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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My school is offering Astrophysics, but I am really considering Imaging. Is imaging suggested or how easy is it?
  2. Hi all, I've been looking at the grade boundaries for IB Physics and have noticed their is no distinction between grade boundaries for different options (relativity, astrophysics etc...) in paper three. Does anybody know why this is, considering there are distinctions made between options for Mathematics HL which 'level' the playing field if one option was easier/harder than another. In this vain I'm thinking that it would be advantageous to go for astrophysics as it is by and large considered the easiest topic, however it'd be great to hear from people's past experiences of the options (the SL components preferably since I'm taking SL Phys). The class teacher is fairly stringent in her choice of relativity as an option, which I believe is thought to be more difficult, so would it be feasible to study Astro by myself (I'm on a mid 7 currently so am fairly competent)? Thanks,
  3. 68 downloads

    Here is my detailed IB physics HL notes that I took during my IB years. This part contains notes for 2 HL options (Astrophysics & Relativity). Hope it is useful for those taking physics
  4. AlexStrinda

    relativity Q

    Hello, A while ago I came across a question which I am not sure how to answer correctly. Say we have two students: Alan and Donovan. One is moving with a constant speed and one is at rest. Now, a beam of light passes near them. If the speed of light according to both students is the same (that is c) - why can't we say, that the speed of the students is also the same (which in fact is not true, as we know, that one is moving and one is at rest) The easiest answer (not sure if it fully addresses the issue) is that you can't apply the Galilean transformatons to such object as light, as no matter what you add to it, it is still "c". But is there more to it? Thank you, Alex
  5. My name is Cassidy and I would really appreciate any advice or guidance in the direction I would like to take my EE! I began the year wanting to write a world religions paper and five months later I irresponsibly decided to change it... But it's better to do something I'm interested in, and at least I didn't wait a really long time! I really enjoy theoretical physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and the oddities of the universe. I've been doing some research because I wanted an EE topic that would allow me to explore this, but I've come to a few obstacles. The first problem is how new a world studies paper is (at least from what I've seen). I haven't been able to find any examples and my EE teacher didn't even know it was a subject area I could write about. If anyone is as clueless as I was about the topic, it "provides students with an opportunity to undertake an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of an issue of contemporary global significance". So being interdisciplinary, I am required to use two or more subject areas to lead my essay. My first inquiry of sorts is to hopefully learn how successful these papers may be and what really needs to be done because the IBO guidelines can often be vague... Onto the specific topic. So far I have narrowed my idea down to exploring the quest for a unified theory in physics. You may ask why not write a physics paper? I have never had a physics class in my life... It is only an extracurricular hobby of mine that I have not explored at the academic level I need to. Gosh I don't even feel comfortable writing a Chemistry EE and I'm HLing that. I know it's best to find a subject area, then a topic, but I was guided by the topic and am unfortunately trying to fit it nicely somewhere, while also being aware of the parameters of the essay. So because world studies is the exploration of an issue of contemporary global significance, I led my interest in physics and cosmology to the quest of a unified theory. The SAM that I've chosen helped me define a nice path to take. I plan on exploring the ways the theory of relativity is being tested and has been tested (bringing in a history aspect, however I will do so more than I have alluded to) so it may unify with other theories such as quantum theory and string theory. On a global scale this does not seem like a completely difficult task as there are many researchers world-wide attempting to piece this puzzle together. However, another aspect of the world studies topic is to relate the subject locally (IBO says that essays with this often do better than those without) and I am not sure how I might go about doing that. I've thought about speaking with professors and asking about their opinions and what it would mean for their teaching and research if a unified theory was established, but I feel that may be too irrelevant or at least very little local information that is not exactly an issue. So to sum this all up: I would really love to hear any opinion about this particular subject areaAre there better ways I could implement history other than the historical significance of the scientific theories I plan to discuss (I'm slightly worried this won't appear as a physics and history essay as it should)What local issues could I look for in this research?Is this too broad of a topic and perhaps in what direction should I narrow it down?I apologize if this was an incredible amount to read, I'm completely new to this site and the forums and tried my best to follow the rules and not be inconvenient. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!
  6. eelnedross

    Option D

    Hello IBS, i was wondering that if you could do by your own an option. Is it feasible? My school is doing Option G, but honestly, i can't understand it. However, i've noticed that Option D is very interesting and it involves a lot of mathematics. Do you guys think that i should go for it? Are there any online resources that can be helpful? Thanks!
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