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Found 40 results

  1. I recently received my IB marks a few days ago and I'm not really happy with it at all ( like at all ). My total score is 25 & I missed the upper boundary grade by 1 point in 3 different subjects & both the EE & TOK, meaning that I could have achieved a higher mark. I failed to get into my course by 3 points & am thinking of two options: 1. apply to a different course for now and then transferring to my original course throughout the semester 2. remark some of the subjects where I'm off by 1 point from the upper boundary grade At this point, I don't really know what to do but go with option 1, but I'm afraid my offer for my original course would still be rejected (due to my atar being lower than the selection rank, etc). Do you guys have any recommendations? I'm really worried I won't get into the course I want to because I've been wanting to do it for years now & I really don't feel like I want to do any other course. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think a thread about re-marks will be useful to the ones who are considering a remark or waiting for their enquiry to take place, as it's quite inconvenient to search the information about re-marks in many separate threads. I suggest posting the following information: Subject How many % was the grade from the next one (if relevant, breakdown by components)How long did the decision takeResult (up, down or unchanged)By "re-mark" I mean mainly a category 1 enquiry upon results (EUR). Perhaps some information would be necessary: A category 1 EUR involves the externally assessed components of a candidate's work (thus, no IAs - they can be re-moderated separately as a part of a category 3 EUR) being remarked by a senior examiner.It cannot be requested for individual components (papers).A re-mark can be requested only through your IB DP Coordinator. It cannot be requested without the candidate's consent, as grade can go down.The deadline is 15 September for May examinations. Cost: $ 114 / £ 65 per subject.If grade changes (either up or down), fee is returned.Once again: grade can go down as well as up.Time: 18 days is a target (but it can get longer in case of postal delays).Only your IB DP Coordinator is notified about the result of your re-mark request, however you will see your updated grades on IB Candidates website.As far as I am concerned, if your grade changes, IBO issues new result transcripts for free.Your university choices are not notified when you are requesting a re-mark, so you should call them / email them if necessary. [These two I am not very confident about, please correct me if something is wrong!]Sources: mainly https://ibanswers.ibo.org/, information supplied by my IB DP Coordinator Good luck with your re-marks!
  3. hk18


    So i got my november retake results and i am 5 marks away from a higher grade in history, i need one point to get 24 points. i registered for the may exams to retake, so what is the risk? i have the money, ( starting work was so beneficial ) should i just send my papers? has anyone ever miraculously gotten a higher point from like an everage of 5 marks increase? (i legit know i did good and wrote my ass off with quotes and dates, and historians, i think someone is biased and i keep getting the same teacher that corrects my stuff cause i legit don't understand) help
  4. Olix


    Hi I just got my IB grades and it is really ****ed up. I got 11 points on my HL's, which means I am not passing. The problem is the marks I am missing in my HL subjects to reach the next grade boundaries are a lot, 8 marks minimum. So, I am wondering what is the maximum marks someone has gone up by? Because 8 or 9 marks more sounds kind off unrealistic.
  5. Hey Guys, So i was 1 mark off a 6 in math, and my teacher recommends me to send it for a remark incase my grade goes up. Its a category 1 remark which means only the IA will be marked again. Do you think I should send it? Im kinda scared of the grade dropping completely... Thank you
  6. I had a quick question about the remark for the SL French exam. Would the remark include remarking of the written assignment since it was uploaded on upload.ibis.ibo or does it only include remarking of Paper 1 and Paper 2 and not the written assignment?
  7. I recently got my results and I was very dissapointed having 23 points thus the diploma cannot be obtained. I was predicted to have 27 points but now I am sad and cannot go to university of which I wanted to go. This is my last time I can take the IB exam. Here is the breakdown of my subjects: HL: Geography: 4 (1 point away from a 5) Dutch LL: 3 (2 points away from a 4) Biology 4 (5 points away from a 5) SL: Math Standard 3 (6 points away from a 4) English LL: 4 (4 points away from a 5) Economics: 4 (1 point away from a 5) EE and TOK: C and C (both a point away from a B) I have noticed that I have gotten a 4 for Geography HL, having 1 point away from a 5 in Geography hence having 24 points which means I can get the diploma. Do you guys have any suggestions and that should I get it remarked?
