the Theory of Evolution. There is two types of arguments, the classic arguments, and the others ( Why people think differently) which I have assiociated with those ways of knowing: Reason, Intuition and faith So, could you answer the question which is in the Topic Title, and give reasons why?
  7. Hi, Is there any particular way to write the "reason for research question" section in the introduction part of the Extended Essay? because i'm having troubles writing it. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I like the look of title 3, but I'm not too sure how to go about it. I was first considering to discuss how emotion can influence our reasoning and relate it to the arts where it can influence our interpretation of a piece. Then give a counter example with mathematics, saying that there is (usually) only one solution in mathematics and so there it can not affect our reasoning but perhaps it can influence our interpretation of the result. Would I need to address how emotion works and whether it works well and how reason works? My initial approach is to just see how emotion influences reasoning in two AOKs but I'm not too sure if that actually address the question. Does anyone know whether that would be a good approach or not? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I'm doing my TOK presentation in a month with the KI: ''How can reason be used to justify religious beliefs''? I was wondering if the general debate, between science and religion (atheists coming to believers and asking them to prove this or that) an RLS? Thanks in advance, ibsurviving.
  10. Hey All, after submitting my rough draft of my prescribed title to TurnItIn sometime before Winter break, I received my projected grade. I was given a 24/40, which is a B, but my teacher only gave a grade, no comments. He gave limited feedback and did not tell me how to improve the paper. I was just looking for anyone to take some time to read my paper and give some advice on how to improve. Your help would be much appreciated. I chose title 1: Ethical judgments limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. If you wish to help, I can send the paper through an email, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of doing evolution vs. creationism as my topic for my TOK presentation. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible knowledge issues to explore? Whats the best knowledge issue you could explore in this topic. What KI would you pick on this topic? I am well versed in the real life events and news stories surrounding this issue so that won't be a problem. Please don't reply if you don't have any KIs in your answer. Thank you
  12. I'm doing a TOK Presentation about the 'bystander effect', when society ignores an accident or assault. My question is 'To what extent do reason and emotion influence the society’s reaction of an accident/attack?' However, I'm not entirely sure of the link between emotion/ reason and ethics, because my topic is clearly about ethics. Answers don't have to be specifically about my knowledge issue, but can be in broader terms, like how emotion/ reason influence decision making, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated
  13. So i have a ToK presentation tomorrow, i know i am screwed but please help. Its my final presentation which will go to my report card. So my knowledge issue is To what extent does reason justify the revealing truth ethically? I am thinking to choose my real life situation in ethics but then i am having problem how to approach and it how reason and ethics are going to work together. Please help me, i screwed myself but i got few hours do it. I will be very pleased if you help me. Just comment anything that you think is good it may help me
  14. So I already covered this topic in a TOK journal a while ago, but I was wondering what you all thought. When would the strengths of using reason as a way of knowing outweigh the weaknesses?
  15. HI!!! did anyone do their tok presentation on the placebo effect? please help!! thank you
  16. Hey Guys!, How are u? I´m writing you to know the different perspectives about as knowledge in arts. I need your help! So my question is: What do you count as knowledge in arts? And i have ones which i would like to debate with us!! Knowing in arts means to have the technical and skill sufficient to to produce a piece of art? or means having the enough knowledge to recognize a piece of art? Have Knowledge about the art history and the various artistic movements through the mankind history, implies knowledge in art or knowled OF art? You may establish one striking difference between the two expression? I really like knowing your differences opinions about this linkings question This my first topic, don´t be harsh with me, If something, I´m doing wrong, let me know I´ll aprecciate yours answers PD: Sorry for my BAD ENGLISH I´m Ecuadorian
  17. My grade will be having TOK presentations next week, really glad i found this website. i have a general idea of the topic i am going to do a presentation on but unsure of what i am going to be talking about or what i should be talking about for 10 minutes. i am just unsure what to talk about the real life issue is going to be the Fukushima Reactor Meltdown where the generator (which powers the coolant) was disabled by the Tsunami after the earthquake. is this a good knowledge issue? "In which way does perception and reason influence us in our decisions regarding the use of nuclear power?" thats the title of this post and also knowledge issue. Thankyou very much.
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