  8. is it possible to get course certificate in spite of being a diploma program student after the result is out? It said 'diploma program not awarded'
  9. Hey guys! I just got my IB results, and overall I got a 29 - this was the third highest score out of all of the IB candidates in my school. Keep in mind, IB is optional and a lot of us take it, but I'm from the US where it isn't super common. Anyway, my university only gives credit to diploma candidates who score a 30 or higher. I am 2 points away from getting an "A" on my English Literature EE. Would it be worth it to have them reevaluate in hopes of getting a full 30 and then college credits? Thank you all!
  10. Hey guys, I got a 63 for my IB Business SL exam, which is a 6, and I need 6 points to get it to a 7. (69pts and above is a 7) Should I get it remarked/ regarded? Do you think it might go up, or is there no chance at all? :/ By the way, lower grade boundaries is 58, so my grade is right in the middle of the 6 band. I don't think it'll fall..
  11. Hi guys, I sent of my ESS exam for a remark as I am on the boundary for the next grade, and I was wondering if anyone has had success with remarks in the past? Thank you
  12. Hi everyone! my brother is 3 marks away from a 6 in SL economics, and 9 from a 4. He thought he did really well, so he's considering requesting a remark. We got the mark breakdown: paper 1: 33 (scaled=26.4) which is a 6 paper 2: 18 (scaled=18) which is a 4 and his lowest internal assessment: 34 (scaled=15.1) which is a 6 do you think we should remark? Is there a real risk that his mark could go down to a 4? Thank you so much!!
  13. Hey! I got my exam results today and I am pretty happy with it. I was able to accurately predict my own scores for the most part so there were no surprises. Plus, I was awarded my diploma. But, in both History of Americas HL and Biology HL i am 4 marks away from a 6. I got a 6 in English A HL. I want 6s in all my HL because the college that I am going to will only give me credit for the HL courses that I got a 6 or 7 in. So, I do not really care about my SLs. I wanted to know or get advice from anyone who has had experiecne with getting their exams remarked. Money is not an issue and I don't care if it gets remarked so much that I don't get my diploma (which i doubt will happen because I have 31 points and I doubt it will be marked down that much ... at least i hope not). So does anyone think it is worth it to get my History of Americas HL and biology HL exams remarked???
  14. Hi everyone, Now the May 2016 result is out..I received 43/45 for my final with two B's for my EE and TOK. My EE grade is 27, 2 marks off from the A boundary 29. My TOK grade is 18, 4 marks off from the A boundary 22. And I received a 6 for Chinese A Literature and I am 4 marks off from the 7 boundary. The 7 boundary is 82 and the 6 boundary is 71. Do you guys recommend me to get a remark? What are some potential consequences? Which one to remark? As far as I can see I am at a high B for EE, so there might be less to lose if I remark EE? In terms of the language A exam, is it worth to get a remark? Has any one done Group One subject remark? What are the chances for an increased grade? Thanks a lot in advance. PS:just to confirm: you can choose certain subjects to be remarked instead of the whole exam right? Cuz I am on the 7 boundary for chemistry and I don't want to risk that.....
  15. Hello IBS I got my results yesterday and for my EE in maths I got 22/36 i.e. a C. I need one more point to increase it to a B. In TOK I got an A and I would really like the 3 bonus points. How likely is it that my grade will be raised? Is it worth asking for a remark?
  16. Hello! After receiving the IB scores I was bummed out that i got a 23/24 only missing the diploma by 1 point . I have checked everything and have every requirement except the 24 points to receive the diploma. I saw that remarking was a way to regrade papers to have the possibility to have a higher score. I am currently finding ways to get an extra point through remarking papers for that IB Diploma . Plan A to get 1 point.) So, I received an C on TOK and a D on my EE. I heard that If I were to get a C on both the TOK and EE that I would be eligible for an extra point. In regards to my EE I was only 2 marks off of a C. So my question is, is it worth getting remarked and what are the chances of getting a C? Also, can you remark papers from a previous year? I took an IB class junior year SL Chemistry and got a 3, was 1 mark off of a 4. wondering if this is eligible for a remark. I know this sounds dumb but I really want that extra point for the IB Diploma . Final note, thank you all for helping me through IB! Although, I was never really active and only came to ask for advice in dire situations it was nice to be apart of a community that is very helpful and caring. IB Diploma or not I have no regrets taking IB and will always cherish the knowledge and skills I have gained from this amazing experience.
  17. Hi everyone, Now the May 2016 result is out..I received 43/45 for my final with two B's for my EE and TOK. And I received a 6 for Chinese A Literature and I am 4 marks off from the 7 boundary. The 7 boundary is 82 and the 6 boundary is 71. Do you guys recommend me to get a remark? Has any one done Group One subject remark? What are the chances for an increased grade? Thanks a lot in advance. PS:just to confirm: you can choose certain subjects to be remarked instead of the whole exam right? Cuz I am on the 7 boundary for chemistry and I don't want to risk that.....
  18. I sent out my request to remark the day after results were released. I read that it could take a few days up to a maximum of 4 weeks.. How long does it really take though? I sent it out ASAP so I'm assuming it'll be faster than average. Does anyone have any experience on this?
  19. Hi guys, I got my component results for the May 2015 exams today, I think I may get Visual Arts (SL Option A) remarked. I got a 6 but I'm very close to 7, please please help me out. Im naturally talented in art and I worked so hard especially in IB2, I thought I did very well. All of my teachers were stunned by my exhibition, I was confident I'd get 7 as I was keen to meet all the descriptors throughout my works and showed clear development and technical skill over the years. My IA is 19/20 so that's safe- but my studio got 14/20 which was extremely uncalled for because all of my submitted works were predicted 18-19's. I know its normal to be graded down as art is subjective; a lot of the students in our school dont get 7 in art, I just didnt expect it this heavily. However I did the math and it turns out I only need 1 more mark from studio in order to get a 7, which is very likely in my opinion since my teachers and I believed I truly did well. TLDR: I got 14/20 from VA studio work though I was predicted around 18/20. I need 1 mark for my grade to increase, Id need to lose 4 marks for it to decrease. The risk is quite low if you ask me, but I've never met anyone who remarked art, do you think this is a good idea? Do grades change at all? Thank you so much in advance
  20. I am 1 point away from receiving a 6 on my IB SL ESS exam. I am a junior and plan on majoring in environmental science in college. I would like to send my ESS score to colleges when I apply in the fall and would rather have the 6 if it could be boosted. However, my essays for ESS were a bit out there.. I talked a lot about the women's rights movements for one of them, which I was very scared would not earn many points. I am afraid that if I have it remarked the essays will lose points and I will get a 4. My questions are: What are the odds that my score is boosted if I request a remark? What are the odds that my score drops to a 4 if I remark it? Is it worth it? Thanks!
  21. So I sat the anticipated business and management SL exam in November 2014 (last year) and I was quite disappointed with my results. I had achieved solid 7's all throughout the year and for mock exams and I also received a predicted 22/25 for my IA. I know school marking and the IB can be different but this adds to my disappointment. I received a 6 but I was only 3% off getting a 7. If I do send this off for a remark, how likely would my mark go up to a 7? Business and management, if you don't already know, doesn't have a set mark scheme to the exams, much like English, so the chances of getting marks are a lot higher than other subjects such as math and biology which have definite answers. I willing to send it off for a remark, and I am aware that there is a cost involved. I just want to know the likelihood of getting the 7 and if you have had any experiences with remarking, etc. Thank-you
  22. Hi everyone, I am currently 2% away from getting a 6 in Biology SL. What are the chances I will be able to get a 6 if I request a remark? Is it worth it? Thanks
  23. Hello all, It is all in the title really. I sent my maths off to be remarked 4 days ago and would appreciate if anyone knows roughly when I can expect to have my mark back. Thank you.
  24. I just want to know does remarking English B HL papers will have a bigger chance to changes your grades up? I'm just 3 marks off to the next boundary....so should I do a remark?
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